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2012-01-12 LG, VMWare demo virtualization on Android phone
The solution developed by LG and VMWare would allow people to merge both their work and personal device into one phone.
2013-01-11 Laird releases Android support for radio modules series
The company released Android 2.3 Gingerbread support for its radio modules that support dual-band 802.11n (802.11a/b/g/n) and Bluetooth 2.1.
2010-10-18 Kit eases Android user interface creation
Mentor Graphics Corp. releases a user interface development kit for the Android OS that generates Java interfaces, integrates code, and creates required files automatically.
2010-04-20 Is Android going too fast too soon?
The rapid pace of Android's growth threatens to fragment the platform, according to a new study from IMS Research.
2012-01-19 Intel: Android will run better on our chips
In order to succeed in smartphones this time around, Intel has seemingly gone all out in its effort to throw significant weight behind Android as a platform.
2014-01-14 Intel, Fuhu uncloak Android tablet for kids
Based on Intel's Bay Trail processor, the DreamTab promises fast performance, powerful graphics capabilities, long battery life, and rich, immersive educational and entertainment experiences.
2011-04-21 Intel should ride the Android wave
Intel needs a new smartphone strategy. Rather than try to create a new processor and a new software environment, Intel should follow the lead of its Wind River division and ride the Android wave.
2010-06-16 In-circuit debugger supports Android
Lauterbach GmbH has included support for debugging and profiling of the Android platform to its TRACE32 in-circuit debugger.
2010-12-09 Imagination Tech extends Android support to processors
Imagination Technologies is offering Android support for its META multithreaded processor family, including META connected application platform solutions.
2014-07-17 Imagination develops small, Android-compatible graphics core
Imagination's GPU performs at up to 1GFlops and up to 250MPx/s of peak performance at 250MHz. Additionally, the chip can handle up to 720-progressive video resolution.
2008-12-12 Huawei to launch Android smart phone in 09
Upon announcing its entry into the Open Handset Alliance, Huawei Technologies Co. Ltd also revealed its plan to launch smart phones based on the Android platform next year.
2013-11-05 Hillcrest unveils sensor hubs for Android 4.3
The SH-1 features the firm's Freespace sensor fusion, gesture recognition and context-aware algorithms that come pre-integrated with Atmel's SAM D20 ARM Cortex M0+ based MCU.
2013-07-10 Guide to porting Android on embedded platforms
Find out how to port the Android distribution of the open source Linux OS to your embedded design in four easy steps.
2008-10-29 GooglePhone responds to Android's aspirations
Smart phones are again the talk of the town. This time it's the T-Mobile G1, a distinctly un-Apple, un-iPhone-like slider. Is the new "GooglePhone" a true revolution or simply a creative reuse?
2009-04-20 Google's Android gets an upgrade
Developers got their first look at an upgrade to the Android environment as the Open Handset Alliance made available for download what it called an early version of a software developer kit for Android 1.5 sporting a host of generally small but significant new features.
2007-11-08 Google's 'Android' platform is no threat, says rivals
It was a unanimous reaction from rival mobile software makers: Google's entry into the mobile phone segment will propel the market for mobile Internet services.
2011-05-12 Google updates Android, makes it more universal
Google is on its way to launch a new Android version encompassing different environments of its previous Android releases.
2014-11-19 Google taps Indonesian phone makers to offer Android One
Google is in talks with some local smartphone makers in Indonesia to bring the Android One phone to the country and reach its wide market.
2015-02-06 Google reveals slow Android 5.0 Lollipop adoption
The Lollipop version first came out several months ago, but the Android update is still a work in progress. Its improved security features have yet to impress consumers.
2015-06-01 Google pulls the curtain aside for Android M
The latest software from Google is geared to bridge multiple devices, especially IoT-enabled ones, promising a smooth, intuitive mobile experience, and also supports NFC-based Android Pay.
2015-11-10 Google lightly treads new waters leading to Android chip
Rumours are going around that Google held discussions with silicon vendors about co-developing chip designs, including a phone's main processor to make significant headway in Android OS.
2014-03-20 Google enters smartwatch territory with Android Wear
With the launch of Android Wear Developer Preview, Google's OS platform is expected to inspire broader experimentation for the wearables market.
2014-09-02 From hand to wrist: Android advances to smartwatches
Android Wear, the smartwatch version of Google's Android is designed to make the OS easy to use on the move by boiling down messages to a format users can absorb at a glance.
2009-04-27 Firms give MIPS processor Android boost
Open source developer Embedded Alley and RMI Corp. have partnered to port the Android OS to RMI's MIPS-based Au1250 processor.
2011-08-08 Fingerprint sensor SDK targets Android phones
AuthenTec's SDK enables the creation of custom applications around smart sensor features such as fingerprint authentication, mobile payment security and user personalization.
2006-05-08 Female android recognizes 400 Korean words
South Korea debuted an android featuring a woman's body and capable of expressing human emotions, following movements and communicating in Korean.
2010-04-27 eSOL helps extend Android reach beyond handsets
eSOL Co. Ltd has released eSOL for Android platform, a one-stop development of embedded systems designs using the Google open source platform.
2012-03-21 EEMBC releases open source Android benchmark
The new open source benchmark aims to give engineers and end users a way to measure the performance of Android-based systems.
2014-02-19 DSP audio tunnelling extends Android device battery life
The DSP audio tunnelling in Android 4.4 is available with Nexus 5 phones in the DSP block, cutting audio processing power by up to 14X.
2011-04-05 Digitimes: Google, ARM in talks over Android standardization
Google is reportedly eyeing to standardize its Android OS for an ARM-based chipset in an attempt to use a more disciplined approach to the Android development and resist fragmentation.
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