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2007-07-16 Cope with portables' new lighting requirements
The evolution of lighting functions in portable system designs shows no signs of slowing down. To address these power management issues, semiconductor manufacturers are already developing various devices that bring together new combinations of charge pumps, boost converters, backlight, flash, RGB and LDO functional blocks.
2007-11-01 Chips address lighting challenge
Portable electronic devices today require additional power circuits to drive auxiliary RGB status lights and to backlight the keypad, making lighting a major power management challenge.
2009-01-20 Charger IC offers up to 28V overvoltage protection
Advanced Analogic Technologies Inc. has developed the AAT3691, a dual input battery charger IC with integrated overvoltage protection up to 28V.
2008-12-03 Charger IC handles concurrent system load, charging
Advanced Analogic Technologies Inc. has released the AAT3672, a highly integrated, single-cell Li-on/polymer battery charger and system management IC that enables simultaneous battery charging and system load management.
2005-05-12 Charge-pump saves power
Emphasizing minimum power consumption for display backlighting, Advanced Analogic Technologies' AAT2805 is a dual charge-pump that also supports camera flash apps.
2005-03-28 Charge pump fields both camera lighting and flash
Advanced Analogic Technologies' first multi-function charge pump IC simultaneously supports white LED backlight and camera flash functions.
2008-04-09 Battery charger guards against faulty input voltages
Advanced Analogic Technologies Inc. has rolled the AAT3783, a 1A linear Li-ion/polymer battery charger IC with an integrated overvoltage protection (OVP) switch.
2008-04-01 Battery charger chips get crafty
Battery life is arguably the most important feature in many of today's high-volume portable electronic products. While much of the portable electronics industry has migrated to the Li-ion battery, drawn by its high capacity, small size, light weight and durability, no similar consensus has been reached about the battery charger IC.
2003-07-10 Analogic puts up sales office in China
Advanced Analogic Technologies has opened a sales, customer, and technical support office in Shanghai, China.
2008-05-05 AAT2830/31 Eval: 800mA total display solution for portable devices
Based on a tri-mode charge pump power engine, AnalogTech's AAT2830/31 is a total solution IC for portable display applications and is capable of delivering 800mA of output current for WLED backlight and RGB applications.
2008-10-06 500mA step-down converter promises faster transient response
Advanced Analogic Technologies Inc., a developer of power management integrated circuits for communications, computing and consumer electronics devices, introduces the AAT1130, a new high performance 500mA monolithic step-down converter.
2008-06-26 Step-down DC/DC converter input ripple and noise
This paper discusses the proper methods for measuring input and output noise of a high frequency DC/DC converter.
2008-06-27 AAT4621EV: Evaluation kit guide for AAT4621 PC card supercap charger
This evaluation kit guide for the AAT4621EV demonstrate the features of the AAT4621 SmartSwitch supercapacitor charger.
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