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2001-04-03 Two-tone linearity in a 900MHz silicon bipolar class AB amplifier
This application note shows the typical behavior of a 900MHz amplifier operating in the class AB mode, and describes a method to create suppression of the intermodulation products to better than -30dBc over a 40dB dynamic range (1mW to 10W peak envelope power
2002-01-10 Tripath digital audio amplifier delivers 170W in monaural mode
The TK2050 digital audio amplifier chipset consists of a Class-T digital power processor and a new power stage developed in cooperation with STMicroelectronics
2002-01-21 TQS driver amplifier features low jitter and <15ps edge rates
Specifically designed for high-speed optical network applications, the TGA4802 modulator driver amplifier from TriQuint Semiconductor Inc. features low additive jitter and edge rates of <15ps
2006-10-31 TI video amp IC cuts board space by 80
TI's video amp IC with integrated filters for both analog RGB and digital HV sync signals claims up to an 80 percent savings in board space versus traditional amplifier solutions.
2002-04-02 TI logarithmic amplifier provides 20-bit dynamic range
The LOG102 logarithmic amplifier measures the log ratio of input currents from 1nA to 1mA with 0.5 percent accuracy and produces an output voltage of change of 1V for each decade change of input current
2003-09-08 Sirenza obtains additional amplifier patent
Sirenza Microdevices has received U.S. patent No. 6,611,172 entitled "Thermally Distributed Darlington Amplifier.&quot
2011-12-13 Sensor integrates amplifier IC in SO8 package
NXP's KMZ60 analog AMR angle sensor saves system level costs for brushless DC motors in automotive and industrial applications.
2002-02-21 RF Solutions PA IC targets 802.11 networks
Claimed to be the industry's first 802.11 dual-band power amplifier, the RFSP5910 single-chip power amplifier is targeted for NICs that can address both 802.11a and HiperLAN/2 at 5GHz, as well as 802.11b and 802.11g at 2.4GHz
2002-05-10 Pulsus to supply Taekwang with amplifier ICs
Pulsus Technology Co. Ltd has signed a supply agreement with Taekwang Ind. Co. Ltd, where Pulsus will provide Taekwang with the Model PS9702B digital amplifier ICs
2002-06-03 NJR Class-D amplifier provides 800mW output
The NJU8725 Class-D amplifier from New Japan Radio Co. Ltd produces an output of 800mW and features delta-sigma modulation
2001-04-04 NE5205: A cascadable amplifier
This application note outlines the important concerns in the NE5205 cascadable amplifier, and presents some suggestions to improve operation when the amplifier is used in an electronically hostile environment
2010-11-30 MDDC 4-channel sensor signal amplifier designed for fast digital power conversion
MAZeT's MDDC 4-channel sensor signal amplifier boasts fast conversion
2002-01-28 Maxim limiting amplifier features 15mV input sensitivity
Operating from a single 3.3V supply, the MAX3272 2.5Gbps limiting amplifier features a 15mV input sensitivity and 220mVrms input-referred noise, while consuming only 110mW of power
2002-02-26 Maxim amplifier packs AGC, suits WDM transmission
Claimed to be the world's first low-power amplifier with AGC, the MAX3861 is specifically designed for WDM transmission systems using optical amplifiers
2000-06-14 Low Cost, Low Voltage Power Amplifier for ISM Applications
This technical note examines RF Micro Devices' low-voltage RF2104 power amplifier, which was designed for the final output stage for a 900MHz ISM band cordless phone or as a driver for 400MHz mobile phones, where the device will simplify the transmitter design, reduce overall component count, and reduce cost
2001-04-04 Integrated operational amplifier theory
This application note covers the basic operational amplifier, as it is defined, along with test methods and suggestive applications. It also includes a basic coverage of the feedback theory from which all configurations can be analyzed
2002-11-15 Holtek amplifier drives mono speakers
The company's HT82V733 audio power amplifier operates from a 5V supply and is capable of driving low-voltage mono speakers found in portable audio devices
2002-12-02 HMA amplifier ICs suit car audio systems
The TDA2030 and TDA2003 power amplifier ICs feature short circuit and overheat protection and are suitable for use in car audio systems
2003-01-02 Fairchild headphone amplifier draws 0.1mA shutdown current
The FAN7005 stereo headphone amplifier draws 2.2mA during normal operation and 0.1mA during shutdown, making them suitable for use in desktop PCs
2012-05-07 Efficient amplifier design for real-world audio
Know how to design amplifiers to maximize efficiency in real-world audio and not just test signals.
2003-05-28 Dimensioning a pressure sensor system with digital signal correction where the sensor signal is amplified using IC AM401
This application described in this article demonstrates how the concept of Frame ASICS devised by Analog Microelectronics can be put to use to create an entire sensor system with just one sensing element and one analog IC
2003-10-06 Dabaixin amplifier suits Nokia 3310 models
Guangzhou Dabaixin Electronics Technology Co. Ltd has announced the availability of the NO-3310-PA IC that is designed to suit Nokia 3310 GSM cellphones
2002-11-26 Construction of the 470MHz to 860MHz BLV57 wideband amplifier
This application note describes the construction of a BLV57 wideband amplifier for use over the 470MHz to 860MHz frequency range
2000-06-13 Combination Oscillator/Buffer Amplifier ICs Simplify LO Design
This technical note examines the RF2501 and the RF2502 oscillator/buffer amplifier ICs, which are both designed to simplify the task of designing a 750MHz to 1.5GHz LO for wireless applications
2002-03-05 Centellax broadband amplifier targets 40Gbps apps
Designed for use in 40Gbps EAM and TIA applications, the DA1A broadband amplifier operates up to 65GHz and is suitable as a TIA, small signal gain block or driver amplifier
2005-11-14 Anadigics' line amplifier ICs increase CATV system bandwidth
The five new line amplifier ICs from Anadigics help CATV service providers increase their system bandwidth
2007-06-14 Amplifier IC takes up antenna signal losses
Atmel has developed an antenna amplifier IC that enables AM/FM car-radio reception when used with designer antennas.
2002-08-09 ADI amplifier provides programmable gain
The AD628 common-mode difference amplifier from Analog Devices Inc. is among the first to include programmable gain, according to the company
2002-05-02 ADI amplifier has -80dB distortion at 20MHz
The AD8007 current feedback amplifier from Analog Devices Inc. offers a second harmonic distortion of -80dB at 20MHz, supply voltage range of 5V to 12V, and 600MHz bandwidth, making the chip suitable for use in IF and baseband amplifiers, filters, ADC drivers, and DAC buffers
2003-02-03 ADI amplifier exhibits low distortion
The AD8027 amplifier IC from Analog Devices Inc. features a bandwidth of 180MHz a slew rate of 100V/?s.
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