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2007-04-17 VisualDSP++ flash programmer API for Blackfin processors
VisualDSP++ features an additional set of API functions that facilitate the uploading (burning) of executable code and data image files into flash memory. Using the new API functions, application images can be programmed into flash, and flash contents can be filled or erase.
2001-06-18 Using the Chariot TCL API to create a Chariot test
This application note is intended to demonstrate how easy it is to create a Chariot test using the Chariot TCL API (Tool Command Language Application Programming Interface) and to begin the process of fully automating the testing tasks.
2001-05-01 The need for an EDA API
There are a lot of skepticism with Cadence's IE (Integration Ensemble) tool-with capabilities that include floorplanning, RTL synthesis, placement, routing, extraction and analysis. The arguments for a single tool that encompasses all these features are compelling, but will the tools live up to engineer's expectations?
2003-06-17 Standards group to define storage management API
A standards group has kicked off work on an effort to define an application programming interface for management software running on a storage switch.
2002-12-20 SHA iButton API Overview
This application note provides an overview for implementing applications of digital identification and transactions using SHA iButtons.
2005-11-09 Rogers displays new lines of adhesiveless, API circuit materials
Rogers Corp. disclosed that it will showcase its two new lines of 2L-FCCL adhesiveless at next week's Productronica in Germany
2016-03-14 Platform defines common API for stabilised IoT operations
Fujitsu's new software platform enables the centralised and stable management of operating status for sensors, devices, and gateways, as well as the condition of the network that connects them.
2010-06-07 Partners push hardware-independent NFC API for Android
STMicroelectronics, NXP, Trusted Logic and Stollmann have joined forces to promote a common hardware-independent API for NFC applications on mobile phones and other devices running Android.
2007-08-10 NXP chipset supports Nagravision open access API
NXP Semiconductors has achieved NOCS certification from Nagravision, an independent supplier of open conditional access systems, on its PNX8330 chipset.
2011-04-15 New API standard in the works for advanced input devices
The new standard will support a general-purpose framework for handling advanced sensors and traditional input devices.
2015-04-30 Nanotron unveils location-aware radio modules, swarm API
Offering significant extensions, the swarm API version 2.1 from Nanotron supports the ability to extract precise individual positions from a completely mobile swarm of radio devices in real-time.
2011-07-28 Multicore Association to release task management API
The Multicore Association is planning to release a task management API that will simplify parallel programming for embedded systems developers.
2011-09-23 Learn about APIdeology: Best practices in API devt
Understand why it is important to design concise, extensible interfaces that can be adapted to survive in an evolving hardware/software ecosystem.
2010-05-18 Image processing API for the i.MX platform
This application note provides information about the image processing API for the i.MX platform. Image processing is a form of signal processing.
2004-06-01 Extending Java with 3D API
To fill what plug-ins lack, JavaSoft and a cooperative industry contingent have extended Java with 3D APIs.
2002-12-20 DS1963S SHA 1-Wire API Users Guide
This application note is designed to familiarize 1-Wire software developers with the APIs for producing secure SHA applications.
2008-12-05 Debug API spec for Power Architecture released has released Version 1.0 of its common debug API specification, which is designed to simplify the debugging process by establishing common ground in communication protocols between development tools and embedded devices.
2004-10-22 Cypress provides common control-plane API
Cypress announced the production release of its Cynapse Software Platform, providing networking vendors with a common control-plane API.
2008-03-25 Cable tester has API for control via external programs
CAMI Research has added an API software library to its Cable Eye cable and wire harness tester that enables control of the tester by an external program.
2006-10-09 ARM seeks help defining mobile security API
ARM has asked mobile chipmakers to help define the next-generation API for its TrustZone extensions to the ARM core.
2010-11-09 API, IQT work on low-cost terahertz device for security apps
API, IQT to join forces to develop affordable terahertz anomaly detection device
2011-10-07 API specs enable power efficient 4G phones
OpenET Alliance has announced its envelope tracking interface to develop 4G handsets that require 30-50 percent less energy.
2011-03-30 API specs enable new femtocell apps
The new specs allow operators to drive the development of femtocell-powered open access, enterprise and consumer apps, and take advantage of the lower cost and faster data connections enabled by femtocells.
2003-04-09 API receives ISO 9001, AS9100:2001certifications
API Electronics Inc. has obtained ISO 9001:2000 and AS9100:2001 certifications for the design and manufacture of its electronic components.
2002-11-28 API offers hybridized detector array
Advanced Photonix Inc. has introduced a hybridized linear photodiode array that delivers improved spatial resolution compared to conventional products.
2004-12-24 API gets hold of optoelectronic manufacturer
Advanced Photonix Inc. (API) has acquired the outstanding capital stock of Photonic Detectors Inc. (PDI).
2011-05-11 78M6612 M-API library user guide
Read about the Metrology Application Programming Interface version 2.00 firmware libraries available from Teridian for use with the 78M6612 IC.
2006-02-16 Writing drivers for touchscreen interface hardware
Here's a step-by-step design guide that leads you through the hardware and software required to make touchscreens work the first time.
2010-05-25 Wrapper in Matlab for the STEVAL-MKI062V1
This application note provides information on the use of the API of the iNEMO software development kit (SDK), which provides easy-to-use function calls to obtain data from the sensors or to change settings.
2012-12-19 Virtual prototype for Android HW-SW dev't (Part 3)
Know how to combine the use of the Synopsys VDK with Android's Hardware Abstraction Layer to aid in integrating the sensor further up the device software stack.
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