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2002-02-01 AMD rolls out mobile Athlon 4 processor
Claimed to be the highest performing processor for notebook PCs, the mobile Athlon 4 1500+ processor features QuantiSpeed architecture and PowerNow! technology.
2003-11-28 Xinruilian Electronics cooling fan offers 4,500rpm speed
Xinruilian Electronics has announced the availability of its XRL-HS-565 60mm to 80mm high static pressure cooling fan that has a rated voltage of 12Vdc.
2002-07-05 Tsinghua Huatian CPU cooler suits AMD Athlon XP 2100
The AE-085+ CPU cooler is designed for AMD Athlon XP processors (up to 2100+ model), and is likewise suitable for Pentium 3 Coppermine CPUs operating up to 1.13GHz, Penitum Tualatin processors up to 2.2GHz, and AMD Duron units up to 1.7GHz
2002-10-29 THTD CPU cooler produces 4.17cfm airflow
The AE-2388 CPU cooler features a fan that rotates at 3,000rpm and produces an airflow of 4.17cfm
2002-05-08 Fairchild PWM controllers suit AMD processors
Fairchild Semiconductor has announced the release of the FAN5240 two-phase PWM controller to meet the core power requirements of AMD's Athlon 4 and mobile Duron processors.
2002-10-22 Trohito CPU cooler lasts 40,000h
The V155 CPU cooler provides an airflow of 27.21cfm and is suitable for use with Intel's Pentium III and Celeron CPUs.
2003-04-21 THTD CPU cooler provides 41.7cfm airflow
The AE-076 CPU cooler from Tsinghua Huatian Technology Dev't Co. Ltd features an 80-by-80-25mm cooling fan that provides an airflow of 41.7cfm.
2004-10-26 PWM control IC incorporates MOSFET drivers
Intersil developed a three-phase PWM control IC, with integrated MOSFET drivers, that provides a precision voltage regulation system.
2004-06-22 Linengda switching power supply provides 200W
The TM4250 switching power supply from Shenzhen Linengda features an output power of 200W and comes with a passive PFC circuit.
2004-10-06 Jetcool CPU coolers offer 18cfm airflow
The JT-A02 CPU cooler from Jetcool Electronics feature an airflow of 18cfm and come in dimensions of 70-by-70-by-15mm.
2002-10-14 Intel: Forerunner of PC processor market
As Intel continues to raise its clock speeds and further reduce prices, the company is seen to maintain its lead in the desktop PC processor market.
2004-08-09 Intel quietly ships 64-bit Prescott
Intel has quietly released a Pentium 4 Prescott processor equipped with 64-bit instruction-set extensions
2014-11-04 Intel pays $15 for every Willamette P4 owner
The tech giant has agreed to a $15 settlement in a class action lawsuit claiming that Intel manipulated benchmark scores to show that its Pentium 4 chip was faster and better than the competition
2002-10-23 Huntkey PC power supply features >60,000h lifespan
Huntkey's LW-6300H PC power supply accepts an input from 90Vac to 264Vac and can operate with a full-load efficiency of at least 65 percent.
2003-01-23 Growth opportunities for chipset industry
The chipset sector experienceed stiff competition last year due to the general slowdown in PC unit sales across the world, Intel's aggressive pursuit for a bigger market share, and the entrance of new players in the market like Nvidia and ATI.
2004-03-23 Cosmo CPU coolers support major processors
Cosmo Progressive Technologies' CA2504-SHIB-625 CPU coolers support Duron, Athlon Thunderbird (Socket A/462), and Intel FC-PGA (Socket 370) processors
2004-01-19 64-bit Linux speeds IC design tool
ReShape is reporting significant speed and capacity increases for its PD Optimizer tool suite on 64-bit Opteron and Athlon processors running Linux
2001-05-16 1.3GHz Athlons roll as AMD prepares server push
This news article describe AMD's new pair of Athlon processors running at 1.3GHz and the company's push into the server market
2003-10-24 Intersil PWM controller features MOSFET drivers
Intersil Corp. has announced the Endura ISL6563, a two-phase synchronous-buck PWM controller IC that integrates 2A MOSFET drivers in a 4-by-4mm QFN package
2003-08-28 VIA, AVL develop memory validation program
Advanced Validation Labs (AVL), a validation and testing services company, and VIA Technologies Inc., a developer of silicon chip technologies and PC platforms solutions, have launched their DDR400 memory module validation program.
2007-07-25 The skinny on quad-core processors: A buyer's guide
Quad-core processing has become bargain country after Intel announced deep price cuts for its quad-core chips, putting AMD under pressure to tag its upcoming quad-core processors competitively when they come out.
2003-04-24 Nvidia chipset targets Opteron workstations
Graphics chip designer Nvidia Corp. will attempt to stake out a workstation market for AMD's 64-bit Opteron PC server processor with its nForce3 Pro chipset.
2007-05-30 New Quartus II suite speeds up compile times
Altera Corporation claims that its Quartus II software version 7.1 can enable designers to achieve more than two times faster compile times and half the memory footprint of the nearest high-end FPGA.
2009-10-13 Mobile PC arena gets more crowded
Scan the array of products targeting the territory between laptops and mobile phones and you understand why consumers' heads are spinning.
2003-01-28 Linux goes mainstream
f the LinuxWorld conference is any indication, this year could propel the open-source OS across a spectrum of computing devices - from handheld PDAs to supercomputers.
2006-02-27 Lenovo goes global with new PCs
China's Lenovo Group Ltd introduced the first computers under its own brand name outside China last week as part of a worldwide launch.
2007-04-12 Intel's Nehalem takes microarchitecture rivalry to 45nm
AMD last year detailed plans to offer its next-gen X86 microarchitecture, Fusion, in 65nm by late next year; but with Intel's announcement of a 2H rollout for Nehalem, it appears the latter wants to beat AMD to the punchand do it at the next process technology node.
2005-03-07 Intel preps HyperTransport competitor for Xeon, Itanium CPUs
Intel Corp. plans to embedded a memory controller and to use a common high-speed serial interconnect as the processor bus for its Itanium and Xeon server processors starting in 2007, EE Times has learned.
2010-05-07 IDC sees PC MPU shipment improvement this year
Worldwide PC microprocessor unit shipments in Q1 10 declined 5.6 percent compared to Q4 09, according to the latest PC processor study from International Data Corporation (IDC).
2006-11-01 CPU maker touts 'carbon-free' processor
Taipei-based Via Technologies Inc. is marketing its latest low-power processor as "carbon-free."
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