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What is ASSP (Application-Specific Standard Part)?
A complex integrated circuit designed to perform a narrowly defined task such as video compression, sound generation, or telephone modem telephony.
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2000-09-07 Z86C17 in-mouse applications
This application note explains and illustrates Microsoft's standard two-button, three-byte standard of mouse communications, the use of a 100ppi optomechanical mouse and serial communication through an RS232 port.
1999-12-03 XA applications: new horizons for 16bit embedded control
The cost efficiencies, added functionality and time to market advantages that the 16-bit ?C XA provides will help you achieve the requisite balance of price/performance in what continues to be a highly competitive, cost-conscious marketplace.
2006-05-16 Writing good C++ code for embedded applications
Embedded-software technology appears to lag behind new trends. Colin Walls enumerates the dos and don'ts for writing a good C++ code for embedded apps.
2007-09-13 Wirewound resistors target 10-1,300W applications
Stackpole Electronics has introduced the ETW series of large tubular non-flammable high-power wirewound resistors for applications ranging from 10W to 1,300W.
2001-07-03 Windows NT And Windows 2000 For Real-Time Applications
This paper discusses the combination of Windows NT/2000 and RTX (Real-Time Extension to Windows NT/2000) as a suitable platform for real-time embedded systems.
2007-04-25 WiMAX front-end module targets 4G applications
JMD has launched the M30001 WiMAX front-end module intended for 4G multimode, multiband applications.
2002-10-17 Wide Bus Applications Using Parallel BLVS SerDes Devices
This application note will show how to use the serializer and deserializer delay parameters to determine the timing constraints at the client receiver parallel interface when using serdes in parallel.
2012-08-01 WFX2 radio transceiver module ready for varied applications
Fast-switching wireless link for industrial and commercial applications with a usable range of over 5km.
2014-06-17 Vision-based AI boosts surveillance applications
Cost, performance and power consumption advances are now paving the way for the proliferation of embedded vision into diverse surveillance applications.
2014-09-26 Vision in wearables: Broader applications, functions
Vision processing can now take place right on your wrist or your face at price points that enable adoption by the masses. This article tackles a key factor in this burgeoning technology success story.
2009-04-30 Video streaming on the i.MX27 multimedia applications processor
This application note discusses the steps for performing digital video streaming on the i.MX27 multimedia applications processor. It also presents an overview about the usage of Gstreamer on the i.MX27 processor.
2007-10-31 Video content analysis is essential in security and surveillance applications
Video content analysis, also known as video analytics, electronically recognizes the significant features within a series of frames and allows systems to issue alerts when specific types of events occur, speeding real-time security response.
2002-03-20 VIA sets eyes on mobile phone applications
In a bid to move into the mobile phone market, VIA, the Taiwan-based PC chipset vendor, has began to put its effort on the development of mobile phone chipsets since the second half of last year.
2007-02-20 VGA camera chip suits ultrathin applications
The new CMOS image sensor from OmniVision brings to the market a cost-efficient, ultrathin camera module solution designed for entry-level camera phones, secondary cameras for 3G handsets and integrated notebook cameras.
2002-10-24 VCO designs for wireless handset and CATV set-top applications
This application note describes Alpha Industries' products and services for wireless handset and CATV set-top applications.
2001-04-19 Varactor SPICE models for RF VCO applications
This application note discusses a varactor equivalent circuit model for RF VCO applications.
2002-09-20 Varactor spice models for RF VCO applications
This application note describes the varactor parameter models for RF VCO applications.
2000-03-04 Vanguard applications Ware IP and LAN feature protocols
This application note provides a summary of key features and protocols available on Motorola's IP Applications Ware platform, which supports a wide option of LAN and IP functionality.
2009-05-12 Vacuum fluorescent display (VFD) reference design for automotive applications
This application note describes a vacuum fluorescent display (VFD) and some ideal applications for the technology. The reference design shows how to use a MAX15005 power-supply controller in a flyback topology to obtain multiple output voltages for a vacuum fluorescent display.
2015-07-21 Utilising FRAMs in automotive applications
FRAMs can be used for nonvolatile data logging in most automotive sub systems. This technical article discusses the use of FRAM in Automotive Event Data Recorders.
2001-06-11 Using Xicor digitally controlled potentiometers in commercial RF power amplifier applications
This application note describes how to implement Xicor's digitally controlled potentiometers in commercial RF power amplifier applications.
2001-05-28 Using the PRISM chipset for low data rate applications
This application note describes how to implement Intersil's PRISM chipset for low data rate applications (below 250kbps).
2004-05-27 Using the PE3291 in CDMA applications
This app note presents the PE3291 fractional-N PLL in CDMA cellular wireless applications.
2004-05-27 Using the PE3291 fractional-N PLL in narrow-band/paging applications
This app note presents the PE3291 fractional-N PLL in narrow-band/paging applications.
2008-08-21 Using the MIPS32 M4K processor core SRAM interface in microcontroller applications
There are several features of the MIPS32 M4K core that make it well suited for use in the MCU application space. This paper will address one of those features: the SRAM interface, which is a standard feature of the MIPS32 M4K core.
2010-06-23 Using the MCP4728 12bit DAC for LDMOS amplifier bias control applications
The DAC is favourably used in the bias control circuit for the base station power amplifier module. In practical applications, the bias control circuit maintains the IDQ within a 4 percent range. This application note shows an example of how the DAC converter is used for this purpose.
2007-04-23 Using the MAXQ3120 in codec applications
In this article, the A/D channels of the MAXQ3120 and an external DAC are used to encode and decode speech in standard ?-law and A-law format, which leaves a significant amount of processing horsepower available to perform other telecom-related functions.
2003-03-03 Using the LIN bus in household applications
Utilizing the LIN bus saves money by abolishing the need for multiple program modules and multiple wires; testing and debugging can also be performed via the LIN bus, thereby saving even more money for the manufacturer and consumer.
2009-05-22 Using the HT46F47E in digital photoframe backlight applications
Digital photo frames displays are TFT LCD types. Because the crystals inherently cannot emit illumination, a background illumination source is required, for which most types use an LED flat panel. The HT46F47E demo board can demonstrate two modes of LCD panel LED background lighting.
2009-05-22 Using the HT45R35 in touch switch fan applications
The HT45R35 is 12-touch switch type Holtek microcontroller. Touch switches are non-contact capacitor type switch that can be used to replace the usual mechanical switch types.
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