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What is an amplifier?
A device that uses a small amount of energy to control a larger amount. The relationship of the input to the output, expressed as a function of the input frequency, is called the transfer function of the amplifier, and the magnitude of the transfer function is called the gain.
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2003-08-18 Bias Scheme for NBB-Series Amplifiers
This application note presents a schematic representation of the NBB-series amplifier.
2004-04-22 Avoiding instability in rail-to-rail CMOS amplifiers
This paper addresses the important issues related to the next-generation of CMOS rail-to-rail amplifiers.
2012-07-12 Avago markets 1G? input impedance optical isolation amplifiers
Optical isolation amplifiers in the 2V input range simplify the design of motor drives and renewable energy systems.
2004-12-01 Audio converter with built-in microphone, speaker amplifiers
AKM developed a low power consumption 16bit mono A/D and D/A audio converter that features built-in microphone and speaker amplifiers and automatic level control.
2012-01-13 Audio amplifiers tout 3.2W/mm2 power density
ST's TDA7498E amplifiers enable the design of platform solutions where the speaker impedance can be simply changed from 8? down to 2? without any power or current limitation.
2005-08-16 Audio amplifiers supply high power
The two new single-chip Boomer audio amplifiers from National Semiconductor Corp. deliver up to 1.8W of output power to mobile phones and portable devices regardless of the battery's voltage.
2013-07-18 Audio amplifiers improve quiescent current reduction
NXP Semiconductors' class-AB audio amplifiers operating as low as 6V and enable a seamless audio experience during sudden supply voltage drops in hybrid electric vehicles.
2006-05-16 Audio amplifiers detect headphone input
Maxim's audio amplifiers combine a stereo 3W bridge-tied load audio amplifier, stereo headphone amp, headphone sensing, and a 2:1 input multiplexer in a thin TQFN package.
2012-07-04 Audio amplifiers cut power use
Texas Instruments' TPA3116D2, TPA3118D2 and TPA3130D2 analog-input class-D stereo amplifiers enable simultaneous operation of line power and battery power on the same board.
1999-10-22 ATA series transimpedance amplifiers
The paper discusses the use of the ATA series transimpedance amplifier (TIA) for a preamplifier of fiber optic network receivers.
2003-07-16 AR amplifiers turn up power to 300W
The family of broadband TWTA from Amplifier Research delivers more power than standard 200W units.
2008-12-08 Application of wide-band buffer amplifiers
The LH002, LH003 and LH0063 are wide-band, high current, unity gain buffer amplifiers intended for use alone or in closed-loop combination with op amps to drive co-axial cables and capacitive or other high-current loads.
2004-09-29 Anadigics supplies power amplifiers to Topping
Anadigics Inc., a supplier of wireless and broadband solutions, is providing AWT6146 InGaP HBT PAs to China-based Topping for its latest wireless platform.
2005-05-11 Anadigics supplies power amplifiers to South Korea's handset maker
Anadigics Inc. has received production orders from Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd for the AWT6166 GSM/GPRS power amplifier (PA).
2005-03-09 Anadigics supplies power amplifiers to LG Electronics
Anadigics Inc. is shipping production volumes of indium gallium phosphide (InGaP) heterojunction bipolar transistor (HBT) power amplifiers (PAs) to LG Electronics for the VX8000 CDMA phone.
2005-07-13 Anadigics supplies 3G power amplifiers to UTStarcom
Anadigics Inc. is shipping production volumes of GSM/GPRS and W-CDMA power amplifiers (PAs) to UTStarcom Inc. for UTStarcom Inc.'s GW200 handset.
2005-04-01 Amplifiers, ADCs provide 'most accurate signal capture
National announced two high-speed, low-distortion differential amplifiers and two high-speed, low-power, 12bit ADCs that form a high-performance, high-fidelity and low-power signal-path solution
2005-06-03 Amplifiers test 0.8- to 4.2GHz apps
AR Worldwide has introduced two new models in its line of S Series broadband amplifiers. The Models 700S1G4 (0.8GHz to 4.2GHz) and 800S1G3 (0.8GHz to 3GHz) have rated power outputs of 700W and 800W, respectively
2012-06-25 Amplifiers target wireless, portable designs
Avago's high-gain and high-linearity power amplifiers, ultralow-noise amplifiers and a combo GPS filter-LNA module simplify system design of small cell base stations, macrocells and GPS systems.
2004-11-17 Amplifiers target powered speakers, in-wall audio systems
D2Audio is kicking off a new family of miniature digital amplifiers with the MXS series two-channel amplifiers.
2009-06-23 Amplifiers tailored for high-frequency apps
RF Micro Devices, Inc. has introduced five new distributed amplifiers for broadband, high-frequency applications.
2007-09-19 Amplifiers simplify consumer video design
TI has introduced today a family of flexible three-channel integrated video buffers optimized for consumer video applications where performance, space savings and lower system cost are required.
2004-11-29 Amplifiers provide digital control over function, design
Microchip released a programmable gain amplifier family that provides digital control over the amplifier function and design.
2005-04-14 Amplifiers promise industry's best large signal bandwidth
National Semiconductor's amplifier offers solid bandwidth performance at both the small and large signal bandwidths, said Tushar Patel, he company's product marketing engineer
2011-07-21 Amplifiers offer louder audio, longer battery life
The FAB1200 and FAB2200 mobile audio ICs enable handsets, tablets/MIDs and other portable audio applications to sound louder while reducing overall systems cost, says Fairchild.
2008-08-05 Amplifiers offer high-efficiency in next-gen CATV
RFMD has launched the industry's first gallium nitride (GaN)-based CATV amplifier modules, which will be used as power doubler amplifiers in the next-generation CATV infrastructure applications.
2008-09-03 Amplifiers handle 500MHz to 1.5GHz bandwidth
Cadeka introduces seven current feedback (CFB) and voltage feedback (VFB) high-speed amplifiers that break the price-performance curve.
2007-04-17 Amplifiers exhibit low noise over 25-40GHz
Endwave strengthened its line of millimeter-wave JCA amplifiers that exhibit low-noise characteristics over broad bandwidths.
2003-07-16 Amplifiers as comparators?
This paper enumerates the differences between amplifiers and a comparators, and the benefits of incorporating the functionality of the two.
2004-10-01 AKM CODEC tailored for AV amplifiers, DVD receivers
AKM developed a single-chip 24bit audio CODEC that is a suitable single-chip solution for AV amplifiers and DVD receivers in multi-channel audio apps.
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