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2002-05-09 Broadband test system Model 9650: Frame relay protocol analysis
This application note discusses how Anritsu's test system enables the delivery of a modern solution to pre-qualify and maintain circuits.
2008-04-08 AVS analysis tool aims at China IPTV
An A/V Coding Standard analysis and monitoring solution has been introduced by Agilent Technologies Inc. for its Triple Play Analyzer platform aimed at China IPTVs.
2004-07-13 AutoVue adds PCB manufacturability analysis
Cimmetry Systems' AutoVue, a visualization and collaboration tool, is extending its reach into EDA by adding new PCB design features.
2013-08-19 Auger chemical state analysis for leadframe issues
Read about the use of Auger Electron Spectroscopy chemical state analysis to evaluate the wirebond non-stick on leadframe issue.
2011-04-11 ATS unveils multitest-in-one thermal analysis tool
ATS says its iQ-200 laboratory instrument measures and records temperature, velocity and pressure simultaneously.
2002-07-12 Atrenta, Xilinx enhance software for Virtex FPGA analysis
Atrenta Inc. and Xilinx Inc. have disclosed the added capabilities and Virtex-specific rules for Atrenta's SpyGlass software.
2005-05-09 Atrenta expands RTL analysis and verification
Claiming new capabilities for IC design, Atrenta rolled out "predictive development" tools for RTL analysis and assertion-based verification last week.
2002-05-23 Atrenta adds logical prototyping to analysis tool
Atrenta Inc. has released a new add-on to its SpyGlass IC prototyping tool that it says will help engineers create a logical prototype of their SoC designs.
2011-04-06 ASTER rolls DfT, test coverage analysis tool
ASTER Technologies releases the first tool to provide an integrated workflow for DfT and test coverage analysis.
2007-10-08 ARM tool performs non-intrusive software analysis
ARM has started shipping a tool specifically designed to enable non-intrusive analysis of software performance and code coverage of real system workloads running over minutes, hours or days.
2002-07-23 Applied Precision receives patent for probe card analysis
Applied Precision LLC has received U.S. patent 6,414,477 B1 for the technology embodied in its waferWoRx Probing Process Analysis System.
2004-02-17 Apache, Xilinx analysis tool eyes MGT apps
Apache Design Solutions and Xilinx have released a signal integrity tool that uses the Apache Nspice simulator.
2002-04-05 Ansoft signal-integrity tool has full-wave analysis engine
With a full-wave analysis engine, the SIwave signal-integrity tool generates both frequency- and time-domain results, and analyzes complex PCBs and IC packages consisting of multiple, arbitrarily shaped power and ground layers, and any number of vias and signal traces.
2008-06-10 Analyzer sets new benchmark for RF network analysis
Agilent launched nonlinear vector network analyzer software that is designed to characterize the nonlinear behavior of active devices including high-power amplifiers and frequency doublers.
2009-04-29 Analysis: Winners and losers in Renesas-NEC merger
Renesas Technology Corp. and NEC Electronics Inc. have announced they will merge in a blockbuster deal. If the merger goes through, here are the winners and losers.
2009-10-14 Analysis: Will Tessera's optics venture pay off?
Realizing the need for new engine for growth Tessera ventured into the imaging and optics market in hopes to replicate its success in DRAM IP.
2008-03-07 Analysis: Will semis gain momentum this year?
Factors including tighter inventory controls and a limited economic downturn are expected to keep semiconductor growth positive for the year, according to iSuppli.
2010-08-24 Analysis: Will Intel eventually rely less on chips and more on software?
An analyst sees Intel's acquisition of McAfee as a step down the road to diversification that will find the company eventually relying less on chip sales and more on software and consulting services.
2010-02-16 Analysis: Why Micron bought Numonyx
Micron Technology Inc.'s take over of NOR flash leader Numonyx Holdings B.V. is part of an ongoing diversification strategy by the U.S. memory maker.
2009-03-20 Analysis: Why IBM-Sun merger makes sense
A possible merger of IBM Corp. and Sun Microsystems makes business sense and has significant implications for the Sparc and Power microprocessors as well as Java software.
2005-07-29 Analysis: why did Intel announce new fab?
Intel Corp.'s announcement to build a new 300mm fab has little to do with future PC growth, as the chip giant hinted earlier this week.
2010-03-02 Analysis: Why Atom-based SoCs don't fly
You would think an x86 core would be a hot item for a SoC design but it seems that no one is biting on Intel's offer to sell rights to an Atom core for SoCs made at TSMC.
2008-09-03 Analysis: What's next with the Vishay-IR deal?
The struggle for control of International Rectifier Corp. will either get ugly or fizzle out depending upon how Vishay International Inc. responds to IR's rejection of its $1.6 billion acquisition offer.
2009-11-16 Analysis: What's next after Intel-AMD settlement?
Intel's acceptance of a $1.25 billion settlement deal delivered to AMD what it has always sought: an implicit admission by Intel it had not always played fair in the global chip market.
2009-02-04 Analysis: What's in store for IBM's chip unit?
IBM Corp.'s recent move to implement job cuts within its semiconductor unit follows a dramatic slump in sales, product setbacks and numerous false starts in the sector.
2010-04-23 Analysis: What's behind TSMC's LED venture?
TSMC's foray to the LED market leaves some to wonder if the foundry giant is just looking for new market or making a huge strategic shift by taking a step as an IDM.
2008-02-21 Analysis: What's ahead for HD video after format war?
Toshiba's decision to discontinue its HD DVD business may help move the high-definition video forward, but there is still plenty of work ahead.
2008-06-27 Analysis: What you need to know about Nokia-Symbian deal
Interviews with Nokia and Symbian executives reveal more than a few bumps waiting in the "open" road to the Symbian Foundation. Here are seven things you need to know in order to understand what's behind the Nokia/Symbian deal and what it means for the industry.
2009-02-27 Analysis: What slows down tech innovation?
An increasingly risk averse climate and an overburdened patent system are threatening innovation in electronics, according to Steve Perlman, a serial entrepreneur and one of many speakers at the upcoming Intellectual Property Symposium (IPS).
2008-04-02 Analysis: What investors need from Motorola
Motorola's decision to spin off its unprofitable mobile handset division did not impress investors, and here's why.
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