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2005-10-27 China's ZTE accesses Agere net processors
Agere Systems has scored another major win for its Advanced Payload Plus 300 range of network processors, with ZTE Corporation, China's largest listed telecoms equipment maker, using the part in its next generation of DSLAM platfortms
2007-01-16 Cell processors rev OPC in nm designs
Nanometer chip design is becoming so compute-intensive that it needs supercomputer-like capability, according to Mentor Graphics Corp. and Mercury Computer Systems Inc.
2007-08-15 Cavium rolls multicore storage services processors
Cavium Networks has introduced the Octeon MIPS64 multicore storage services processor, which integrate 2-12 MIPS64 cores, RAID hardware acceleration and RAS features.
2005-01-19 Cavium processors add Nitrox security engine
Cavium Networks has added its own Nitrox security engine to two versions of the Nitrox Soho security-processor family.
2013-12-16 Cadence's embedded processors go mano-a-mano
The Tensilica and Synopsys ARC can have as many as 30 controller cores outside the main CPU, handling data movement and signal processing with higher clock rates and higher memory bandwidth.
2006-05-18 Cadence extends flow support for ARM processors
Cadence Design Systems has expanded its Reference Methodology flow support of ARM processors to include the new Cortex-R4 processor
2007-04-17 Building complex VDK/LwIP applications using Blackfin processors
The LwIP stack on Blackfin processors can be used to develop an embedded networking application in combination with an audio/video or an industrial automation/control application. LwIP is an attractive utility that allows you to quickly port a standalone embedded application to a networked embedded application
2008-06-03 Build video surveillance products with DaVinci processors
In the rapidly expanding video surveillance space, customers are demanding higher resolution, more channels and computationally hungry analyticsall at lower cost and power. In this article, HikVision explains how it built video surveillance products using TI's DaVinci processors
2005-11-01 Bridging device connects PCIe-based host processors to ASI fabrics
Kestrel, the latest member of StarGen's AXSys switching and software product family, is a PCI Express to Advanced Switching Interconnect bridge designed to connect PCIe-based host processors to ASI fabrics
2003-07-31 Bitboys releases family of graphics processors
Targeted for use in mobile and embedded devices, Bitboys has released the Acceleon family of graphics processors
2006-02-22 austriamicro supplies audio processors for XM Radio portables
austriamicrosystems is supplying its AS3525 and AS3524 audio processors for XM Satellite Radio's new line of portable satellite radio devices
2005-12-29 Audio processors tout ease of use
Analog Devices expanded its SigmaDSP digital audio processor family with three products tailored for advanced television and audio systems.
2013-08-14 Audio processors ease Dolby MS10/MS11 device development
The MS11 Multistream Decoder provides television and set-top box manufacturers with a single-package technology solution for decoding all premium audio formats.
2007-09-10 ATX motherboard supports two quad processors
ITOX announced the introduction of the G7B630-NRM-G motherboard supporting Intel Core 2 Quad processors and specifically for embedded applications requiring a stable revision-controlled platform.
2008-05-28 Atmel, Industrial Software extend Java support for processors
Atmel Corp. and Industrial Software Technology S.A. have collaborated on integrated solutions to design Java applications for embedded systems
2015-03-27 ASIP Designer tool cuts design time for ASIC processors
The ASIP Designer's language-based approach allows the automatic generation of synthesisable RTL and SDKs from a single input specification, speeding the processor design and verification effort.
2008-10-08 ARMv8 instruction set to comply with future processors
ARM Holdings is developing a better instruction set architecture that will serve as the basis for the next set of processor cores.
2014-07-01 ARM-based processors support industrial connectivity
The Sitara AM437x processor family from TI offers support for industrial protocols for both automation and industrial drives, and features dual camera for data terminals with bar code scanning.
2012-11-02 ARM reveals its latest line of 64bit big-little processors
The next generation of "big-little" processors have been unveiled by ARM. The company also revealed the six partners who will help them implement the technology
2002-10-11 ARM processors to include Virage memory
Virage Logic Corp. has entered into an agreement with ARM Ltd, in which Virage's Area, Speed and Power (ASAP) embedded SRAM memory will be integrated into ARM cores.
2003-03-27 ARM core to support Conexant home network processors
ARM Ltd has licensed its ARM926EJ-S embedded processor core to Conexant Systems Inc.
2009-06-17 Apps modules roll for multicore processors
Freescale Semiconductor has released a set of applications modules for its embedded multicore processors in an effort to reduce the amount of parallel software its OEM customers need to develop.
2003-08-15 Applications of the MT922x0 VoIP/VoATM processors
This application note discusses the various applications of the MT922x0 series of VoIP/VoATM processors.
2014-12-04 App processors offer better sound, image data-mining
The TZ2100 group from Toshiba can operate at a maximum frequency at 600MHz, a rate supporting high speed processing, and are geared for embedded devices and industrial equipment.
2008-09-19 Analysis: Communications processors to hit dead end
The era of the communications processor is winding down as designers increasingly turn to multicore processors to perform these functions
2004-09-06 AMIS licenses ARM7 family processors
AMI Semiconductor Inc. (AMIS) has licensed two ARM7 family processors to develop industry-specific solutions that will help improve driver information, in-car entertainment, body electronics and passenger safety
2004-08-03 AMD unveils processors for home market
AMD has introduced a line of desktop and mobile processors designated the Sempron series
2007-02-21 AMD unveils processors for embedded market
AMD announced the release of its AMD Geode LX900@1.5W processor and the addition of its second-generation AMD Opteron processors and AMD Athlon 64 X2 dual-core processors to the AMD64 Longevity Program
2007-07-09 AMD to ship quad-core Barcelona processors in August
Advanced Micro Devices Inc.'s quad-core Opteron processors, code-named Barcelona, are planned for shipment in both standard and low-power versions at launch later this year
2008-03-18 AMD ships triple-core Phenom processors
Triple-core Phenom desktop processors are now being shipped to OEMs and system builders by Advanced Micro Devices. Initial products in the triple-core lineup, formerly codenamed Toliman, include a 2.1GHz 8450, 2.3GHz 8650, and the 2.4GHz 8750
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