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2004-02-05 Wireless PDA application testbed debuts
Handheld devices are becoming more popular than PCs. In particular, application-rich smart phones, or wireless PDAs, have been gradually replacing voice application mobile phones
2006-06-16 TI unveils DaVinci-based development kit
TI's new digital video software development kit provides designers greater access to its DaVinci video technology
2007-04-11 Starter kit eases multimedia device development
To streamline the development of wireless/multimedia devices based on TI's OMAP2430 application processor, real-time embedded solutions provider Mistral Software unveiled the OMAP2430 Starter Kit.
2007-10-18 ST intros 'fun' development tool for ARM-based MCUs
ST has released a self-contained, entertaining and low-cost development package for the recently announced STM32 flash MCU family, based on the breakthrough ARM Cortex-M3 core
2011-08-17 Software targets ANSI C development
NI's LabWindows/CVI 2010 Service Pack 1 targets ANSI C programmers who are developing software for collecting, analyzing and presenting data or controlling instruments.
2006-03-16 Raisonance development tool supports ST's MCUs
STMicroelectronics announced a low-cost application development tool, which enables debugging and programming across a complete range of ST's 8bit to 32bit MCU families.
2010-09-13 PLC development kit jumpstarts smart grid development
Texas Instruments Inc. releases a PLC development kit based on the company's PLC modem solution that can support multiple modulation and protocol standards on a single hardware platform
2003-09-18 Metrowerks analysis tool simplifies PlayStation2 development
Metrowerks Corp. claims to have simplified and improved application development for PlayStation2 developers with the launch of CodeWarrior Analysis Tools (CATS) with Zero Intrusion Profiling (ZIP) technology for the Sony Computer Entertainment Performance Analyzer (PA).
2008-01-23 MC9RS08KA application hints
This application note by Murray Stewart discusses the use of MCUs, focusing on Freescale's MC9RS08KA. Techniques and hints presented are aimed at avoiding EMI, noise, and marginal designs that may disturb circuit operation and cause system malfunctions
2004-03-01 Market study bares embedded systems development trends
According to Venture Development Corp., the market for embedded OSs would reach over $1 billion by 2007, with Asia-Pacific leading the growth trend
2005-03-11 Hardware, APIs, libraries optimize fast data-acq development platform
Pentek is rolling out its RTS2503 development platform, and SystemFlow API and libraries
2010-07-30 Graphical development tool eases prototyping
The C6EZFlo graphical software development tool simplifies and speeds application development by enabling developers to easily generate prototype software on TI DSPs.
2006-07-03 FSMLabs development kit supports Freescale SoCs
FSMLabs announced support for developing real-time applications on Freescale Semiconductor's PowerQUICC III communications processors containing a PowerPC core.
2005-07-07 Freescale, Virtio partner to speed up handset development time
Freescale and Virtio disclosed that they have partnered to reduce handset development time by providing handset manufacturers with the ability to develop and test their software without waiting for hardware availability
2004-08-23 Ember platform passes NTS standard for ZigBee development
Boston-based Ember Corp.'s wireless mesh networking semiconductor system has passed qualification testing to become National Technical Systems' (NTS) standard to evaluate IEEE 802.15.4 ZigBee-ready products.
2014-03-28 Embedded Web app server development (Part 2
Find out how web application servers are set up and know how to implement this optimal solution
2014-03-19 Embedded Web app server development (Part 1
Discover how application servers, script pages and synchronous JavaScript technologies combine to provide an optimal approach
2006-08-01 Eclipse-based development tools go full circle
With the launch of the Eclipse platform, one of the most effective projects in the history of the free software movement revolutionized the industry.
2010-12-20 Development tool supports boot code, kernel, driver, app dev for ARM Linux
ARM Development Studio 5 (DS-5) v5.3 and DS-5 Linux Edition is said to accelerate Linux and Android native code development
2007-05-21 Development tool features cryptographic algorithms
Atmel's AT88SC-DK1 development kit for their CryptoMemory simplifies the application development process by providing a library which implements host cryptographic operations required for secure communication with CryptoMemory devices.
2010-10-12 Cloud computing, mobile drive app development, says IBM
Survey indicates IT professionals anticipating rise in application development revenues from mobile and cloud computing
2007-06-22 Boundary-scan development software adds functions
JTAG Technologies releases its latest offering for the boundary-scan industry with another release of its flagship development tool, JTAG ProVision
2013-08-29 Application of Qorivva Boot Assist Module
Learn about the Boot Assist Module, an alternative to custom boot loader software.
2011-11-09 Application development with MIFARE SAM
Here's an application note that provides information on the support items for application development using MIFARE SAM AV2.
2007-06-12 Application development for IRMCF/K300 series motor control IC
The 8051 microprocessor, included in the IRMCF/K300 series of motion control ICs, can be used to implement a large variety of control and protection functions for motor control applications.
2005-10-10 Application dev't package helps build FPGA-based computers
DIMEtalk 3, the latest version of Nallatech Inc.'s application development environment for FPGA-based computing, is said to build on the ease-of-use qualities of previous versions.
2007-10-30 Apple sets up iPhone software development center
Apple has finally established an iPhone development center to spur software developers to create application programs.
2010-08-10 73S1215F, 73S1217F device firmware upgrade host driver/application development user's guide
This application note describes the Teridian USB (DFU class) interface
2005-12-19 ZigBee development kit supports custom code
MaxStream announced a new version of the XBee development kit that offers OEMs and systems integrators the ability to load their own code to the MaxStream's XBee and XBee-PRO RF module's processor
2006-07-26 Winbond's 32bit solution cuts product development time
Winbond has launched the integrated general 32bit single-chip W90P710 and W90N745, and a comprehensive development proposal to reduce product development time of system houses
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