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2011-03-02 Xoom powered by Nvidia, Atmel, STMicro chips, devices
Inside Xoom are Atmel's four-chip touch-screen controller solution, AKM's electronic compass, Kionix's 3-axis accelerometer, STMicro's 3-axis gyroscope and Bosch Sensortec's pressure monitor.
2007-12-17 Windows Embedded CE 6.0 BSP rolls for Atmel's AT91CAP9 kits
Atmel and Adeneo have announced the availability of a Microsoft Windows Embedded CE 6.0 BSP for Atmel's AT91CAP9A-STK Starter Kit and AT91CAP9A-DK Development Kit.
2005-05-10 Wi-Fi startup selects Atmel for SiGe foundry work
Fabless semiconductor company WiDeFi Inc. has selected Atmel Corp. as foundry partner for a family of 802.11 wireless LAN "repeater" chipsets implemented in silicon germanium, the company said.
2015-06-10 Who wants to buy Atmel?
Atmel's latest pitch to the investment community is that its strategybanking on the emerging Internet of Things markethas transformed it into a higher-margin, higher-growth business.
2004-01-23 Wavesat, Atmel join forces for 802.16 market
Wavesat Inc. has chosen Atmel Corp.'s SiliconCITY capability to design and manufacture the company's first WiMAX compliant IEEE-802.16d chips.
2000-09-05 Using Atmel's serial dataflash
This application note describes Atmel's serial dataflash family, which is designed to provide a new NVM device to easily and efficiently handle large amounts of frequently changing data.
2004-12-02 Using Atmel's AT84AD001B dual 8bit 1Gsps ADC with Atmel's ATmega128L AVR
This app note provides relevant information for interfacing the AT84AD001B with ATmega128L AVR.
2006-07-28 Tundra licenses interconnect products to Atmel
Tundra Semiconductor and Atmel announced an agreement enabling Atmel to deliver leading-edge system interconnect products to the extended- reliability markets.
2000-09-06 The benefits of Atmel's RAPID programming algorithm
This application note details the Atmel RAPID programming algorithm and briefly explains why this algorithm is superior to others. In addition, it will give an introduction to EPROM technology and the mechanics of programming.
2008-04-14 Telit M2M modules run on Atmel MCU
Atmel and Telit Communications have disclosed that Telit has been harnessing the MCU expertise of Atmel for the development of its M2M modules.
2002-02-13 Tantivy, Atmel initiate proliferation of portable wireless chips
Wireless data communications technology developer Tantivy Communications Inc. and Atmel Corp. have entered into an agreement.
2016-04-12 Severance benefits cause friction in Microchip/Atmel merger
Microchip's CEO blames Atmel's board for failing to communicate about a severance package that left at least one employee charging Microchip is reneging on a promise.
2007-05-04 Secret's out: Maxim is buyer of Atmel's Texas fab
Maxim Integrated Products has bought Atmel's wafer fabrication facility in Irving, Texas for about $38 million.
2008-10-07 Sanghi: Why Microchip insists on buying Atmel
Microchip Technology has confirmed in an interview with EE Times that the company is bidding to acquire Atmel Corp. for $2.3 billion in an effort, along with ON Semiconductor Corp., to raise market share, reduce costs and increase profitability in the MCU business.
2010-09-30 Samsung chooses Atmel maXTouch solution for Galaxy
Atmel Corp. announced that Samsung is using the Atmel maXTouch solution to power the Android-based Galaxy tablet.
2005-08-19 Racing Cars from Metl-Tech controlled by Atmel smart RF transceivers
Semiconductor solutions developer Atmel has revealed that its multi-channel transceiver is being used in Metl-Tech Racer's line of tiny, remote-controlled race cars.
2000-08-28 Programming Atmel's family of Flash memories
This application note describes the design benefits of Atmel's Flash architecture as well as how the device ID feature is used to adjust for varying densities and supply voltages.
2008-04-24 Platform designs smart user interfaces for Atmel MCUs
Mentor Graphics has released a software platform based on the Nucleus OS that is integrated, validated and optimized for Atmel AT91SAM9 ARM926EJ-S-based MCUs.
2002-05-02 Panasonic, Atmel collaborate to supply total RFID solutions
Panasonic and Atmel Corp. have agreed to jointly supply complete radio frequency identification (RFID) solutions that offer system integrators compatible technologies with price range and performance targets.
2000-09-06 OrCAD support for Atmel PLDs
This application note describes how to use OrCAD PLD 386+ to create an object file to program the Atmel PLD and CPLD devices.
2011-03-18 Online tool eases power supply design for Atmel, Freescale ARM chips
National Semiconductor's WEBENCH Processor Power Architect accelerates the design of multiple load power supplies for Atmel and Freescale ARM processors, providing designers with options to cut cost and footprint.
2008-11-20 ON Semi gives up on Atmel takeover bid
ON Semiconductor Corp. has withdrawn from its joint proposal with Microchip Technology Inc. to acquire Atmel Corp.
2010-12-13 Ocular LCD, Atmel collaborate on multi-touch panels
Atmel technology powers Ocular LCD's touch screen solutions
2008-03-06 Next-gen PC security receives Phoenix-Atmel favor
Phoenix Technologies and Atmel have blended Atmel's FingerChip biometric security solutions in Phoenix FailSafe and SecureCore PBA products, to enhance security in next-generation PCs.
2005-11-11 New-generation of Atmel's SPARC processor now available
AT697 is the new generation of Atmel Corp.'s radiation hardened 32bit SPARC processor designed for the space industry
2005-04-15 New LIN system basis chip from Atmel with 6kV ESD protection
Atmel announced the availability of its new Local Interface Network system basis chip, which provides an ESD protection of 6kV and low current consumption as required in automotive apps.
2005-09-22 New battery devt kit from Atmel
Atmel announced a smart battery development kit that is based on the company's ATmega406, a highly integrated single-chip smart battery AVR device, targeting Li-ion batteries for laptop computers, medical equipment and portable instrumentation.
2012-07-13 New Atmel serial EEPROMs simplify design and cut cost
New serial EEPROM devices help designers bring Internet-connected products to market faster and simplify the serialization of mass production products.
2007-02-07 MIPI Alliance welcomes Atmel
Atmel Corp. has joined the Mobile Industry Processor Interface Alliance as an adopter member, enabling it to use the alliance's specifications to develop MIPI-compliant products.
2016-01-22 Microchip-Atmel deal to overhaul top 3 MCU vendors
Microchip Technology Inc.'s pending $3.8-billion acquisition of Atmel Corp. would move Microchip into the No. 3 position among microcontroller vendors.
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