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2006-01-09 Silicon Image's HDMI transmitters in ASUSTek, Hitachi PCs
Silicon Image announced that ASUSTek Computer and Hitachi have selected its SiI 1930 and SiI 1390 HDMI transmitters for their multimedia desktop and notebook PCs.
2006-11-13 Silicon Image HDMI transmitter powers ASUS computer
Silicon Image announced that ASUSTeK has selected Silicon Image's VastLane SiI1930 HDMI transmitter for its new Asteio D22/D20 DAV Center
2006-06-13 PortalPlayer, ASUSTeK to deliver Windows SideShow-enabled notebooks
PortalPlayer and ASUSTeK announced that they are working together to bring ASUS notebooks equipped with Windows SideShow and personal media displays to market
2007-07-31 Pixelworks, ASUSTeK bring quality video to PCs
Pixelworks and ASUSTeK Computer have formed a strategic partnership to bring high-quality video processing to PC products.
2005-06-22 LSI Logic MegaRAID SATA supports ASUSTeK motherboards
LSI Logic Corp. has announced that ASUSTeK Computer Inc. selected its full line of MegaRAID Serial ATA (SATA) software to enable a wide range of server motherboards and systems with RAID.
2007-06-07 Intel, Asustek bare $200 laptop plan
Intel and Asustek have revealed plans to manufacture education-focused low-cost mobile PCs, Reuters reported
2007-12-10 IBM brings ASUSTeK infringement complaint to ITC
IBM has filed an infringement complaint against Taiwan's ASUSTeK and its North American subsidiary, ASUS Computer International, with the U.S. ITC.
2004-05-05 Asustek withdraws Rambus support
Rambus Inc.'s last-ditch effort to maintain a presence in the high-performance computing arena seems to have fizzled now that Taiwan's largest motherboard maker, Asustek Computer Inc., has quietly withdrawn support for Rambus technology.
2007-06-20 Asustek unveils OLPC rival, gets headshake from analyst
An analyst at CLSA Asia Pacific Market said that Asustek Computer is making a poor choice by getting into the low-cost notebook market.
2006-06-23 Asustek selects Silicon Image storage processor for motherboard line
Silicon Image announced that Asustek has selected the SiI 4723 SteelVine storage processor to deliver a RAID-powered backup feature in its P5W DH Deluxe desktop motherboard
2005-01-31 Asustek adopts MIPS architecture for portable devices
MIPS Technologies Inc. announced Thursday (Jan. 27) that Asustek Computer has licensed the MIPS32 4KEc and 4KEp cores as well as its consumer audio platform and software tool kits.
2003-05-23 AsusTeK adopts Cadence tool for PCB development
Taiwan-based AsusTeK Computer Inc. has selected Cadence Design Systems' SPECCTRAQuest design solution for its PCB motherboard designs.
2006-03-17 Airgo to partner with Taiwan board specialist Asustek
Airgo Networks has signed its first Wi-Fi pact with a major Asia-based ODM, Asustek Computer Inc.
2006-11-06 Taiwan's design houses continue to attract buyouts
The times are improving for acquisitions of Taiwanese fabless design houses. Their technology is improving, while valuations remain reasonableat least compared to U.S. companies.
2006-10-04 Taiwan court's judgment favors O2Micro over Asus
Claims of alleged violations of AsusTek Computer Inc. (Asus) against O2Micro were dismissed by the Taiwan High Court, affirming the Taipei District Court's prior judgment.
2003-02-28 Silicon collaboration to develop next-gen RDRAM chipset
Silicon Integrated Systems Corp. has collaborated with Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd, ASUSTeK Computer Inc., and Rambus Inc., on the development of a next-generation RDRAM-based chipset - the SiSR659.
2010-05-18 Netbooks to boost notebook sales to 209.5M this year
Sales of notebook PCs is expected to rise a whopping 25.5 percent this year to 209.5 million units driven by growth in netbooks and a new class of low power notebooks.
2009-02-10 Location-centric phones coming soon
Garmin Ltd and AsusTeK Computer Inc. have announced a strategic alliance to design, manufacture and distribute co-branded location-centric mobile phones.
2011-11-24 Asus, Dell to stick with tablet biz
Amid reports of giving up their tablet businesses, the computer companies are not retreating from the arena
2003-11-12 ASUS releases motherboard for Pentium 4 architecture
Claimed by ASUSTeK Computer Inc. (ASUS) as the world's fastest motherboard for PC apps, the P4S13G PC motherboard features four channels of RDRAM devices.
2011-10-25 APAC PC market sees strong growth
The Asia Pacific's third quarter PC market continues to see steady growth, while the market in Europe, the Middle East and Africa (EMEA) continue to decline.
2010-06-08 Motherboards achieve 2,333MHz triple-channel memory
ASUSTeK announced at the Computex that its motherboards have achieved what it claims is the fastest DDR3 triple channel memory
2011-02-28 Marvell, Asus team up for China smartphones
Marvell reports that ASUSTeK Computer Inc. has selected Marvell as a partner to launch a series of TD-SCDMA smartphones in China.
2008-03-28 Battery shortage threatens top laptop makers
Asustek Computer, Dell and HP are facing a likely shortage of batteries for laptop PCs after a fire hit a factory of their South Korean supplier earlier this month.
2014-05-02 Lenovo marches off into wearables with chip design group
Lenovo has established a small chip design team in its effort to build up core skills and implement them in silicon subsequently, according to CTO Peter Hortensius. The computer giant will invest less than two per cent of its revenues in R&D, and has a line-up of planned acquisitions
2008-01-08 Ultralow cost notebooks to boost market
While notebook computers are poised to surpass desktop PC shipments in 2009, it is still unclear whether a new class of ultra-low cost systems will accelerate the growth or cut into the growing sector's profits.
2011-10-26 Thai floods cause chain reaction in market supply
Thailand's floods have forced some HDD manufacturers to temporarily cease their operations. This is seen to affect not only the HDD market supply but the PC market as well.
2001-04-15 Taiwan takes stocks
Salaries in Taiwan are low compared to those in the United States, which is why some companies are providing Taiwanese engineers with stock options to get them stay.
2008-09-01 Taiwan takes more of notebook market
Taiwan's share of the growing notebook market is expected to continue to increase slowly, according to a report from DisplaySearch. But systems makers must confront such challenges as the transition to LED backlights and the need to expand overseas markets.
2010-04-28 Taiwan PC, LCD makers enjoy Q1 upturn
Taiwan's PC industry Q1 10 sales hit $25.1 billion from $16.53 billion in Q1 09, while LCD revenues jumped 125 percent to $8.7 billion from $3.86 billion in the same period a year ago.
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