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What is ATM?
Asynchronous transfer mode is a connection-oriented technique based on the use of fixed-sized packets. The packets or cells are 53 octets in size, with 5 octets used for cell header and the remaining 48 octets for data.
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2000-05-03 xDSL/ATM router architecture, design, and implementation
The paper discusses the architecture, design, and implementation issues to realize these new classes of IAD.
2001-10-12 Using the Nile as a 6-channel full duplex ATM to DS3 mapper
This application note outlines a mechanism by which the Nile S1202 ATM/DS3-to-STS-12 SONET mapper can be used as a six-channel, full-duplex ATM-to-DS3 mapper.
2006-02-01 Using ATM chipset in DSL architectures
Learn the different traffic-management functions of DSL architectures for high-speed Internet access.
2001-09-14 Testing ATM switch functionality and throughput performance
This application note describes some techniques to test the basic functionality and throughput performance of ATM switches.
2002-05-03 SONET/SDH/ATM OC-12 layout: S3019 example
This application note illustrates connections, guidelines and layout for the S3019 transceiver device.
2001-10-16 SONET/SDH ATM OC-3/12 layout (S3035)
This application note illustrates the pin connections for the S3035 SONET/SDH/ATM transceiver.
2001-10-10 SONET/SDH ATM OC-12 layout application note (S3019)
This application note illustrates the pin connections for the S3019 SONET/SDH/ATM transceiver chip.
2002-05-22 SBS CPCI card transmits voice, data over ATM
The VoABlade 6U CompactPCI interface card from SBS Technologies Inc. is capable of sending and receiving 2,048 simultaneous voice and data virtual circuits over a single fiber-optic connection at speeds up to 155Mbps.
2002-05-03 PLL board decoupling guidelines: SONET/SDH/ATM S3042 example
This application note illustrates decoupling connections and guidelines for the S3042 PLL device.
2002-05-03 PLL board decoupling guidelines: SONET/SDH/ATM S3041 example
This application note presents decoupling connection techniques and guidelines for the S3041 PLL device.
2001-08-28 PCI to ATM interface
This application note explores the features and potential use of a QuickLogic QL5064 ESP as implemented in a high-speed application, such as an ATM interface.
2000-05-16 Overview of Asynchronous Transfer Mode (ATM) and MPC860SAR
This application note describes the MPC860SAR device and the Asynchronous Transfer Mode.
2002-01-30 Network OEMs stick with Sonet, ATM attack
Makers of network equipment are putting new emphasis on tuning products for traditional, old-world architectures, as radical ideas fall out of style in step with the recession.
2002-03-25 NEC ATM, POS chip packs four 622Mbps SONET/SDH framer channels
The 5PD98413 ATM and POS PHY chip from NEC integrates four 622Mbps SONET/SDH framer function channels on one chip, enabling faster 3G mobile basestations, DSLAM, and WAN edge equipment.
2002-03-05 Infineon unveils ATM, packet over VDSL solution
The company has announced the release of the 4bVDSL standard-compliant ATM over VDSL solution and the PoVDSL packet over VDSL solution, enabling telecommunications equipment that offer the highest possible broadband transmission rates.
2004-05-17 Infineon processor bridges ATM, Ethernet traffic
Infineon has created the specialized processor ConverGate-C, designed to aggregate ATM-based xDSLs and convert the traffic to Internet Protocol on the line card.
2002-07-25 Infineon controller suits PDH, ATM line cards
Infineon Technologies AG has announced the availability of the InterWORking element next generation-Phy (IWORX-P) communication controller.
1999-12-31 Frame relay in ATM networks
This note discusses Ericsson's frame relay/ATM network system that features high scalability for great network demands of present industry applications.
2001-09-13 FIREBERD 6000 ATM testing
This application note presents the fundamentals of ATM, and describes key tests that are essential to reliable ATM operation.
2000-03-20 Ethernet LAN to ATM WAN
This paper presents a single-chip solution aimed at providing efficient transport between the LAN and WAN networks. The increasing speed and complexity of multiple transport protocols makes the WAN-LAN interface devices critical to the performance and flexibility of communication networks.
2001-10-11 E4/STM-1/OC-3/ATM S3031B transceiver example
This application note illustrates the pin configuration with the corresponding suggested component parameter or specification for the AMCC S3031B transceiver.
1999-11-01 Designing ADSL in an ATM network
Based on the development of the current standard, you can fit an ADSL modem into the ATM network. The advantage of using a programmable DSP core for this application is that you can quickly adjust to the ever-changing telecommunications standard.
2000-04-06 DC-ATM portable ATM software
This application note describes the DC-ATM software. The software is designed and built to meet the needs of ATM equipment manufacturers developing a wide variety of ATM products including NICs, edge devices, and switches.
2001-05-25 Characterization report on 155Mbps single mode fiber transceiver for ATM, SONET OC3/SDH STM-1
This application note details the characterization work performed on the transmitter side only of the HFCT-5215 Duplex Single Mode Transceiver.
2003-07-18 Bi-directional optical module eyes ATM networks
Sunstar Communication Technology's bi-directional optical module features a 1,310nm FP-LD for the transmitter, and a 1,550nm PIN photodiode for the receiver.
2001-09-17 ATM-based ADSL testing
This application note explains how the WWG Domino-360 ATM Internetworking Analyzer can help network operators easily solve ADSL test challenges.
2002-11-18 ATM's future in the DSL arena
Though IP is encroaching on the MAN/WAN in the form of MPLS, ATM might still hold on for some time to come. Until then, the future of ATM in the DSL arena may remain hanging in the balance.
2001-09-13 ATM testing with the T-BERD 310
This application note provides a comprehensive guide for ATM service providers using the TTC T-BERD 310 communications analyzer to install and maintain telecommunications networks.
2001-09-17 ATM end-to-end QoS testing using DominoATM and TPI-750
This application note demonstrates how the DominoATM ATM protocol analyzer and the TPI-750 service tester can be combined to effectively test end-to-end ATM QoS.
2002-02-25 ATM end-to-end QoS testing using DominoATM and TPI-750
This application note demonstrates how the DominoATM and the TPI-750 can be combined to effectively test end-to-end ATM quality of service.
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