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2010-05-26 Analysis: UMC needs new strategy
Despite the current upturn and renewed growth at UMC, many wonder if the foundry vendor will survive in the long run, as the company has fallen behind the technology curve.
2008-10-06 Analysis: Two rivals bid for Atmel's restoration
Atmel officials can't say they didn't have enough time to turn around the company. For years, the company struggled with poor revenue growth like most its competitors in the MCU, mixed-signal and ASIC markets.
2008-10-21 Analysis: Two giants brace for dim Q4, unpredictable '09
The two fiercest rivals in the IC market have something both of them can agree upon: The forecasting environment just got murkier.
2008-09-23 Analysis: Trouble in China foundry biz?
Chinese companies stormed into the silicon foundry market in the early part of the decade with the supportfinancial and otherwiseof a government determined to make China a force in the global semiconductor industry.
2011-04-06 Analysis: TI-National deal a smart use of cash
The TI-National Semi deal will tip the overall competitive market heavily on TI's side.
2009-10-06 Analysis: TI fab deal is good for IC tool vendors
Equipment executives and analysts say that the TI fab deal isn't a blow to the equipment industry. Some suggested that it might even be a positive for gear suppliers.
2008-03-07 Analysis: The real scoop on Atom-ARM rivalry
If you believe the buzz, Atom is so good that it will displace ARM cores as king of the mobile world. Unfortunately, the buzz was extremely confused.
2008-09-11 Analysis: The long road to mobile TV
Enabling consumers to watch digital TV broadcasts on cellphones has never been compared to rocket science. Today, however, long after the technology became feasible, its success as a business is beginning to look as far away as a moon landing.
2008-02-11 Analysis: Tech CEOs brave out economic woes
Over the last few weeks as U.S. companies reported results, a few executives have laid some blame for the perceptionor realitythat their businesses were slowing on cable TV and radio talking heads.
2008-10-10 Analysis: Still a long road ahead for AMD
With one stroke of the pen, AMD deftly improved its cash position, lops off about one quarter of its $5 billion debt, relieves itself of the hefty capital expense and gains a joint venture partner.
2013-03-26 Analysis: ST, Renesas failed to see the bigger mobile picture
The game is over for Western chip companies, except for the global mobile chip industry leader Qualcomm, says EE Times correspondent Junko Yoshida.
2009-01-16 Analysis: ST keeps Europe IC market afloat
Amidst the turmoil, STMicroelectronics NV is emerging as the most likely beneficiary of Europe's multiyear and now rapidly accelerating restructuring of regional high-tech markets
2008-03-31 Analysis: Sirius-XM merger is good for IC industry
The U.S. Justice Department's approval of the planned Sirius-XM Radio merger is good news for semiconductor suppliers, according to industry watchers.
2009-06-17 Analysis: SiRF's ticket to survival
SiRF Technology Holdings Inc. is not in a good place. The GPS chip supplier faces a declining market for PNDs; increasingly tougher competition for design-wins in mobile handsets; and on-going legal entanglements with Global Locate.
2009-03-06 Analysis: Should NXP file for bankruptcy?
NXP B.V.'s management should begin to consider filing for Chapter 11 bankruptcy reorganization in order to improve its chances for surviving and emerging stronger from a rapidly deteriorating semiconductor market.
2007-06-06 Analysis: Safety apps rev automotive chip market
In its recent study, Strategy Analytics reported that safety applications are the largest growth driver in the automotive chip market.
2008-07-29 Analysis: Ripple effect of Qualcomm-Nokia truce
The announcement of an IP agreement between Qualcomm and Nokia is one that has the industry buzzing, with implications not only for the two companies involved, but also for the IP and wireless communities at large, as well as the consumer.
2013-01-23 Analysis: Reinventing 'big-little'
ARM's big-little days could be numbered should the processor licensor lack initiatives to continuously reinvent its technology.
2009-01-27 Analysis: Qimonda folds, who's next?
Although Qimonda AG's Jan. 23 filing of insolvency does not come as a surprise to the industry, it should serve as a caution that the company may not be the only victim of the ongoing shakeout in the DRAM market.
2009-04-06 Analysis: PV market to tighten in '09
The global photovoltaics (PV) market is set to contract for the first time in 2009 in terms of new installations, according to IMS Research.
2008-10-14 Analysis: Photomask faces market slowdown
For years, there has been an impression that the photomask business model is broken.
2008-10-24 Analysis: NXP strives to survive lashes of economic downfall
NXP Semiconductors officials would be the first to admit that the automotive and multimarket IC vendor is in rather poor shape.
2009-04-01 Analysis: Numonyx braces for stormy 2009
A year after its official inception, Numonyx Inc. continues to move full speed ahead with its charter despite the current downturn and chaos in the supply chain.
2001-01-01 Analysis: NPUs entice but fail to deliver
This news article describes the high demand performance users are looking for in network processors (NPUs).
2009-11-09 Analysis: Nokia Siemens reorg to set industry trend
The cost-cutting measures at Nokia Siemens Networks don't come by surprise and other telecommunication equipment vendors will soon have to implement similar measures.
2009-02-05 Analysis: Motorola draws final card
Another very challenging set of results from Motorola Inc. has set the scene on what must be the embattled firm's last attempt at being a major player in the manufacturing of mobile phones.
2013-05-29 Analysis: More to join ST in FDSOI ecosystem
STMicroelectronics will soon find company in what's currently seen as an empty FDSOI ecosystem as momentum slowly but surely builds up on a global scale.
2008-02-05 Analysis: Mobile biz spinoff could spell the end for Motorola
While Motorola's decision to consider spinning off or selling its mobile unit might have only meant to silence critics of its operations, it sets the company on a path that could eventually break up the entire company.
2009-05-12 Analysis: MIPS-Chipidea not a good mix
MIPS Technologies Inc., which in August 2007 bought Chipidea, a Portuguese analog and mixed-signal IP company, announced May 8 that it has divested its analog business group to Synopsys Inc. in an all-cash transaction for $22 million, effective immediately.
2005-09-01 Analysis: Microsoft moves deeper into VoIP
Its acquisition of VoIP start-up Teleo moves Microsoft deeper into the burgeoning world of Internet communications as the software company said it will combine Teleo's technology with its existing MSN investments in VoIP.
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