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2002-05-28 Zarlink previews SoC architecture for terrestrial DTV
Zarlink Semiconductor Inc. has previewed an SoC architecture that integrates terrestrial demodulators, MPEG-2 A/V, and a high-speed processor to allow developers to reduce time-to-market of terrestrial digital television (DTV) consumer products.
2003-07-15 Xilinx architecture offers to 10.3125Gbps per channel
Xilinx has unveiled its Virtex-II Pro X architecture and RocketPHY family of 10Gbps CMOS physical layer transceivers.
2003-12-11 Xilinx announces breakthrough in FPGA architecture
Xilinx Inc. has developed a new architecture that is expected to improve significantly the deployment of multiple domain-specific FPGA platforms with an optimal blend of features. At the heart of the ASMBL architecture is a modular framework of silicon subsystems, enabling a new FPGA development methodology for rapid and cost-effective deployment of platforms targeted to different application domains.
2002-02-01 Xicor closed loop architecture allows auto-correction
The ODIN architecture for high-performance adaptive closed-loop control allows systems designers to implement auto-correction for errors related to time, temperature or other system-level effects.
2000-05-03 xDSL/ATM router architecture, design, and implementation
The paper discusses the architecture, design, and implementation issues to realize these new classes of IAD.
2002-10-01 X Architecture members deliver 130nm masks
X Initiative member companies Cadence Design Systems, DuPont Photomasks, and Numerical Technologies have successfully produced the first X Architecture photomask for the 130nm semiconductor process technology node.
2006-05-09 Wireless architecture used in enterprise mobility
Symbol Technologies announced plans to bring to market its wireless next generation architecture.
2006-01-27 WIMAX designers keen on open architecture
The Open Base Station Architecture Initiative reports that nearly one third of its members actively work with WiMAX technology and that the initiative's WiMAX integration will be completed soon.
2006-03-31 White LED drivers feature dual-gain architecture
National Semiconductor introduced three new inductorless white LED drivers for display backlighting in cellphones, PDAs, portable gaming devices and MP3 media players.
2004-03-19 What UWB and architecture have in common?
Talking about UWB sometimes is like trying to sing about architecture. Apart from the excitement surrounding the applications, UWB is something that needs to be witnessed to be experienced.
2010-09-08 VMEbus SBC tips lock-step architecture
MEN Micro Inc. debuts the A602 64-bit VMEbus single board computer that is 6U FPGA-based and triple-redundant. It features a lock-step architecture that minimizes software development.
2001-04-12 Virtex series configuration architecture user guide
This application note presents an overview of the Virtex series architecture by emphasizing data bit location in the configuration bit stream.
2013-10-14 Use multi-core with multi-OS software architecture
Here's a look at the architectural choices from the hardware capabilities to the software options, and how to make them efficient.
2014-02-07 Understanding PCB/FPGA power architecture (Part 1)
The first part in defining the power architecture of a system is determination of all the voltage rails and the currents drawn by each of these rails.
2005-04-13 UMC poised to use X architecture for 90nm chips
Foundry United Microelectronics Corp. is ready to manufacture 90nm chips using the nontraditional X architecture.
2006-05-29 TSMC, UMC ready for 65nm X Architecture designs
Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co. Ltd (TSMC) and United Microelectronics Corp. (UMC) recently announced that they have validated Cadence Design Systems Inc.'s X Architecture for 65nm production.
2005-10-06 TSMC approves X Architecture design
Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC) disclosed on Oct. 4 that they are ready to accept 90nm X Architecture designs.
2002-03-19 Trintech POS architecture uses embedded Linux
The company has unveiled the PayWare OpenPOSclaimed to be the world's first open-source POS terminal architecture designed to run a range of secure PIN-based card payment applications.
2003-06-13 Toshiba, SanDisk co-develop NAND cell architecture
Toshiba and SanDisk have announced the development of a high density NAND flash memory cell structure that allows fabrication of 4Gb NAND flash devices.
2003-10-10 Toshiba manufactures silicon based on X-Architecture
Toshiba Corp. has announced that they have produced the first functional silicon for the X Architecture - a semiconductor supply-chain consortium.
2011-01-20 Tokyo University designs NVM architecture using Docea's Aceplorer
By using Docea Power's Aceplorer software to model power consumption at the ESL, University of Tokyo's Takeuchi Laboratory hopes to evaluate the optimum NVL architecture design and share power consumption data with system architects.
2004-12-01 TMS320C621x/TMS320C671x EDMA architecture
This app note introduces TMS320C621x/TMS320C671x DMA (EDMA) controller.
2004-06-16 TMS320C621x/TMS320C671x EDMA architecture
The enhanced DMA (EDMA) controller of the TMS320C621x/TMS320C671x device is a highly efficient data transfer engine. To maximize bandwidth, minimize transfer interference, and fully utilize the resources of the EDMA, it is crucial to understand the architecture of the engine.
2010-03-02 TI: Handsets split architecture continues
Greg Delagi, senior VP and general manager of Texas Instruments' wireless terminals business unit believes that the so-called "split architecture" for mobile phones is going to continue and prosper.
2005-03-17 TI OMAP platform adopts Certicom security architecture
To provide a standards-based security architecture that is portable across multiple chipsets, Certicom Corp. announced a board support package, Security Builder BSP for Texas Instruments Inc. (TI's) OMAP platform.
2004-09-23 TI builds wireless VoIP solution using OMAP architecture
Texas Instruments Inc. is tapping its OMAP processor architecture, which lies at the heart of many mobile phone designs, to craft a processing chip that will allow designers to support voice-over-IP (VoIP) connections over WLAN links.
2000-02-01 The USB: A universal bus architecture?
USB is a new connectivity standard that enables computer peripherals to be connected to a computer without reconfiguring the system, giving a better perspective to plug-and-play. But, consumers are asking is this technology enough to solve issues such as bandwidth allocation and compliance for more PC-based applications?
2006-04-20 Teranetics 10GbE chips run on X Architecture
Cadence and Teranetics have announced a design collaboration for the implementation of Teranetics'10GbE chips, the 10GBASE-T, using Cadence's X Architecture.
2008-10-01 Tech advancements need new routing architecture
State-of-the-art routing technology is now required to handle complex design rules and to trade-off yield and other design goals efficiently at advanced process nodes. It must be variation-aware and fully integrated with placement, clock tree, and multi-corner multi-mode optimization in order to achieve higher QoR.
2002-03-01 System-level architecture methodologies for PLD designs
This news article discusses in short detail how system-level architecture methodology dealing with system-level complexity for PLDs enables system-on-a-programmable chip design.
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