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What is an amplifier?
A device that uses a small amount of energy to control a larger amount. The relationship of the input to the output, expressed as a function of the input frequency, is called the transfer function of the amplifier, and the magnitude of the transfer function is called the gain.
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2004-12-01 High-voltage signal conditioning for low-voltage ADCs
This app note presents several solutions using modern amplifiers and typical power supplies.
2004-12-01 High-voltage signal conditioning for differential ADCs
This app note presents solutions using modern amplifiers and typical power supplies.
2006-02-20 High Side Current Sensing
High Performance Analog Solutions from Linear Technology
2007-12-03 Here come supercapacitors
Supercapacitors bridge the power gap between batteries and conventional capacitors, delivering higher power bursts than batteries and storing more energy than capacitors.
2006-07-04 HBT power amps target linear WiMAX apps
Mimix Broadband has introduced a family of internally pre-matched power amplifiers designed for linear WiMAX applications at 700MHz, 2.5GHz and 3.5GHz.
2007-06-11 GaN HEMT targets radar, medical apps
TAEC has released the X-band TGI8596-50 transistor targeted for radar systems and medical applications.
2008-06-24 GaN HEMT devices available for Ku-band, X-band
Toshiba America Electronic Components has added two gallium nitride semiconductor high electron mobility transistors to its power amplifier product family.
2007-12-12 Gain compression tool enhances network analyzer
Agilent Technologies has unveiled a new Gain Compression Application for its PNA-X network analyzer, which is well suited for characterizing, measuring and testing amplifiers.
2006-09-19 GaAs power amps tout high-OTOI performance
TriQuint's new power amplifiers tout high OTOI performance that ensures higher data rates, improved system efficiency and longer range transmissions.
2011-02-01 GaAs market poised for continued growth
The global GaAs devices market is expected to grow steadily in the next four years as a result of wider adoption of sophisticated multi-band, multi-mode smartphones and data-centric networks.
2004-12-27 Fujitsu develops technology for low-cost production of GaN HEMT
Fujitsu Laboratories Ltd has developed a technology that enables low-cost production of gallium-nitride (GaN) highelectron mobility transistors (HEMT), a key technology in mobile base station amplifiers for 3G and beyond.
2010-08-05 Filterless Class D amps offer anticlipping
A family of filterless Class D amplifiers integrates anticlipping circuitry that avoids clipping by automatically reducing the amplifier's gain when the supply voltage in insufficient to deliver the desired output voltage.
2006-06-15 Fairchild's dual-band PA extends range in WLAN apps
Fairchild Semiconductor introduces the FMPA2151, a highly integrated dual-band WLAN PA module optimized to increase performance and reduce PCB board footprint.
2014-03-12 Examining field-programmable RF chip
Here's a look at a chip that comes from the wireless domain and is touted to bring exciting new possibilities.
2003-08-18 Evaluation Board Assembly Biasing Configuration
This application note provides information on the evaluation board assembly supplied by RFMD, particularly the NBB and NDA series of amplifiers.
2008-02-18 Enhance the audio experience in flat-panel TVs
Designers trying to achieve high-quality audio from flat-panel TVs are faced with several obstacles, but digital audio processors and amplifiers can be used to both compensate for problems and to improve the audio experience.
2012-05-07 Efficient amplifier design for real-world audio
Know how to design amplifiers to maximize efficiency in real-world audio and not just test signals.
2006-03-07 Dual, quad op amps in DFN packages
Linear Technology introduced the 1.8V LT6001 and LT6002 dual and quad operational amplifiers available in a tiny DFN package.
2006-10-10 Dual op amp lowers voltage noise by 80 percent
ADI has unrolled a dual op amp that lowers noise by 80 percent without sacrificing precision for medical, instrumentation, ATE and other industrial applications.
2006-10-03 Dual audio op amp practically 'eliminates' distortion
National Semiconductor has announced a dual, high-fidelity audio op amp claimed to practically eliminate distortion, with a THD+N of 0.00003 percent.
2006-11-23 Differential amps suit high-speed communications apps
Linear Tech's two new differential amplifiers optimize distortion power and noise performance, which are critical for high-speed communications applications.
2003-08-18 Design of PI and T Network Attenuators for Inter-Stage Buffering
This application note discusses the design of PI and T network attenuators for Inter-Stage Buffering.
2006-12-01 Design for balun integration in RF LDMOS
This article deals with LDMOS IC substrate specifics and balun design challenges, and presents two successful designs and the associated measurement data.
2007-10-18 Design Class D audio amps into portable applications (Part 2)
To maximize the benefits of using Class D amps, it is important to understand the fundamental difference in operation between Class D and Class AB amplifiers, since each amplifier technology requires different considerations when designing systems that incorporate audio.
2007-09-05 Design Class D audio amps into portable applications (Part 1)
To maximize the benefits of using Class D amps, it is important to understand the fundamental difference in operation between Class D and Class AB amplifiers, since each amplifier technology requires different considerations when designing systems that incorporate audio.
2006-11-13 DC/DCs for CDMA power amps include bypass FET
Maxim Integrated Products' new 2.5MHz DC/DC converters integrate a low-RDS bypass FET to minimize PCB area and extend battery lifetimes.
2007-06-27 DC/DC converter has five op amps
Maxim's MAX8795A TFT-LCD DC-DC converter saves both space and cost by integrating a step-up regulator, two linear-regulator controllers, five high-current operational amplifiers and a logic-controlled, high-voltage switch with adjustable delay in a small 25mm? footprint.
2013-03-08 Current transmitter suits extremely high temps
Here's a simple current transmitter that was tested at 210C and 225C.
2008-10-16 Consider performance, stability in audio amp design
Audio amplifier products are becoming more and more advanced. Experienced EEs are using different sorts of circuitry in their audio amplifier designs.
2006-09-08 Class-D audio power amps cuts PCB size by half
By integrating the external input resistors and very closely matching them, Texas Instruments said its new amps enable designers to reduce overall board size by approximately 50 percent.
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