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2002-04-19 Xicor acquires analog design team for $15 million
To bolster its analog signal conditioning capabilities, Xicor Corp. has acquired the assets of Analog Integration Partners LLC, an engineering design team
2008-07-07 TI positions analog front-end for portable ultrasound
Texas Instruments Inc. has introduced a fully integrated analog front end for portable ultrasound equipment.
2004-02-12 TI analog front-end suits motor control apps
Texas Instruments has introduced a complete analog front-end that is designed for motor control applications.
2002-12-09 TDK modem front-end supports V.22bis, V.92
TDK Semiconductor has unveiled the 73M1901 soft modem analog front-end that supports V.22bis and V.92.
2004-08-30 SolarFlare's analog front end taps high-end ADCs
SolarFlare has completed a high-performance integrated analog front end for handling 10Gb transmission over copper lines.
2011-11-01 Signal chain basics: Analyzing RL drive in ECG front end with SPICE
Learn about the analog front end for this ubiquitous, vital medical instrument.
2000-08-01 Selecting an analog front-end for imaging applications
Analog front-end (AFE) conditions the signal received from image sensor and performs digital conversion. The article demonstrates its use for digital video and still camera, and other high-end imaging applications.
2004-05-17 Scanner front end does 40MS/s conversion
Flatbed scanners and multifunction peripherals appear to be settling out a bit on spatial and density resolution. But page-scanning speed is still a competitive issue in the end market, as is price
2011-04-13 Microcontroller targets low-cost analog front ends
Texas Instruments Inc. introduces the MSP430AFE2xx series of metrology AFE ultra-low-power 16bit microcontrollers.
2006-04-14 MCU boasts precision analog conversion
Analog Devices is employing its precision analog conversion technology for its newest family of application-specific MCUs
2001-10-02 Low power, low voltage modem analog front-end STLC7550
This application note describes a low-power host processing modem application using the STLC7550 single-chip AFE. It also describes the features and functions of the STLC7550 that are relevant to host processing systems.
2010-05-19 Integrating analog video interface IP into SoCs (Part 2
In this second part, we focus on the receiver side of the interfacethe video analog front end (video AFE or V-AFE).
2010-05-13 Integrating analog video interface IP into SoCs (Part 1
This two-part series discusses implementation of analog video interfaces that can be embedded into complex SoCs. Part one focuses on the transmitter part of the analog video interface, which is essentially a DAC with video performance
2006-01-01 High-performance analog effects product innovation
ADI VP for Greater China Howard Cheng predicts the year 2006 to bring another round of product innovation in the electronics industry, particularly in the consumer products sector.
2007-08-07 Designing multi-cell Li-ion battery packs using the ISL9208 analog front end
This application note discusses some of the hardware and software design decisions and shows how to select external components for a multi-cell Li-ion battery pack using a microcontroller and the ISL9208 analog front end.
2006-07-01 Designing front-ends for high-performance ADCs
Amplifier performance is continually being enhanced to deliver increased bandwidth and lower THD. With ADCs pushing well into the GSPS range, complimentary amplifiers that can interface to these converters will be in demand.
2010-05-07 Codec integrates discrete analog front-end
Nuvoton Technology Corp.'s N681622 codec integrates all the AFE transistors needed for a single-channel FXS into one low-cost package.
2005-07-19 CMOS IC acts as analog front end
ProTek Analog released a mixed-signal CMOS monolithic device that integrates analog-to-digital converter conversion operations on a single chip
2009-06-22 CMOS analog muxes consume low power
Vishay has released two muxes that are optimized for 15V high-precision, low-noise signal switching in data acquisition, industry process control, test and measurement, and medical systems.
2011-10-20 Analog switch features 2.5 on-resistance
Vishay's SPST switches claim to deliver low power dissipation and low-switching noise performance.
2008-10-01 Analog IC fit for multichannel wireless apps
IQ Analog has launched what it claimed as the industry's first eight-channel analog front-end IC for multichannel wireless and communications applications such as MIMO radios.
2007-06-01 Analog front-end targets mobile ultrasound
Analog Devices Inc. rolled out an integrated analog front-end in an effort to gain an edge in mobile ultrasound systems.
2010-03-30 Analog front-end tailored for portable medical apps
TI has developed a family of fully-integrated analog front-ends for portable and high-end ECG and EEG equipment, as well as patient monitoring and consumer medical applications.
2009-10-15 Analog front-end increases metering accuracy
Integrated PGAs and a low-drift voltage reference enhance the Microchip MCP3901 AFE's ability to measure signals at very small levels.
2010-04-23 Analog front-end design for ECG systems using delta-sigma ADCs
This application note discusses the characteristics of electrocardiogram (ECG) signals and different front-end approaches for ECG signal acquisition
2008-03-26 Analog front ends debut for medical imaging
TI has introduced a family of fully integrated analog front ends (AFEs) for portable to high-end ultrasound diagnostic equipment.
2006-11-07 Analog front end revs multifunction peripherals
National Semiconductor said its a new three-channel, 16bit analog front end (AFE) improves the performance of multifunction peripherals targeted at small office environments.
2000-10-01 ADSL front-ends jumping analog hurdles
ADSL technology is succeeding as a key way to bring multimedia and Internet content to the home. To achieve complete success, ADSL analog front-ends must be carefully designed to avoid noise and linearity problems
2012-06-26 ADI, TSMC team up to develop analog process tech
The development of the analog process platform aims to significantly improve analog performance for a number of devices
2002-12-03 ADI 12-bit CMOS, CCD AFEs target high-end imaging apps
The AD9821 and AD9845B AFE converters are targeted at CMOS and CCD imaging sensors used in high-end digital still cameras and camcorders
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