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2015-11-19 Detect corner-case issues with post-silicon testing
Here is a look at the various areas identified for post-silicon stress tests on automotive SoC to enable early detection of system level issues.
2014-10-02 DesignInsight provides for real-time inspection of designs
The technology is built into the ABAX2 fabric and fully integrated with Stylus software. It consumes no user resources and requires no design recompilation or pre-declaration of viewable signals.
2002-06-17 Designers urged to bridge the hardware-software divide
Hardware and software design should be more closely coupled, but remain in largely separate worlds today, according to a panel at the 39th Design Automation Conference.
2011-07-11 Design suite supports 28nm 7 series
The ISE Design Suite 13.2 gives up to 25-percent performance increase in designs targeting Virtex-7 2000T devices, says Xilinx.
2003-10-20 Design language links to open-source model checker
Confluence, an RTL generation language, has a new link to an open-source model checker used primarily to verify complex software systems.
2005-10-03 Denali spreads new word in ESL mart
With a missionary zeal to establish standards and design methodologies, Denali Software leaps into the ESL market.
2004-05-03 Denali offers PCI Express compliance suite
Denali Software is introducing PureSuite, a compliance test suite with some 7,500 pre-built tests.
2005-04-26 CriVinn adopts Synopsys' VCS NTB to accelerate ASIC development
Synopsys Inc. disclosed that CriVinn Teoranta, a developer of networking, automotive and computing ASICs, FPGAs and IP, has adopted Synopsys' VCS comprehensive RTL verification solution for use in its chip verification methodology.
2007-09-24 Coverity raises the bar for static analysis
At the 2007 Embedded Systems Conference, Coverity has unveiled what it claims to be the first source code analysis engine based on Boolean satisfiability.
2005-04-01 China beating U.S. in verification?
There is an old expression that says 'the grass is always greener on the other side.' This is a feeling that has existed for a long time between the hardware and software communities.
2015-07-16 Checks for cache-coherency verification in complex SoCs
Coherency seeks to make the caches of a shared-memory system functionally available to all the processors. In this article, we present the efficient checks for cache coherency verification in complex SoCs.
2004-08-04 Carbon Design joins 0-In partner program
Carbon Design Systems has joined 0-In Design Automation Inc.'s Check-In Partner Program.
2004-10-22 Cadence to add assertion library to platform
Cadence said it will add new assertion-based verification functionality and a new ABV library to its Incisive verification platform's Unified Simulator.
2004-10-21 Cadence to add assertion library to platform
Cadence Design Systems Inc. said it will add new assertion-based verification (ABV) functionality and a new ABV library to its Incisive verification platform's Unified Simulator.
2002-05-03 Cadence supports Accellera specification language
Cadence Design Systems Inc. has revealed that it is supporting the standard property specification language defined by Accellera to enable assertion-based simulation and formal verification.
2004-06-18 Cadence promises full SystemVerilog support
As twenty-six EDA vendors presented their plans for SystemVerilog support at the Design Automation Conference last week, Cadence Design Systems was notably missing.
2006-06-15 Cadence offers 'first' transaction-based system verification
Cadence unveils 'first' automated end-to-end transaction-based system verification and management solution.
2007-02-23 C++ verification class library rolls for SystemC
Filling what it sees as missing capabilities in the SystemC verification environment, Jeda Technologies is introducing NSCv, a C++ verification class library for SystemC.
2013-09-05 Building interrupt responses into embedded SoC
Achieve significant savings in iterative coding, analysis, and debugging time for individual interrupt cases.
2004-06-01 Behavioral synthesis crossroad
Ten years after its market entry as the next generation in synthesis, Synopsys' Behavioral Compiler is dead. Can somebody else breathe new life into behavioral synthesis?
2005-01-31 Back to the language roots
Although SystemC has its place in the hardware-design process, it still can't compete with Verilog and VHDL.
2006-09-18 Averant dives deep into formal verification
Averant took advantage of Design Automation Conference to roll out the next generation of its Solidify tool, offering designers fine control over the thoroughness of formal verification.
2005-09-21 Automated test suite serves second-gen PCI Express
LeCroy's SDA PCI Express (SDA-PCIE-G2) software works in conjunction with its SDA (Serial Data Analyzers) and PCI Express Protocol Analysis and traffic generation tools.
2004-06-08 Atrenta releases RTL checker
Atrenta's assertion-based functional analysis tool checks whether user RTL is functionally correct and fixes problems to minimize iterations between simulation and synthesis.
2005-05-09 Atrenta expands RTL analysis and verification
Claiming new capabilities for IC design, Atrenta rolled out "predictive development" tools for RTL analysis and assertion-based verification last week.
2002-12-02 Assertion-based approach saves time
Functional verification may determine which companies will dominate and design-for-verification and ABV improve the efficiency and effectiveness of functional verification.
2002-05-01 Asserting trio of standards
Development of assertion standards is good for the verification industry, but with three separate efforts taking place in Accellera, it is important to clarify what each one is all about.
2008-06-05 ARM, Renesas, Synopsys draft low-power verification methodology
Synopsys Inc., ARM and Renesas Technology have collaborated to define the industry's first methodology to address the rapidly increasing complexity of low power verification.
2009-09-22 ARM, Intel bring rivalry to netbook arena
ARM Holdings plc and Intel Corp.'s battle for the top spot in the microprocessor slots and sockets arena fires up with ARM's latest offering.
2003-01-31 ARM looks to China to improve flat revenues
ARM Holdings said it was forecasting "flattish" revenues in the short term after releasing its annual results.
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