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2003-01-16 Getting smarter with embedded intelligence
Artificial intelligence is most useful in its simplest form: ad hoc decision making capabilities in an embedded system.
2014-12-15 Artificial intelligence still has more to offer
At a recent conference hosted by Silicon Valley Forum, some said progress in AI would give systems the ability to talk to each other, while others believe the ability to reason will make AI more indispensable.
2014-06-17 Vision-based AI boosts surveillance applications
Cost, performance and power consumption advances are now paving the way for the proliferation of embedded vision into diverse surveillance applications.
2004-03-25 Sharp unit to license IP from U.S. labs
Artificial-intelligence technology that could change the way busy sports fans get their fix was among the licensable intellectual property unveiled on Tuesday (March 23, 2004) by the newly formed Sharp Technology Ventures.
2006-06-15 Robots have their own World Cup
The 10th annual RoboCup soccer event for robots kicked off in Bremen, Germany.
2013-04-30 Researchers prep robots for pilot, surgeon roles
Pieter Abbeel, an engineering professor at UC Berkeley, stated that robotic butlers, pilots and surgeons may no longer be a farfetched idea in the distant future.
2016-03-16 Not a fluke: Google's AI wins final Go challenge
AlphaGo, emerged victorious on Tuesday with four wins and one loss against South Korean grandmaster Lee Se-dol. Lee missed out on the $1 million prize after only managing to snag a single win in the best-of-five series.
2005-11-02 MIT, Nokia establish research lab
The Massachusetts Institute of Technology Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory (CSAIL) and Nokia Research Center have announced a research collaboration to advance mobile computing and communications technologies.
2012-03-30 Many-core ICs tripping 'the singularity'?
Will the rapidly increasing processing power being enabled by many-core processors cause the advent of machines with super-human intelligence, an event sometimes referred to as the singularity
2015-05-27 Industry 4.0 spawns smart factories
Industry 4.0 marries the IoTs to the factories, making smarter objects, smarter machines and smarter products, but it is also making the humans smarter elements in the production process.
2015-07-16 IBM woos Indian clients to buy Watson supercomputer
IBM is aggressively pitching its supercomputer Watson to its Indian clients in the hopes of making generating more business with telecom firms amidst a dwindling market share in the country.
2016-03-18 i.MX 7 provides power-efficient processing for wearables
The new NXP applications processor enables Orcam's wearable personal assistant product to create an "augmented attention" experience that can be used for context-based applications.
2013-02-05 Emoshape prototypes emotions processing unit
With the EPU, the company aims to drive the advancement of artificial intelligence devices and technologies.
2002-12-11 Darpa puts thought into cognitive computing
A program that may push cognitive technology to a new level is being launched by the U.S. Department of Defense.
2008-02-07 Chips of the future will mimic human learning
Tomorrow's semiconductors will mimic the human brain to solve problems in novel ways, according to Jeff Hawkins, whose startup Numenta is shipping tools to create smart algorithms that learn the same way as the human neocortex.
2011-05-23 Using energy harvesting implementations in aircraft design
Learn about the process of monitoring an aircrafts health that incorporates sensors, artificial intelligence and analytical techniques.
2014-06-23 Robots actuate industrial automation
Technology and artificial intelligence have entrenched on the industrial territory, where automation is no longer an option but a need, recording 179,000 robots sold worldwide in 2013.
2003-07-21 Darpa AI research focuses on 'cognitive computers'
The Pentagon is funding artificial intelligence research under a $29M program called the PAL.
2014-05-06 How IoT is changing the component industry
A good way for the IoT idea to expand is to add intelligence to mainstream products in the form of MCU/MPU and sensor
2015-11-02 Wireless vision able to capture images behind walls
MIT researchers developed a technology called RF Capture that lends itself to potential applications such as virtual reality, smart homes and even film-making.
2004-04-16 Wireless manufacturers look to pare costs
A philosophy implemented by wireless manufacturers is to push a particular operation to the lowest possible level.
2015-03-05 Why is IoT important for the electronics industry?
In the first of the three-part series, Handel H. Jones, founder and CEO of market research firm IBS, looks at what characterises the IoT market and in which application segments lies the growth.
2007-03-02 ST, AMD to deliver next-gen mobile multimedia solution
STMicroelectronics and Advanced Micro Devices are teaming up to deliver next-generation graphics technology for mobile multimedia devices with long battery life.
2015-03-16 Smart glass uses winks for commands
The Korean-made smart glass, K-Glass 2, features a new user interface called the i-Mouse, which can track the user's gaze and connect the device to the Internet through blinking eyes.
2015-04-06 Sensor fusion reveals machine status to prevent failure
The Saarland University team's approach involves attaching vibration sensors at numerous positions on large machines to quickly identify the parts that need to be replaced.
2013-11-13 Samsung's IoT plan involves Siri-like system
Luc Julia, vice president and innovation fellow at Samsung's Open Innovation Centre demonstrated a system akin to that of Apple's Siri, which is central to Samsung's IoT strategy.
2016-04-14 Robotic process automation streamlines logistics
Businesses who have integrated Robotic Process Automation in their operations has helped allow their business process evolve into a more efficient one, consequently noting a significant decrease in profit loss.
2014-05-19 Qualcomm, IBM innovate with the IoT
The companies both introduced separate programmes geared towards the Internet of ThingsQualcomm with a portfolio of chips, and IBM Watson with a psycho-linguistic user profile capability.
2008-04-29 New BlueCore5 platform allows hands-free control
CSR has announced that its BlueCore5-Multimedia platform now supports integrated speech synthesis, also known as text-to-speech (TTS), and speech recognition (SR) functionality.
2013-12-13 MIT team develops through-wall, 3D motion tracking system
Dubbed by the researchers as "WiTrack," the system uses radio signals to track a person through walls and obstructions, pinpointing 3D location to within 10-20cm.
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