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2011-11-01 Signal chain basics: Analyzing RL drive in ECG front end with SPICE
Learn about the analog front end for this ubiquitous, vital medical instrument
2004-09-01 Satisfying the analog interface demands of VDSL
Here's a look at some of the key issues designers must consider when building VDSL analog front-ends.
2011-04-13 Microcontroller targets low-cost analog front ends
Texas Instruments Inc. introduces the MSP430AFE2xx series of metrology AFE ultra-low-power 16bit microcontrollers.
2004-06-01 Intersil targets analog market with Xicor deal
Smart battery ICs and expertise in data conversion were among the assets that made Xicor Corp. a key acquisition for Intersil Corp., executives from both companies said.
2011-01-27 Despite what 'experts' say, analog I/O here to stay
Contrary to predictions on analog's fate, analog-based transducer I/O is expanding its markets into all sorts of applications, including higher-visibility applications such as multimedia and smartphones
2010-09-23 Consumer analog market rebound coming up
Databeans says new gadgets to spur special purpose consumer analog market
2007-06-01 Analog front-end targets mobile ultrasound
Analog Devices Inc. rolled out an integrated analog front-end in an effort to gain an edge in mobile ultrasound systems
2010-03-30 Analog front-end tailored for portable medical apps
TI has developed a family of fully-integrated analog front-ends for portable and high-end ECG and EEG equipment, as well as patient monitoring and consumer medical applications.
2008-03-26 Analog front ends debut for medical imaging
TI has introduced a family of fully integrated analog front ends (AFEs) for portable to high-end ultrasound diagnostic equipment.
2000-10-01 ADSL front-ends jumping analog hurdles
ADSL technology is succeeding as a key way to bring multimedia and Internet content to the home. To achieve complete success, ADSL analog front-ends must be carefully designed to avoid noise and linearity problems.
2005-11-11 Single chip serves as satellite front-end
The team at Silicon Laboratories developed the SiRX family of satellite front-ends
2007-05-28 RF amplifier targets cable TV front-end apps
Anadigics Inc. has introduced its ABA3130 single-chip, low-noise, high linearity RF amplifier with integrated gain control, aimed at cable TV front-end applications
2007-08-24 Analog video signal requirements: Similarities and differences (Part 5
This article will explore some of these analog video signal requirements and analog I/O design in these video systems, with a focus on power supply voltages and power dissipation
2004-07-02 Analog Devices ADCs push architectural limits
Analog Devices will announce two products that represent significant advances in analog-to-digital converter technology
2006-07-01 Designing front-ends for high-performance ADCs
Amplifier performance is continually being enhanced to deliver increased bandwidth and lower THD. With ADCs pushing well into the GSPS range, complimentary amplifiers that can interface to these converters will be in demand.
2002-10-17 Applying with the ispPAC30 to Data Acquisition Systems with Analog-to-Digital Converters
This application note describes how the ispPAC30 can be used as a flexible solution for interfacing signals to ADC front ends
2003-09-25 Xicor AFEs eye flat-panel monitors, projectors
Xicor Inc. has introduced the X98000 family of high speed analog front ends for high-resolution flat-panel monitors and LCD projectors.
2008-09-05 X-Fab Sarawak all set to start 0.35?m process tech
X-Fab Silicon Foundries' Malaysian facility in Kuching, Sarawak, with its 200mm production line, now is fully qualified for volume production and second sourcing of the company's 0.35?m high-voltage process technology called XH035.
2005-05-03 Streamline ultrasound designs with Doppler phase-shifter
Analog Devices created an IC that simplifies the development of continuous wave (CW) Doppler imaging in stationary and portable ultrasound systems
2007-06-26 Line drivers suit 100Mbps VDSL2 apps
Intersil Corp. has introduced the latest addition to its family of line drivers that feature low power, a small footprint and good linearity.
2005-12-15 AFE captures HD content in camcorders
Analog Devices launched the flagship device in a family of AFEs for HD image/video processing apps with a low-voltage differential signaling interface that is said to boost signal conversion performance by 30 percent
2008-10-07 Advanced AFEs ease use for portable ultrasound systems
Texas Instruments has released two integrated analog front-ends for handheld ultrasound systems.
2012-04-13 16, 24bit AFEs geared for medical applications
The ADS1298 family from TI now includes five single- and dual-channel analog front ends for portable biopotential measurement applications such as ECG and EEG.
2009-12-28 Op amps cut signal conditioning error
The devices combine low noise, low power, low offset voltage, low bias current drift and minimal offset drift over temperature.
2010-08-24 MxFEs cut basestation power, space
The 12-bit and 10-bit mixed-signal front-ends use 40 percent less power and 25 percent less PCB space than competing devices for cost-sensitive wireless equipment
2000-08-01 Moving to 12-bit embedded control
At the Embedded Systems Conference in 1998, Tremont Mao of Analog Devices was demonstrating his own version of the Rube Goldberg machine
2016-05-18 Benefits of adding isolation to LVDS interfaces
Adding isolation to LVDS interfaces provides a transparent solution that can be inserted into existing signal chains for high-speed and precision measurement and control applications.
2014-06-19 ADI sharpens RF edge with Hittite
The acquisition of Hittite is expected to reposition Analog Devices on the high-end of radio parts suppliers, strengthening its foothold in the industrial, communications infrastructure, and automotive markets
2016-05-18 44W silicon switch cuts power, size for cellular systems
The ADRF5130 from ADI is specified at 0.7GHz to 3.5GHz frequency band with typical 0.6dB insertion-loss, isolation of 50dB and linearity of 68dBm aimed at cellular radio systems.
2010-08-24 12-/10-bit MxFEs cut base station power by 40%
The mixed-signal front end combined dual DAC and ADC devices also cut board space in femtocells and picocells for wireless base stations
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