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2005-10-13 austriamicro's SPST analog switches with 130MHz bandwidth
austriamicrosystems announced a new family of high performance analog switches that promises significant performance improvements over existing products.
2006-05-11 Analog switches with low-voltage operating range, low on-resistance
Vishay's new Dual SPDT monolithic CMOS analog switches combine low-voltage operating range and low on-resistance ratings in a small package.
2012-02-06 Analog switches tout up to 200V operating voltage
The HV2801 and HV2901 claim to offer robust latch up protection and quiescent current of less than 10uA to yield hi-res medical ultrasound images.
2011-06-30 Analog switches target one-cell Li-ion batteries
Vishay's low-voltage analog switches feature latch-up protection greater than 300mA as tested per JESD78.
2003-12-16 Analog switches target feature-rich cellphones
Fairchild Semiconductor International introduced a family of analog switches designed to increase audio quality while switching signals among three or more outputs.
2006-02-28 Analog switches suit battery-powered apps
austriamicrosystems announced the availability of its AS1741, AS1742 and AS1743 analog switches in compact 8-pin SOT23 packaging.
2005-05-30 Analog switches simplify design
Offering low on-resistance and low-level logic control through the full voltage range of 1.6V to 4.3V, the new analog switches from Vishay are targeted at end products such as cellphones, STBs, PDAs and media players
2007-10-01 Analog switches offer 10 on-resistance
Vishay Intertechnology Inc. has released five new low-impedance, high-voltage analog switches with on-resistance as low as 10 for audio, video and data switching applications.
2006-02-08 Analog switches housed in chipscale package
Pericom Semiconductor's new family of analog switches for mobile terminal applications are said to feature chipscale packaging, very low on-resistance and wide voltage ranges.
2005-12-19 Analog switches feature CSP, very low ON-resistance
Pericom introduced a new family of advanced analog switches created for mobile terminal applications which feature CSP, very low ON-resistance, and wide voltage ranges.
2005-10-28 Analog switches crank out bandwidth
Vishay's dual, single-pole, double throw and dual, single-pole, single throw analog switches offer low on-resistance and high 3dB bandwidth in a tiny package.
2005-01-03 Analog switches beat bus switches in ultraportable devices
When designing ultraportable devices, analog switches are more efficient than any other ordinary bus switches.
2006-01-05 Analog switch suits mobile apps
The new SPDT analog switch from Texas Instruments promises low total harmonic distortion and very low crosstalk, making it suitable for mobile applications
2011-10-20 Analog switch features 2.5 on-resistance
Vishay's SPST switches claim to deliver low power dissipation and low-switching noise performance
2006-12-01 Analog ICs for Low Voltage Systems
This application note discusses many types of low-voltage ICs, including voltage regulators, data converters, op amps and current monitors, comparators, microprocessor supervisors, voltage references, analog switches, and interface transceivers. It also presents information on power savings and how to manage issues related to low-voltage operation.
2011-06-29 Analog IC optimized for high voltage switching
Supertex unveils the HV2662 and HV2762 24-channel analog switches for applications that require high voltage switching controlled by low voltage signals.
2008-01-03 16-channel switches promise high-resolution imaging
Supertex has released two high voltage, 16-channel analog switchesHV2631 and HV2731aimed at medical ultrasound diagnostic imaging equipment and non-destructive testing applications.
2008-07-17 Tiny load switches control high current rails in UMPC
Micrel Inc. has launched the MIC94040/1/2/3, a new family of high side load switches featuring a breakthrough packaging technology
2007-08-27 TI switches suit DVI, HDMI applications
Texas Instruments Inc. has introduced two new video switches for digital video interface or HDMI
2008-08-01 Switches promise fast interface for ultrasound imaging apps
Maxim Integrated Products introduces the MAX4800A/MAX4802A 8-channel, high-voltage, low-charge-injection SPST switches controlled by a fast, 20MHz serial interface
2011-09-26 Specialized foundry processing yields high-performance analog IC
Learn about the impact of foundry process on achievable specifications.
2007-05-01 Slew-rate controlled load switches support 12V operation
AnalogicTech's AAT4285 is the industry's first integrated slew-rate controlled load switch capable of supporting 12V operation.
2005-03-24 Rocker switches suit off-road apps
The new analog rocker switches from ITT Ind, Electronics Components feature a contactless sensing design that provides an accurate, proportional output.
2006-04-11 Processor accepts analog A/V signals for DTV, STBs
Toshiba America Electronic Components announced the TB1311AFG analog video front-end processor
2005-01-11 Pericom targets multimedia video applications with analog switch solutions
Pericom's new analog video switches tout low resistance and capacitance for high-bandwidth, next-generation consumer multimedia video apps.
2002-10-03 Pericom switches feature 0.7-ohm on-resistance
Pericom Semiconductor's PI5AxxxxT family of analog MUX and switches offer 0.7-ohm on-resistance capability that provides near zero system distortion.
2004-12-09 Pericom rolls out five-channel analog video switches
Pericom's new high-bandwidth analog video switches enable easy switching between signal sources in video display devices such as video projectors.
2002-01-14 Pericom analog multiplexers, switches exhibit reduced on-resistance
Pericom has introduced a family of seven analog multiplexers and switches, which are claimed to feature improved performance over pin-compatible sole-source offerings from Maxim, Fairchild and Texas Instruments.
2002-09-26 Octal codec increases channel count on analog linecards
Legerity Inc. said that their eight-channel voice encoder/decoder will increase the channel density of analog linecards used in broadband digital loop carrier and PBX systems
2008-02-18 New SMU, switches enhance PXI platform for DC apps
NI has announced its first PXI SMU and two PXI switches that enhance the PXI platform for use in precision DC applications, such as semiconductor parametric tests and electronic device and component validation
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