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2008-01-22 The S?Cwire serial digital interface in real-time systems
The S?Cwire (Simple Serial Control) and AS2Cwire (Advanced Simple Serial Control) single-wire serial interfaces are used to set parameters in AnalogicTech products. Applications include setting current levels in LED driver ICs, programming battery characteristics in battery chargers, or controlling the ON/OFF state of load switches in a multi-output load switch IC.
2007-05-01 Slew-rate controlled load switches support 12V operation
AnalogicTech's AAT4285 is the industry's first integrated slew-rate controlled load switch capable of supporting 12V operation.
2008-05-05 Power management IC meets CDMA handset needs
AnalogicTech has launched a power management IC designed with a single-cell Li-ion battery charger, a 300mA step-down converter, five LDO regulators, a reset function and an I2C interface to supply all the power requirements of new CDMA handsets.
2008-08-01 Power ICs with step-down converters rev up efficiency
AnalogicTech has launched two new power management ICs for portable applications. The AAT2782 and AAT2783 devices can be used to power both traditional power management functions and noise-sensitive circuits without compromising power efficiency.
2009-05-15 Phone market welcomes WLED drivers
AnalogicTech has introduced a set of flash and backlight white LED (WLED) drivers for the competitive feature phone market.
2008-11-10 Output inductor selection for the AAT115X series buck converter
This application note summarizes the method for selecting the output inductor for AnalogicTech's AAT115X series of DC/DC inductor-based buck converters.
2007-05-07 Low-profile step-down converter delivers 550mA
AnalogicTech has unveiled the low-profile, high-density AAT1120 step-down converter that delivers 500mA in a 2-by-2-by-0.55mm package.
2009-04-20 Light manager tailored for smart phones
Advanced Analogic Technologies Inc. (AnalogicTech) has developed the AAT2862 lighting management unit (LMU) that drives up to eight LEDs and integrates four low-dropout linear regulators.
2007-10-05 Flash LED driver suits cellphones with video recording
AnalogicTech has announced a new LED driver designed for use with high-current/high-brightness flash LEDs in mobile phones with video recording.
2008-05-09 EV-128 AAT3174 Eval: High-current, high-efficiency charge pump
The AAT3174 evaluation board demonstrates the functionality of AnalogicTech's AAT3174 and its application as a high-current white LED flash driver.
2008-05-07 EV-125 I?C/S2Cwire controller with AAT1142 demo board
This document describes how to connect the I?C/S2Cwire controller board to AnalogicTech's AAT1142 dynamically programmable DC/DC buck converter.
2008-05-07 EV-124 AAT3681: USB Port or AC adapter Li-ion/polymer battery charger
AnalogicTech's AAT3681 evaluation board demonstrates single-cell Li-ion/polymer battery charging from either a USB or ADP port.
2008-05-07 EV-123 AAT4296 Eval: Five-channel push/pull I/O expander with serial control
The AAT4296 evaluation board demonstrates AnalogicTech's AAT4296 SmartSwitch as a microprocessor I/O expander.
2008-05-07 EV-122 AAT3175 Eval: High-efficiency 1X/1.5X/2X charge pump for white LED flash apps
The AAT3175 evaluation board demonstrates the functionality of AnalogicTech's AAT3175 and its application as a white LED flash driver.
2007-11-07 Dual slew rate controlled load switch cuts cost
AnalogicTech's AAT4282A a dual, slew rate controlled load switch allows designers to reduce parts count and cost by integrating two low resistance slew rate controlled load switches.
2008-09-19 Dual buck converter fuses high, low current power functions
AnalogicTech is a new dual buck converter for mobile consumer and wireless applications.
2008-03-14 DC/DC converters come in CSP versions
AnalogicTech has announced the availability of CSPs for its AAT1149, and AAT1171 DC/DC converters.
2008-01-24 DC/DC converter saves power in industrial equipment
AnalogicTech has unveiled the AAT1160, a synchronous step-down DC/DC converter delivering up to a 3A output from a 12V input.
2007-07-17 DC/DC converter claims 'very low' quiescent current
The AAT1162 DC/DC converter from Advanced Analogic Technologies Inc. (AnalogicTech) offers extremely low quiescent current that significantly lowers the system's total standby mode current consumption
2009-05-04 Class D audio amp delivers low quiescent, standby current
AnalogicTech has launched the AAT5101, its first Class D audio amplifier that delivers power savings by combining low voltage operation with low quiescent current and standby current for portable electronic systems.
2005-11-21 Charger IC touts digital edge
AnalogicTech's battery charger IC features a digital thermal loop for quicker response and more stable operation in the AC adapter mode.
2007-12-21 Charger IC powers up to two Li-ion cells in series
AnalogicTech has introduced the AAT3663, the first in a family of 1A linear battery charger ICs capable of charging up to two Li-ion cells in series.
2007-08-13 Charge pumps enable smaller, feature-rich handsets
AnalogicTech has introduced two charge pump products designed to enable designers to build smaller, more feature-rich mobile handsets.
2008-08-15 Buck converters guarantee high-efficiency power conversion
AnalogicTech has unveiled a new family of high-voltage, high-current, non-synchronous step-down converters capable of providing high-efficiency power conversion from 24V supplies.
2008-05-08 AAT4674/4674-1 Eval: Power supply selector switch
The AAT4674/4674-1 are members of AnalogicTech's Application Specific Power Management SmartSwitch family designed to operate from batteries, or any other power supply with an input voltage up to 6V.
2008-05-09 AAT4297 Eval: Dual RGB controller
The AAT4297 evaluation board demonstrates the operation of AnalogicTech's AAT4297 SmartSwitch, which has six low side n-channel load switches that are serially controlled.
2008-05-09 AAT4295 Eval: Single RGB controller
The AAT4295 evaluation board demonstrates the operation of AnalogicTech's AAT4295 SmartSwitch that has three low side n-channel load switches that are serially controlled.
2008-05-08 AAT3192/93: Low-cost, 2/3-channel charge-pump LED drivers
AnalogicTech's AAT3193 evaluation board demonstrates the functionality of the AAT3193 and its application as a white LED driver.
2008-05-07 AAT3172 Eval: High-current LED flash driver charge pump IC
AnalogicTech's AAT3172 evaluation board demonstrates the functionality of the AAT3172 and its application as a high-current white LED flash driver.
2008-05-08 AAT1299 Eval: Low-voltage 2MHz step-up DC/DC converter
AnalogicTech's AAT1299 evaluation board provides a platform for the testing and evaluation of the AAT1299 low voltage 2MHz step-up regulator.
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