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What are application notes?
Application notes refer to instuctions and recommendations from the vendor provided in addition to the normal reference manuals.
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2000-12-11 Application hints on ON Semiconductor's MC34280
This application note explains the operation of PFM boost regulator inside the MC34280 by mathematical derivation. Additionally, a collection of application hints is included to easily remedy the potential problems when using the device.
2003-08-15 Application hints for the MT90840
This application note provides some hints on how to use the MT90840 device when implementing an add/drop, switching or multiplexing functions for 155Mbps transport backbones.
2011-11-11 Application guidelines for UBA3077HN LED driver
Here are application guidelines for a 3-channel LED boost mode driver for lighting and LCD backlighting applications
2002-02-25 Application guidelines for on-board power converters
This application note addresses fundamental design requirements for the application of new high-power, on-board converters.
2008-08-29 Application guide hyNet S based IP camera
The demanding requirements of IP-cameras perfectly exploit the Hyperstone unified RISC and DSP architecture.
2011-11-09 Application development with MIFARE SAM
Here's an application note that provides information on the support items for application development using MIFARE SAM AV2.
2003-05-28 Application Data, Ceramic Disc Capacitors 1pF to 0.1?F
This application note describes the application data for the company's ceramic disc capacitors with values ranging from 1pF to 0.1?F.
2003-06-30 Application Characterization of IGBTs
This application note discusses some of the major issues normally encountered in the design of an IGBT power conditioning circuit.
2002-12-19 Application and product description of the TDA6107Q-N1 video output amplifier
This application note gives the device description of the TDA6107Q-N1 RGB video output amplifier and provides the user with basic hints to obtain an optimal performance in the application.
2003-08-15 Application and operation of the MT90224 TDM ring
This application note discusses the application and operation of TDM ring.
2002-09-25 Application Advantages of Monolithic Fully Signal Conditioned Pressure Sensors
This application note describes advantages and applications of monolithic, fully signal-conditioned pressure sensors.
2001-10-09 AlGaN/GaN transistor application notes: Surface morphology
This application note describes the typical surface morphology of RF Nitro's AlGaN/GaN transistor structures grown on SiC or sapphire.
2001-10-09 AlGaN/GaN transistor application notes: Summary of physical parameters
This application note shows a tabular summary of the physical parameters of AlGaN/GaN semiconductor crystals.
2001-10-09 AlGaN/GaN transistor application notes: Substrate selection
This application note describes the available substrate materials that can be used for GaN epitaxial growth. Features and characteristics of substrate types are given importance to guide users for right material selection.
2001-10-08 AlGaN/GaN transistor application notes: Insulating GaN buffer layers
This application note explains RF Nitro's technique in insulating GaN films that is required for high-performance transistor applications.
2009-05-26 Agilent P-Series Power Meter/Sensor LTE Measurement Application
This application note explains how to generate the LTE-TDD signal using Agilent Signal Studio software. A step-by-step demonstration guide shows how to use the P-Series power meter/sensor to measure burst signal (power vs. time) and CCDF measurement of a LTE-TDD signal.
2002-11-13 Advantages using a MicroMonitor and a simple application demonstrating the use of a DS1232
This application note outlines the advantages of using a MicroMonitor IC in a microprocessor system and demonstrates the use of the DS1232.
2013-12-18 ADC FIFO application on S08P MCUs
Learn how to utilise FIFO of ADC module on S08P family. Demo code is provided.
2009-11-20 AAT1239-1 enhanced efficiency application solution
This application note discusses how to select external components for the AAT1239-1 and enhance its efficiency based on power loss analysis in Li-ion battery applications.
2001-10-01 A very low-cost and powerful solution for V.23 application: TS7514
This application note describes the different functions and internal possibilities included in the TS7514 FSK voiceband modem chip, such as DTMF dialing, integrated duplexer, tone and ring detection and transmit and receive channel programming.
2000-06-22 A guide to using field programmable gate arrays (FPGAs) for application-specific digital signal processing performance
This application note describes the benefits of using an FPGA as a DSP coprocessor, as well as, a stand-alone DSP engine. Two case studies, a Viterbi decoder and a 16-Tap FIR filter are used to illustrate how the FPGA can radically accelerate system performance and reduce component count in a DSP application.
2000-12-13 A group listening-in application for the MC33215
This application note describes a mode for group listening-in operation for the MC33215 telephone IC for use in fully electronic telephone sets with both handset and hands-free operation.
2001-06-08 A compendium of application circuits for Xicor's digitally-controlled (XDCP) potentiometers
This application note lists a number of application circuits for Xicor's digitally controlled potentiometers.
2010-08-10 73S1215F, 73S1217F device firmware upgrade host driver/application development user's guide
This application note describes the Teridian USB (DFU class) interface.
2003-05-27 36W TLD application with UBA2014
This application note describes a typical integrated 36W TLD application using a UBA2014 integrated half bridge driver IC.
2003-06-28 1.8 Volt Intel StrataFlash Wireless Memory with 3-Volt I/O to Intel PXA250 Application Processor Guide
This application note covers interfacing the 1.8 Volt StrataFlash Wireless Memory with 3 Volt I/O (L30) device to the Intel PXA250 Applications Processor, and discusses some general concepts involved when interfacing to the integrated features and control signals of the L30 device.
2005-06-13 SHDSL AFE1230 application
This app note discusses the SHDSL AFE1230 application.
2004-12-14 Servo motor control application on a local interconnect network (LIN
This app note shows one way to implement a closed-loop control position servo motor application which utilizes the local interconnect network (LIN) to allow a series of similar motors to be connected together and controlled from a central LIN master controller.
2004-12-10 Memory interface application notes overview
This app note provides an overview of all Xilinx memory interface application notes that support Virtex series FPGAs.
2016-03-02 Imagination reveals application thrust with products
Speaking to EE Times China at their summit in Shanghai, Imagination Technologies' executives shared their perspective of application trends and how they aim to address those trends with their products
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