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What is an amplifier?
A device that uses a small amount of energy to control a larger amount. The relationship of the input to the output, expressed as a function of the input frequency, is called the transfer function of the amplifier, and the magnitude of the transfer function is called the gain.
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2013-07-23 High sensitivity limiting post amplifiers tweaked for 10Gbit/s
Micrel's SY88053CL and SY88063CL limiting post amplifiers incorporate fast SD Assert and LOS De-Assert times across the entire differential input voltage range of 5mVPP to 1800mVPP.
2000-12-08 High power audio amplifiers with short circuit protection
This application note describes a recommended circuit approach for high-performance audio amplifiers in the 35W to 100W rms power range.
2005-01-10 High Performance Amplifiers
Most Precise Instrumentation Amp Has Digital Gain Control
2000-06-12 High Linearity HBT Amplifiers for CATV Systems
This technical note examines RF Micro Devices' wide-bandwidth amplifiers, including the RF2312, RF2317 and RF2316, which deliver excellent frequency response and high linearity to address the requirements of the stress-filled communication channel applications.
2004-12-01 Hearing, seeing the sound of change: From analog to digital audio amplifiers
Digital amplifier systems keep audio signal in the digital domain virtually all the way to the speaker; analog-based systems convert the signal to analog early in the process.
2005-06-07 Half-price instrumentation amplifiers from ADI deliver precision
ADI's instrumentation amplifier is said to combine accuracy, low noise and low price for portable medical devices and low-voltage industrial and communications apps
2002-03-08 Gate and drain power tracking methods enhance efficiency in reverse link CDMA amplifiers
This application note discusses how gate and drain power tracking methods enhance efficiency in reverse link CDMA amplifiers.
2010-11-22 Galaxy Tab uses Anadigics power amplifiers
Samsung selects Anadigics' AWC6323 and AWU6601 to power tablet computer
2008-10-21 Gain and linearity testing for precision operational amplifiers
Many op amps are very linearas a unity-gain inverter, they often have linearity in the range of 5 to 1 to 0.5ppm. Test procedures will be shown here, to permit any user to resolve the non-linearity errors.
2005-06-13 Fully differential amplifiers applications: Line termination, driving high-speed ADCs, and differential transmission lines
This app note discusses amplifier applications
2010-10-07 Fujitsu sets record for power amplifiers in millimeter-wave W-band
Fujitsu uses gallium nitride high electron mobility transistors in power amplifier to achieve 1.3W in output
2007-01-08 For These Amplifiers, Lower Is Better
High Performance Analog Solutions from Linear Technology
2008-12-17 FAQs: Amplifiers (Part 3)
Part 3 answers questions likes what is a closed loop buffer? What is a open loop gain, voltage feedback op amp? What is an amplifier's intercept point?
2008-12-12 FAQs: Amplifiers (Part 2)
Part two tackles questions such as What is Input Offset Voltage? What is Input Voltage Noise? What is Large-Signal Voltage Gain? What is Linear Phase Deviation?
2008-12-09 FAQs: Amplifiers (Part 1)
Part 1 tackles questions like what are the advantages of the BiCMOS process? What is Output High Voltage (VOH) for a comparator? What is a Programmable Gain Buffer?
2001-06-05 Electrical characterization of packages for use with GaAs MMIC amplifiers
This application note presents a test methodology that combines the advantages of on-wafer RF probing with a TRL calibration to create a completely de-embeddable, novel "test fixture" capable of electrically characterizing most any style of package or device.
1999-04-08 Designing RF power amplifiers using high impedance transistors
Technological advances have allowed high levels of integration in the areas of signal processing and digital functions. This frees designers to concentrate their efforts on greater functionality and higher performance of the final product. Until now, most of the design work around RF power transistors has remained unchanged from years past. The introduction of the HIT Hybrid device begins the integration of RF power stages in much the same way as is done for other sections of the radio system. HIT is an acronym for
2009-04-01 Design 101: Class D amplifiers
Class D audio amplification is fast becoming the solution of choice in consumer audio because of its ability to extend long battery life and compact dimensions.
2007-04-23 Decompensated operational amplifiers
This paper discusses the what, why, and where of decompensated operational amplifiers and describes external compensation techniques, such as reducing loop gain, to stabilize op amps operated at gains less than the minimum stable gain specified in the datasheet.
2011-02-09 DC/DC converter drives RF power amplifiers
Fujitsu's DC/DC converter drives radio frequency power amplifiers (RFPAs) in mobile handsets and other mobile products that use a single-cell Li-ion battery.
2003-05-26 Current vs. Voltage Feedback Amplifiers
This application note discusses the differences in amplifier topology of Current and Voltage feedback.
2007-06-27 Class-D amplifiers target portable applications
Princeton Technology Corp. has launched its first 2.5W mono Class-D amplifier, the PT2333, specifically designed for mobile phones, GPS PNDs and portable media players.
2008-02-12 Class G and charge-pump technologies maximize efficiency in boosted amplifiers
This application note describes the advantages of using charge-pump and Class G technologies to power loudspeakers.
2007-08-23 Class D Amplifiers: Fundamentals of operation and recent developments
This article discusses the advantages of Class D filters and the recent improvements that can not only reduce board space, but can also significantly reduce the cost of many portable/compact systems.
2003-05-26 Circuit Applications of Sample-Hold Amplifiers
This application note discusses the uses and applications of Sample-Hold Amplifiers.
2011-10-04 Choosing audio amplifiers for portable devices
Read about the various means of improving audio in mobile phone and portable audio systems, many of which use a processor with integrated analog audio outputs.
2010-09-22 Car audio amplifiers support start/stop function
STMicroelectronics releases first in new line of amplifiers compatible with start/stop engine management systems
2014-04-17 Broadband amplifiers feature gain range of 32dB to 48dB
The ten 1W and 2W broadband amplifiers from Pasternack utilise a hybrid microwave integrated circuit design and advanced GaAs pHEMT technology. They incorporate several voltage protection features for added reliability.
2003-10-03 Biasing Circuits and Considerations for GaAs MESFET Power Amplifiers
This application note outlines some of the considerations for biasing MESFET amplifiers.
2001-10-08 Bias scheme for RF Nitro NBB-series amplifiers
This application note illustrates a bias circuit topology for RF Nitro's NBB series of monolithic amplifier ICs.
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