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2015-01-14 Debug software apps for Android-based designs
Here's a look at the process of debugging software applications on Android-based mobile and Internet of Things devices by using the Universal Serial Bus to access the Android Debug Bridge.
2011-09-23 Converting 3-axis directions in Android system
Know how the coordinate system on Android is defined, and how to convert the 3-axis directions on the driver code within the Android system.
2014-04-22 Communication between MQX RTCS, Android OS
Learn about MQX RTCS ability to communicate with an Android OS application, which is running on a smartphone.
2015-03-18 China-made smartphones speak in forked Android
Chinese smartphone vendors used to worry about Google's dominance on the smartphone operating system. But not so much anymore, as the fragmentation in Android becomes widespread.
2013-01-14 CES 2013's Android connection
The Android OS may have been designed primarily for mobile devices but it has since crossed over to other realms of consumer electronics as evidenced during CES 2013.
2011-02-14 Broadcom chip brings Android, graphics to cheaper smart phones
Broadcom's BCM21654 HSPA processor is a 3G baseband processor that integrates an ARM Cortex A9 processor with high-end 3D graphics support and advanced processing for mass-market Android handsets.
2014-12-04 Basics of USB device dev't using Android framework
Learn about the various USB APIs that the Android framework exports in order to assist an application developer in managing the USB functionality of an Android device.
2009-08-11 Are you ready for high-def Android?
MIPS Technologies and one of its partners are working on extensions to the Android OS to support high-definition video displays.
2010-10-11 Apple iOS, Android driving enterprise mobility
Good Technology says enterprises flocking to iOS, Android devices
2014-06-27 Android-powered wearable devices compared
Samsung and LG unveiled their first devices using Android Wear, the platform for wearable devices developed by Google. The two devices have some differences that are worth noting.
2008-09-23 Android-powered smart phones ready for launch
Google's Android OS will account for 4 percent of all smart phones sold in the United States during the Q4 08, according to market research group Strategy Analytics.
2013-05-20 Android, iOS retain mobile OS market share lead
The combined Android and iOS shipments for the first quarter of 2013 topped 92.3 per cent; Nokia posts biggest YoY gains.
2011-07-01 Android, iOS offer improved security, but issues remain
Symantec reported that Apple and Google's mobile platforms are more secure than PCs, but still lacking in cyber-attack protection.
2015-03-02 Android, iOS lead platform market race
In 2014, Google's Android and Apple's iOS swallowed a combined 96.3 per cent of the smartphone market share while Microsoft and BlackBerry had a combined 2.11 per cent.
2011-09-15 Android x86-enabled phones to roll by 2012
Intel's CEO stated that android phones will ship next year using the company's x86 chips.
2011-04-06 Android to stay architecture-neutral, says MIPS
MIPS claims Google's Android anti-fragmentation moves are architecture-neutral and proof of this is the Android Native Development Kit available for each processor architecture that supports the OS.
2011-08-17 Android tablets bite 20% from iPad's share
Worldwide annual media tablet shipments are seen to exceed 120 million units in 2015, and for the last year, Android tablets have been eroding the market share of iPad.
2012-09-27 Android tablet wars putting the pressure on Rockchip
Rockchip faces stiff competition from multinational chip companies like Samsung Electronics and Taiwanese behemoth MediaTek.
2012-09-14 Android smartphone shipments to reach 1B in 2013
IHS revealed that worldwide annual unit shipments of Android phones will rise to 451 million in 2013, up from 357 million this year.
2012-08-01 Android smartphone market share in US drops to 56% in 2Q12
An analyst noted that Android remains the number one platform by volume in the U.S., but its market share is approaching a peak and Apple iOS has been gaining ground.
2011-05-16 Android rules Q1 smartphone market with 35% share
Leading the smartphone market for the second quarter running, Android accounted for 35.7 million units of the 101 million units shipped in 1Q 2011 to grab a 35 percent market share.
2010-04-06 Android ready to go beyond smart phones
The ESC-Silicon Valley conference is expected to boost the effort driving Google's Android software into a wide range of embedded systems beyond the smart phone.
2011-02-28 Android predicted to eclipse Nokia
Smartphones' 2010 shipments are up 71 percent from the previous year. As Android-based phone makers' market share soared to 24 percent, Nokia's share dropped to 33 percent.
2012-02-22 Android platform for entry, midlevel smartphones
MediaTek's MT6575 offers a 1GHz ARM Cortex-A9 processor, 3G/HSPA modem and the latest Ice Cream Sandwich Android.
2010-08-06 Android phone shipments up 886% year-on-year in Q2 2010
The worldwide smart phone market grew by 64 percent annually in Q2 2010, driven in part by the growth of Android device shipments by a range of vendors.
2009-05-13 Android phone market to enjoy 900% boom in '09
Shipments of smart phones running on the Android OS is expected to grow 900 percent in 2009, with strong support from operators, vendors and developers driving the uptake, according to Strategy Analytics.
2011-01-17 Android OS supports configurable processor
Synopsys reveals that Android OS (v2.2 FroYo) support for its DesignWare ARC 750D processor addresses the needs of low-power, cost-sensitive portable and consumer applications.
2014-07-11 Android open source project port targets ARMv8 architecture
The Linaro ARMv8-A reference software stack combined with the ARM Development Platform (ADP) provides the ARM ecosystem with a foundation to accelerate 64bit Android availability on silicon.
2008-10-23 Android now ready as open-source software
The Open Handset Alliance has launched for download the open source code of Google's Android mobile handset software.
2012-08-29 Android may face darker days ahead in wake of Apple's win
With an arsenal of court backed arguments, Apple now holds a legal edge over its Android based competition.
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