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What does asynchronous mean?
In an asynchronous circuit, parts are largely autonomous. They are not governed by any regular, periodic time-controlling mechanism, such as a clock circuit or signal, but instead need only wait for the signals that indicate completion of instructions and operations. These signals are often specified by simple data transfer protocols.
This digital logic design is contrasted with a synchronous circuit which operates according to clock timing signals.
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2013-03-08 Solid state amplifier 10Hz1MHz Frequency range apps
AR's 350AH1 solid state amplifier is a portable, self-contained, 350 watt/10Hz C 1MHz unit ready for a wide range of applications.
2005-10-28 Software limits multi-core ICs, panelists say
Multi-core ICs promise efficiency and performance, but will require new programming models that hide software and hardware details, according to panelists at the GSPx 2005 conference here Tuesday (Oct. 25).
2003-01-16 SoCs no panacea for comms infrastructure
Unlike battery-powered handsets, the room-size cellular basestations and telecom switching stations that make up the real comms infrastructure have scant need for highly integrated, small-form-factor, low-power ICs.
2007-08-29 SoC supports 80-segment LCD displays
austriamicrosystems' single-phase energy meter IC providing security protected on-chip data and program memory and supports up to 80-segment LCD displays.
2002-03-11 SoC stumbling blocks cataloged at DATE
It's not enough to be fast, efficient and technically proficient. Designers now must become Renaissance engineers.
2007-08-28 Smart security improves battery life
If security is not implemented correctly onto a mobile device, it can drain the battery and negatively affect the end user's experience.
2013-01-04 Smart embedded MCUs help attain energy efficiency
Read about a new generation of microcontrollers paving the way for the creation of new types of energy efficient products.
2002-03-01 SKIMT to begin IMT2000 service next year
Test service targeting the Seoul region is scheduled to begin second quarter of next year, while commercial service covering 31 major cities will start at the third quarter of the same year.
2003-09-03 Silicon Laboratories expands ISOmodem family
Silicon Laboratories has expanded its ISOmodem family of embedded modem solutions to include the Si2457, Si2434, Si2415, and Si2404 devices.
2014-03-07 Silicon Basis lowers SRAM power via standard logic
Silicon Basis built its SRAM on a standard logic process, directing the memory to source power from the logic's voltage source.
2006-05-16 SigmaTel to challenge with integrated TV ICs
SigmaTel Inc. has entered the TV audio market with a line of high-fidelity, multistandard TV audio processors.
2005-11-28 Serial board is RoHS-compliant
Sealevel Systems announced that it has developed the industry's first RoHS-compliant multi-interface PCI serial I/O card. The product is the first in a series of forthcoming RoHS-compliant product rollouts from Sealevel.
2008-02-14 Sensorless motor-control kit rolls for ARM Cortex devices
STMicroelectronics has announced a complete three-phase motor-control development kit based on the STM32 flash MCU, which provides the necessary hardware and firmware to enable users to evaluate the 32bit solution.
2005-10-03 Seiko rolls 'flexible' TFT-SRAM
Seiko Epson disclosed that it had developed the world's first flexible TFT-SRAM (16Kb) that offers short access time, which is realized by integrating a sense amplifier onto a flexible substrate.
2006-05-08 SD media interface chips are drop-in compatible with legacy parts
Mindspeed Technologies recently extended its broadcast video product suite with a family of standard-definition physical media-interface devices.
2008-06-18 SCI software communication with a PC using ST72251 16bit timer
This document presents a standard communication between a ST7 MCU and a PC. It shows how to emulate a SCI communication in half-duplex mode by software, using the ST7 timer resource.
2011-04-13 Scalable USB architecture for mobile devices
NXP's LPC11U00 series is ideal for protocol converters where fast data transfers are required.
2002-04-19 SBS WAN adapters provides 52Mbps throughput
The MAXIM 520 series of WAN PMS adapters from SBS Technologies Inc. integrates a quad-port controller that provides an aggregate throughput of 52Mbps and supports interface options including V.35/X.21/EIA530, T1/E1, HSSI, and DS3/E3.
2002-07-10 SBS PMC adapters for WAN handle 56Kbps to DS3
SBS Technologies' Maxim 520 line of WAN PMC adapters are aimed at designs for routers, wireless basestations, VoIP gateways, VPNs, and firewalls.
2014-06-17 Samsung leads eMMC, eMCP memory segment
With $3.317 billion or 35.6 per cent of worldwide revenue in 2013, Gartner named Samsung as the top eMMC and eMCP vendor. Toshiba, SK Hynix, and SanDisk took the next three spots.
2008-09-23 SAE J1708/J1587 communications with the EUSART
This document demonstrates the EUSART used to communicate on an SAE J1708 data bus, such as those found in a modern heavy truck.
2006-10-02 RTI solution enhances real-time messaging QoS
RTI's new version of RTI Data Distribution Service adds enhanced control over messaging QoS for greater application-specific optimization of throughput, network bandwidth and processor load.
2008-04-30 Row boundary crossing functionality in CellularRAM memory
This technical note describes the conditions that exist at the row boundary for the WAIT pin and burst READ/WRITE operations, focusing on row boundary crossing as supported on CR 1.0-compliant devices.
2007-09-17 Restructuring Bluetooth for mobile use
The trend of integrating Bluetooth in mobile phones continues to put phone manufacturers under increasing pressure. Users will not accept large handsets, compromised performance and shortened battery life due to power-hungry technologies. This article looks at the steps that Bluetooth chip vendors are taking to address these issues.
2008-01-23 Resetting MC9RS08KA during power transitions
This application note covers the main issues relating to the problems that may occur from resetting of, or removal of power from, an MCU.
2008-08-22 Replacement parts for Intel processors roll
Innovasic Semiconductor has announced production units are shipping for the IA186EB and IA188EB.
2006-10-24 Renesas unveils car MCU with MONOS embedded flash
Renesas Technology America has unveiled its first MCU built with the company's metal oxide nitride oxide silicon embedded flash technology.
2006-12-01 Renesas offers emulator for its MCU on-chip flash
Renesas is readying its E8a emulator, an ultrasmall tool for debugging embedded systems and programming Renesas MCUs' on-chip flash memory.
2004-04-29 Renesas extends SH-Mobile processors to lower-end designs
The slimmed-down version of Renesas' SH-Mobile application processor enables designers of mobile phones to add camera capabilities to their designs.
2004-06-16 Renesas adds phone cams for lower end
Renesas gives lower-end mobile phone designers add camera capabilities with the release of a slimmed-down version of its SH-Mobile application processor.
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