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2007-09-12 Intersil buys ATE market analog IC supplier
Intersil has entered into definitive agreement to acquire Planet ATE, a privately held analog IC supplier to the ATE market
2003-09-05 Integre joins Tower Semiconductor design program
Integre Technologies has joined Tower Semiconductor Ltd's Authorized Design Center program, making Integre the first affiliate in North America
2008-05-29 Industry faces shortage of analog design experts
The worsening shortage of analog engineers is forcing digital chip powerhouses like Freescale to redouble their efforts to recruit and groom analog engineers in the "black art" of mixed-signal processing
2006-07-18 India's analog IC market to reach $300M this year
The Indian market for analog ICs is set to grow 35 percent to nearly $300 million this year, more than half of this being accounted for by the communications industry
2008-04-10 India makes headway in analog design
India has made great strides in recent years in the field of analog design, which is often considered more art than science
2009-09-09 Hybrid demodulators fit DVB, analog video broadcast
Marvell reveals the first chips in a family of hybrid demodulators for DVB and analog video broadcasting
2002-10-09 Hitachi, Mitsubishi to merge semiconductor operations
Hitachi Ltd and Mitsubishi Electric Corp. have reached an agreement to establish a semiconductor company to be named Renesas Technology Corp
2002-03-20 Hitachi, Mitsubishi to merge semiconductor businesses
Aiming to create a leading SoC company, Hitachi Ltd, and Mitsubishi Electric Corp. said March 18 that they have agreed to integrate their non-memory semiconductor businesses to create a $6 billion company that includes their R&D, design, manufacturing and marketing operations
2006-01-01 High-performance analog effects product innovation
ADI VP for Greater China Howard Cheng predicts the year 2006 to bring another round of product innovation in the electronics industry, particularly in the consumer products sector.
2007-11-28 HDTV decoders carry analog copy protection
Conexant Systems has certified an analog copy protection technology on its CX2427X and CX2450X HDTV decoders
2009-03-30 Going green: analog's amulet during tough times
2008 was a difficult year for the semiconductor industry as a whole, and analog products suppliers were no exception. The analog market is in for another challenging year, but the tide will turn and analog has a new amuletand it is green.
2004-01-12 Global semiconductor sales climb 4.5 percent
Worldwide sales of semiconductors rose to $16.13B in November 2003, a 4.5 percent increase from the $15.43B recorded in October 2003 and a 25.7 percent rise from November of 2002, the Semiconductor Industry Association reported
2010-12-10 Gartner: Semiconductor revenue grew 31.5
Gartner says worldwide semiconductor revenue grew by 31.5 percent in 2010 to exceed $300 billion
2005-02-24 Fairchild's dual analog switch exceeds USB 2.0 bandwidth specs
The wide bandwidth of Fairchild's FSUSB22 switch allows passage of 3rd harmonic frequencies that are critical for maintaining maximum signal integrity with minimal distortion, jitter and phase noise.
2006-11-24 Fairchild touts 'first' 4:1 analog mux
Fairchild Semiconductor says its FHP3194 is the industry's first 1.2GHz 4:1 analog multiplexer.
2010-11-24 Fairchild Semiconductor to expand mobile IP portfolio
Fairchild Semiconductor has announced that it is now increasing its focus on the mobile handset market.

2006-11-03 Fairchild analog switches manage audio, USB sources
The FSA201 (USB 1.1; 12Mbps) and similar FSA221 (USB 2.0; 480Mbps) multimedia-oriented, analog DPDT switches from Fairchild Semiconductor are designed to pass both single-polarity USB signals as well as bipolar analog audio signals.
2009-11-02 Dongbu aims to be analog foundry powerhouse
South Korea foundry Dongbu HiTek Co. Ltd is looking for respect in the foundry business and aims at being the "TSMC" in analog and mixed-signal
2002-07-08 Dialog Semiconductor, Bosch codevelop CMOS technology
Dialog Semiconductor has signed an agreement with Bosch to develop high-voltage options for CMOS technology for automotive apps
2011-01-27 Despite what 'experts' say, analog I/O here to stay
Contrary to predictions on analog's fate, analog-based transducer I/O is expanding its markets into all sorts of applications, including higher-visibility applications such as multimedia and smartphones
2005-03-01 Desktop Reference Solution-National Semiconductor
Consumers are downloading files in ever-increasing amounts as they build their libraries of information, songs, videos and photos, turning their computers into entertainment vehicles.
2008-05-16 Deciphering the analog automation code
Richard Morse of Silicon Canvas Inc. notes, "The key is to enable analog design, not try to imitate an innately creative process
2011-04-26 Databeans: Analog Devices profits from data converter needs
Analog Devices benefits from growing demand for digital devices, according to Databeans
2013-04-30 Cypress semiconductor readies for 32bit PSoCs
Over the next two years, Cypress aims to expand the amount of memory and the programmable analogue and digital blocks on PSoC 4 by a factor of four or more.
2008-08-29 Converter box keeps analog alive in DTVs
A revolution is underway in broadcast TV, and for those not yet equipped to handle the change, solutions are standing by.
2011-05-09 Compound semiconductor dev't reflect diversification
Compound semiconductor companies are releasing new products that lead toward product diversification, according to Strategy Analytics
2010-03-10 Circuit optimization tool tailored for analog/RF
From AgO Inc. comes the AnXplorer tool designed to optimize analog and RF circuits and uses either simulation or equations
2008-01-31 China analog IDM proposes $75M IPO with U.S. SEC
BCD Semiconductor Manufacturing has filed a registration statement with the U.S. SEC for a proposed IPO of American Depository Shares that could amount to $75.9 million
2006-09-22 Catalyst Semicon beefs up analog roadmap
Despite the fact that 90 percent of its revenue comes from its memory business, Catalyst Semiconductor has opted to focus its R&D initiatives on new analog products.
2006-11-01 Catalyst Semi beefs up analog roadmap
While 90 percent of its revenue comes from its memory business, Catalyst Semiconductor Inc. has opted to focus to its R&D initiatives on new analog products.
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