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2006-11-27 Power-management ICs target portable devices
AnalogicTech has introduced two highly integrated power-management ICs for smart phones, portable media/music players and other handheld computing devices.
2007-01-19 Power-management IC eases USB host devt
AnalogicTech's new power-management IC allows designers to boost voltage and provide the protection needed to simply and efficiently host a USB port on compute-intensive convergent portable systems.
2006-09-15 Power solution cuts product footprint, design complexity
AnalogicTech's AAT2554 promises designers of ultralow-power products a highly compact power management solution that reduces product footprint and design complexity.
2007-03-26 Power manager allows system operation while charging
AnalogicTech claims its power-management IC and intelligent battery charger continuously monitors system power needs during operation and automatically adjusts charge current accordingly, enabling it to deliver the highest possible charge current to the battery.
2006-06-23 Power IC targets GSM mobile apps
Analogic's new addition to its power management IC family offers a compact solution designed for GSM mobile phone applications.
2004-12-27 New charge pump eliminates need for inductor
The new fixed frequency, high efficiency charge pump from AnalogicTech can be used with ultra-small 1?F capacitors at VIN and VOUT.
2005-02-03 Load switches prevent current spikes, sags
AnalogicTech unveiled a family of slew rate controlled integrated load switches that are designed to control internal loads by slowly ramping up output voltage at a desired rate.
2006-08-30 LCD boost converter delivers 100mA at 24V
Designed for single-cell portable products, the new boost converter from Advanced Analogic Technologies delivers 100mA at 24V for OLEDs, LCDs and CCDs.
2007-03-08 High-current DC/DC enables 1mm-tall solutions
AnalogicTech's AAT1210 is said to be the first boost converter to supply a high-voltage/high-current source and still allow designers to use small external components, including inductors under 1mm in height, thus achieving a total solution less than or equal to 1mm tall.
2006-08-17 DC/DC IC enables management through I?C, S2Cwire
AnalogicTech said its AAT1142 is the first step-down converter to offer dynamic voltage management through both I?C interface and S2Cwire digital interface.
2006-01-27 DC/DC converters target cellphones
Advanced Analogic Technologies introduced the AAT1146 and AAT2512 step-down DC/DC converters for GSM phone applications.
2006-07-14 DC/DC converter targets WCDMA, CDMA handsets
AnalogicTech has announced the AAT1171, a new voltage-scaling DC/DC step-down converter designed to control power to the power amplifier in WCDMA and CDMA handsets.
2006-04-28 DC/DC converter saves space
AnalogicTech announced the AAT1121, a new step-down DC/DC converter for space-constrained portable applications.
2005-08-15 Charge pump regulator enables the design of ultra-thin solutions
Advanced Analogic Technologies released a triple-output charge pump regulator that can generate three regulated output voltages for turn-on gate drive bias (Vpos), turn-off gate voltage bias (Vneg) and logic voltage.
2006-12-13 Charge pump reduces parts count, BOM cost
AnalogicTech said its AAT2842 charge pump offers portable system product developers an efficient way to lower parts count, lower BOM cost and build more compact systems without compromising their design flexibility or circuit performance.
2006-10-31 Charge pump optimizes white LED flash apps
AnalogicTech has created the AAT3170 charge pump IC by combining a flash timer and high flash current drive with 32-step digital current control.
2007-02-05 Boost converters ease large-panel WLED design
AnalogicTech has rolled out two high-efficiency boost converters to address the design challenges in using multiple strings of series-connected WLEDs to provide uniform illumination in large-panel lighting applications.
2003-07-14 Battery charge controller powers portable apps
The AAT3680 linear battery charge controller from AnalogicTech is capable of supporting either a 1-cell or 2-cell Li-ion or Polymer pack battery.
2008-04-29 Automatic detection of USB port vs. wall adapter power
With USB port power functions and the ability to accept power from a high-current wall adapter, battery charging times will be reduced to the minimum possible for any given power source.
2008-04-29 Automatic Charge Reduction (CHR) function solves issues with Li-ion battery charging from USB ports
Using a USB port as a charging power source allows a user to simultaneously download or update files and recharge the battery for their portable product.
2008-04-29 AAT3172 flash programming techniques using the AS?Cwire serial interface
The AAT3172 is AnalogicTech's software-programmable flash LED driver with two independently programmable constant-current LED channels.
2008-05-05 AAT2847 Eval: 4-channel backlight driver with dual LDOs
AnalogicTech's AAT2847 includes a four-channel LED backlight driver and two integrated 200mA LDOs as additional power supplies for display and camera related chipsets.
2008-05-05 AAT2833/34 Eval: 240mA total display solution for portable devices
Based on a tri-mode charge pump power engine, AnalogTech's AAT2833/34 is a total solution IC for portable display applications and is capable of delivering 240mA of output current for white LED backlight and RGB applications.
2008-05-05 AAT1275 Eval: Boost converter with USB power switch
AnalogicTech's AAT1275 evaluation board provides a platform for test and evaluation of the AAT1275 switching boost converter with USB power switch.
2008-05-05 AAT1239-1 Eval: Step-up DC/DC converter for white LED backlight applications
AnalogicTech's AAT1239-1 is a high-frequency, high-efficiency regulated current boost converter driving up to 10 white LEDs in a series connected configuration.
2008-05-19 WLED drivers backlight entry-level phone displays
AnalogicTech's AAT3103 constant frequency, charge-pump-based, current source WLED drivers are designed to backlight lower-cost LCD displays in entry-level cellphones.
2008-02-01 WLED driver enables large LCDs in portable apps
By driving up to 10 WLEDs in a serial string, AnalogicTech's new boost converter simplifies the use of larger LCD panels in battery-powered portable devices.
2007-08-02 USB/AC battery charger ICs leave compact footprint
AnalogicTech's new line of USB/AC battery charger ICs integrate various features into a highly compact footprint and require just a single external component.
2007-07-30 Tiny white LED drivers suit entry-level handsets
AnalogicTech has released the AAT3193, the first in a family of two- and three-channel, charge pump-based white LED drivers for entry-level handsets.
2008-03-13 Tiny PMUs combine 3 step-down DC/DC converters
AnalogicTech has developed two new mini-power management units that combine three step-down DC/DC converters in a single monolithic IC.
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