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What does asynchronous mean?
In an asynchronous circuit, parts are largely autonomous. They are not governed by any regular, periodic time-controlling mechanism, such as a clock circuit or signal, but instead need only wait for the signals that indicate completion of instructions and operations. These signals are often specified by simple data transfer protocols.
This digital logic design is contrasted with a synchronous circuit which operates according to clock timing signals.
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2000-06-02 Using Timer1 in Asynchronous Clock Mode
This application note discusses the use of the Timer1 module, of the PIC16CXX family, for an asynchronous clock.
2008-02-19 Using Micron asynchronous PSRAM with ADI ADSP-BF53x Blackfin processors
This technical note describes the design requirements for a seamless memory connection between Blackfin processors and Micron 70ns, 8Mbit asynchronous PSRAM devices.
2004-11-22 Using Intel Flash Memory: Asynchronous page mode and synchronous burst mode
This app note describes asynchronous page read mode and synchronous burst read mode operations for Intel flash memory products that support these features.
2002-10-15 Using an FX469 FFSK synchronous modem with an asynchronous data I/O
This application note describes the construction of a low-cost asynchronous modem for the transmission of RS-232 data in the form of FFSK or MSK, between terminals by a radio or line medium.
2001-05-04 Using a TMS320C30 serial port as an asynchronous RS-232 port
This application note describes the hardware and software in using the TMS320C30 DSP serial port as an asynchronous port.
2001-03-29 Understanding asynchronous dual-port RAMs
This application note examines the evolution of multi-port memories and explains the operation and benefits of Cypress Semiconductor's asynchronous dual-port RAMs. It also explores the benefits of using dual-port RAMs over single-port RAMs in multiprocessor systems.
2001-05-21 TMS320C6000 DSP expansion bus: Multiple DSP connection using asynchronous host mode
This application note highlights the expansion bus (XBus) asynchronous host mode and XBus asynchronous I/O mode of the TMS320C6000 DSP, and explains the interface used to connect two TMS320C6000s together using these two interfaces.
2007-05-08 TI audio codec supports asynchronous operation
The new 24bit TI audio codec supports asynchronous operation, allowing the ADC and DAC to operate with independent clocks.
2003-01-09 Thales PMC supports synchronous, asynchronous protocols
The PMC-SIO octal serial I/O PCI mezzanine card mixes a quad ESCC and a quad UART equipped with EIA-232 or EIA-422/485 interfaces.
2010-08-31 System-80 asynchronous display on the i.MX31 WINCE 6.0 PDK
This application note provides the necessary information, considerations and procedure to add or adapt a System-80 Type 2 asynchronous panel to the WINCE600 BSP for the i.MX31 PDK.
2000-06-22 Synchronous and asynchronous FIFO designs
This application note describes RAM-based FIFO designs using the dual-port RAM in XC4000-Series devices. Synchronous designs with a common read/write clock are described, as well as asynchronous designs with independent read and write clocks.
2015-01-20 Speed meets power in asynchronous SRAMs
At present, the asynchronous SRAM landscape is divided between two distinct product familiesfast and low power. This article tackles how to bridge this gap between speed and power.
2000-06-02 Software Implementation of Asynchronous Serial I/O
This application note describes the Interrupt-driven Software implementation of Asynchronous Serial I/O (Half Duplex RS-232 Communications) using PIC16CXX microcontrollers.
2007-02-05 Rewriting flash memory in user program mode using asynchronous serial communication
This article describes how data to be rewritten in the flash memory on the master side is written to the flash memory on the slave side, and how data to be rewritten is transferred using asynchronous serial communication.
2003-09-19 Programming the M16C/62 Flash in Asynchronous Serial Mode
This application note describes using an asynchronous serial port and the FlashStart application to program the user Flash memory of the M16C/62 series of microcontrollers.
2010-12-10 Perform asynchronous oversampling in FPGA
Read about the Virtex-6 FPGA SelectIO technology that can perform 4X asynchronous oversampling at 1.25 Gb/s.
2000-05-16 Overview of Asynchronous Transfer Mode (ATM) and MPC860SAR
This application note describes the MPC860SAR device and the Asynchronous Transfer Mode.
2001-05-08 Moving data across asynchronous clock boundaries
Reduce data validity and timing problems without reducing data rates through careful design at the interfaces.
2002-03-21 ISSI asynchronous SRAMs operate up to 10ns
Integrated Silicon Solution's new line of 1Mb and 4Mb asynchronous SRAMs operate up to 10ns, and is targeted at applications requiring high-speed operation with low-power consumption.
2002-07-25 ISSI asynchronous SRAMs operate from 1.6V to 3.6V
Integrated Silicon Solution Inc. has announced the availability of its PowerSaver family of asynchronous SRAMs that operate from 1.6V to 3.6V.
2003-05-02 ISSI asynchronous SRAMs offer 20ns access times
Integrated Silicon Solution Inc. has announced the availability of the a pair of 1Mb asynchronous SRAMs that offer a access times of 20ns.
2001-04-25 Initialization and asynchronous programming of the PCILynx TSB12LV21A 1394 device
This application note provides example software to illustrate the initial programming of the PCILynx TSB12LV21A 1394 Link Layer Controller and the TSBKPCI evaluation module board.
2013-01-14 Implementing asynchronous logic in COTS FPGAs
To pave the way for the widespread adoption of asynchronous logic design, Javier D. Garcia-Lasheras has started an open source project.
2000-05-29 Implementation of an Asynchronous Serial I/O
This application note describes the implementation of an Asynchronous serial I/O using Microchip's PIC16C5X series of high-speed 8-bit microcontrollers.
2000-05-10 Implementation of an Asynchronous Serial I/O
The application note provides code for the PIC16C5X to stimulate a serial port using two I/O pins (one as input for reception and the other as output for transmission).
2001-05-09 I/O Using the TMS320C2xx asynchronous serial port in C
This application note describes a program that demonstrates how to access the TMS320C2xx DSP asynchronous serial port from the Texas Instruments C compiler.
2004-12-13 Host communication via the asynchronous memory Interface for Blackfin processors
This app note discusses the functionality and performance of an asynchronous memory interface developed for ADSP-BF531/BF532/BF533 Blackfin processors.
2003-02-26 HBA introduces asynchronous FIFOs
High Bandwidth Access Inc. has introduced the FlexQ Async FIFOs that operate from 3V or 5V supplies with speeds of up to 12ns.
2002-08-21 Fulcrum IC heats asynchronous design debate
A coolly tantalizing alternative to the latest approaches to blazing IC performance is expected to cut this week's sweltering heat at the Hot Chips conference.
2008-06-19 Example of using the SCIF in asynchronous mode (serial data transfer)
This application note from Renesas Technology gives an example of the settings for using the SCIF of the SH7780 Group in asynchronous mode and describes a sample application.
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