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What is analog simulation?
Modeling or simulation of an electronic circuit using representations of the actual circuit voltages, currents, and component values instead of simplified digital state representations.
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2009-03-31 Magma CEO optimistic on analog push
Despite challenging times for his company and the industry as a whole, Magma Design Automation Inc. chairman and CEO Rajeev Madhavan remained upbeat about new products and the company's inroads in analog EDA.
2000-06-12 Low-Cost Integrated Solution for Analog Cellular RF Blocks
This technical note presents an IC solution to the analog cellular receive LNA/Mixer and transmit PA blocks that satisfy the performance and size requirements at a favorable cost, competitive with discrete solutions.
2001-10-02 Low power, low voltage modem analog front-end STLC7550
This application note describes a low-power host processing modem application using the STLC7550 single-chip AFE. It also describes the features and functions of the STLC7550 that are relevant to host processing systems.
2008-06-24 Low power design for analog/mixed-signal IP
Power reduction and management techniques using multiple clock and power domains, dynamic voltage and frequency scaling and power gating are effective for digital circuits but for analog design, lowering power consumption must be considered early in the design phase.
2000-05-01 Long road ahead for analog synthesis
It may be a bit like asking why can't women be more like men, but the question, "Why can't analog be more like digital?" is the most common complaint among engineers attempting to use analog design tools. Synthesis (the automatic generation of physical circuitry from a high-level language description) is one area where analog design departs drastically from digital.
2006-03-21 Local analog IC vendor targets overseas market
While many local China IC vendors are gaining market space due to the advantage of low cost and providing in-time services, SG Microelectronics Corp. did it in a different way.
2005-03-09 Linear hold outs analog chips in Asia with Arrow franchise deal
Analog IC manufacturer Linear Technology has signed a franchise agreement with Arrow Asia Pac Ltd.
2002-06-27 Legerity to acquire Agere's analog line card IC business
Legerity Inc., a supplier of ICs for voice network access and voice-over-broadband applications, has disclosed its plan to acquire Agere Systems' analog line card IC business.
2005-01-20 Legerity provides easy VoIP connectivity to analog phones
Legerity announced the newest members of its VE880 VoicePort series that are used for providing VoIP connectivity to analog phones.
2003-01-15 Legerity forms analog components unit
Legerity Inc. has formed a new business unit devoted to analog ICs.
2006-11-27 LDOs handle digital, analog loads in battery-run apps
National Semiconductor has introduced three LDOs for both digital and analog loads in battery-powered systems.
2002-05-15 Keynoter calls for better IP standards, analog models
Christine King, chief executive officer of AMI Semiconductor, kicked off the 2002 Custom Integrated Circuits Conference with a clarion call for improved standards and design methodologies for the integration and test of intellectual property.
2012-06-25 JTAG offers digital, analog, frequency measurement in one module
The JT 2149/DAF can be controlled through an interactive panel (virtual instrument) within JTAG ProVision as well as through Python scripts.
2007-09-14 Jazz fortifies post in analog, mixed-signal markets
Jazz Semiconductorhas announced its Analog-Intensive Mixed-Signal initiative to strengthen its position in price/performance and power consumption for specialty CMOS technologies and quicken time-to-revenue for analog-intensive products.
2008-02-19 Is Freescale going after the analog plum?
'The eventual possibility of a large analog competitor may occur with Freescale under Rich Beyer,' said analyst Doug Freedman of American Technology Research, in a report.
2008-11-18 Is analog processing dead?
So, is analog processing dead? Analog is more important now in the 21st century that it was 20 years ago!
2009-08-07 Is analog dying or flourishing?
Bill Schweber gives his two cents on the ongoing question: Is analog dying or not?
2010-07-06 IR sensors deliver digital, analog outputs
Extending its optoelectronics portfolio, Vishay Intertechnology Inc. has released a family of mid-range IR sensors featuring digital and analog outputs in three package types.
2011-06-14 IP building blocks accelerate analog design
Magma Design and Fraunhofer Institute aim to improve analog design and development through their collaboration on the Titan FlexCells models.
2007-02-26 Introduction to Analog Video
Graphics and broadcast are two main forms of analog video signals. Graphics refer to computer video signals and broadcast refer to TV signals. This article will focus on broadcast video signals/TV signals.
2009-11-04 Intersil, Georgia Tech open analog center
Intersil and Georgia Institute of Technology will open a development facility and embark on several new programs dedicated to R&D of advanced power management semiconductor technologies.
2005-01-26 Intersil's quad analog switch withstands cellphone abuse
Intersil announced a quad analog switch that offers precise switching capability from a single 1.6V to 3.6V supply with low on resistance and high speed operation.
2005-01-18 Intersil unveils new triple analog delay line
Intersil announced what it claims as the industry's first completely integrated triple analog delay line that enables systems using the company's video over twisted-pair products.
2004-06-01 Intersil targets analog market with Xicor deal
Smart battery ICs and expertise in data conversion were among the assets that made Xicor Corp. a key acquisition for Intersil Corp., executives from both companies said.
2006-03-07 Intersil showcases latest analog tech development at IIC-China
Intersil will showcase its newest analog technology at the 11th Annual International IC-China Conference & Exhibition. Featured Intersil speakers include Intersil President and COO Lou DiNardo, Senior FAE Joseph Chen, Senior FAE Jack Ni and Senior FAE Joseph Chen.
2002-08-27 Intersil offers dual-supply analog switches
Intersil Corp. has expanded its MightyMUX line of analog switches with the addition of the ISL84516 and ISL84517 SPST switch line that operates from a 11.5V to 16V supply.
2004-05-28 Intersil expands analog comms line with BitBlitz acquisition
Intersil Corp. will pay $2.5 million in cash for the serializer/deserializer (serdes), transponder product line and the intellectual property of privately-held BitBlitz Communications.
2003-06-10 Intersil DPDT analog switch consumes <3?W
The ISL43410 bi-directional analog switch from Intersil Corp. is configured as a DPDT switch and is designed to operate from a single 2V to 12V supply.
2007-09-12 Intersil buys ATE market analog IC supplier
Intersil has entered into definitive agreement to acquire Planet ATE, a privately held analog IC supplier to the ATE market.
2009-08-12 Intersil buys analog IC designer
Intersil Corp. has signed a definitive agreement to acquire analog signal processing IC designer Quellan Inc.
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