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2004-01-16 ARC platform adds digital audio tools
ARC International has announced of its 600 series of configurable-processor cores with a bundle of peripherals and tools that target specific application platforms.
2000-04-01 Anatomy of a multi-format digital audio player, part II
This article discusses the digital rights management (DRM) proposed by the Secure Digital Music Initiative (SDMI). It provides a brief overview on how to design a solid-state audio player, as well as securely download a piece of music from the Internet via a host onto the portable player
2000-04-01 Anatomy of a multi-format digital audio player
MP3 players are just the beginning. Stay tuned for next-generation portable players that comply with multiple audio compression formats such as AAC, ePAC, WMA, Qdesign, and AC3
2006-02-15 Analysis software tests playback-only audio gear
Audio Precision now offers its QuickTest application to enable the company's audio analyzers to test playback-only devices
2010-02-10 Analog voltage-to-frequency converter (continuous type
This application note describes a PSoC 1 based wide range, continuous-time Voltage to Frequency (V-to-F) converter. This type of converter is used in applications such as FSK modulators, voltage or current regulators and ADCs
2002-02-01 AKM audio DSPs suit digital TV apps
Asahi Kasei Microsystems Co. Ltd recently released two audio DSPs, the AK7720A and AK7740, that come with built-in two-channel ADCs and are targeted at car audio, digital TV and A/V applications
2011-12-13 Advances in hi-fi digital audio streaming
Know the key elements of the architecture of digital audio streaming equipment, and the new board-level technology that developers should consider when evaluating technology for new product designs
2016-03-29 Advances in car audio distribution
Find out how Automotive Audio Bus technology can help infotainment designers implement sophisticated audio functions while at the same time greatly reducing the wiring complexity
2011-01-20 ADI's MEMS mic features interchip sound, delivers hi-fi audio
ADI's iMEMs microphone is bundled with an industry-standard 24bit data integrated inter-chip sound or I2S interface, thus offering high-fidelity audio for industrial applications and non-handset consumer devices
2013-03-05 Adding class D audio to embedded systems
Learn about the various implementations of class D amplifiers.
2004-09-30 Actel FPGAs power Indesign wireless audio platform
Actel Corp. announced that its flash-based FPGAs were selected by Indesign LLC, an electronic design engineering company, for use in Indesign's JS-2 Wireless High-Fidelity Streaming Audio Platform
2008-06-16 A guide to basic audio measurements
This article will look at the types of testing required for different audio devices. Then, a device and a signal path will be chosen as an example for testing level, frequency response, total harmonic distortion plus noise (THD+N), phase, crosstalk and SNR.
2008-05-26 60dB wide-dynamic-range, low-frequency AGC circuit using a single VGA
This application note describes a low-frequency AGC circuit using a wide dynamic range AD8336 VGA from Analog Devices as the gain control element, an AD736 rms-to-DC converter as the detector, a low cost rail-to-rail AD8551 op amp and an ADP3339 LDO as the reference
2008-05-19 32bit MCUs enhance audio, graphics in dashboards
Renesas Technology has announced eight new product versions of the SH7262 and SH7264 32bit MCUs with 1Mbyte on-chip SRAM for digital audio and graphical dashboard applications
2010-10-28 3-state class-D modulation powers audio codecs
Apogee Technology's 3-state class-D modulation technology powers IDT's new family of PC audio codecs
2013-10-04 20W audio amp reduces mid-power stereo apps BoM cost
The TAS5760xx devices from TI are digital-input, closed-loop I2S amplifiers geared for TVs, soundbars, portable docking stations, Bluetooth speakers and aftermarket automotive audio products
2012-02-24 Sound enhancing tech boosts mobile audio
By doubling air volume in a loudspeaker, the N'Bass virtual back volume technology increases sound by up to 100 percent.
2005-07-18 Digital feedback pulls class D into high-end audio
Earlier this year, Zetex Semiconductors plc announced the development of an amplifier technology that it claims is so different that it warrants the creation of its own new class-one that Zetex calls "class Z."
2008-09-03 Buck regulators achieve ultrafast switching frequency
Analog Devices Inc. says it has introduced one of the industry's smallest buck-boost regulatorsand the first to support switching frequencies at speeds up to 2.5MHz.
2007-05-03 Audio DSP enables 'superior' 3D surround sound
New Japan Radio's NJU26150-19A audio DSP helps TVs, mini-component systems and other units with front speakers to reproduce superior 3D surround-sound quality
2003-11-20 AKM audio DAC features enhanced noise reduction
Asahi Kasei Microsystems (AKM) Co. Ltd has introduced its AK4386 DAC that supports sampling rates from 8kHz to 96kHz.
2004-12-24 A/V encoder reduces BoM costs, speeds up time-to-market
Conexant Systems launched a new MPEG-2 audio/video (A/V) encoder for consumer electronic products
2007-10-03 VIA, QSound Labs solution enhances sound in Vista PCs
VIA Technologies Inc. and QSound Labs Inc. have partnered to deliver a sound system for Windows Vista based multimedia, personal and laptop computers.
2008-05-26 V-to-F converter (continuous type) and wind noise simulator
It is demonstrated that the PSoC analog and digital blocks from Cypress Semiconductor allow building a wide range voltage-to-frequency converter
2006-03-28 Transmitter, T&M solutions focus on mobile TV standards
The test and measuring equipment and transmitter from Rohde & Schwarz aim to address new future-oriented standards such as DVB-H, MediaFLO and T-DMB.
2015-01-13 Total IP sol'n for MIPI SoundWire aimed at mobile devices
Arasan's MIPI SoundWire IP solution is fully configurable for a number of options such as data ports, SoundWire bus lanes and audio sample widths to meet a range of audio applications
2004-06-01 TI power amps tailor-made for small LCD TVs
Providing LCD TV manufacturers with the feature set required to meet high efficiency audio demands, TI announced two stereo Class-D audio power amplifiers
2005-06-03 TI power amplifier matches sound quality with high-quality image
The new digital-input Class-D audio power amplifier for flat panel displays from TI enables designers to develop products with sound quality that matches the display's high-quality image, while minimizing cost and component count
2009-01-23 Taking the wrap off a 50-year old radio
The RT-159A, a crude tool by today's standards, provided a simple but critical function, transmitting a fixed tone or a pilot's voice in a rescue request.
2006-09-07 Stereo codecs extend battery life in portable devices
TI said its new audio codecs extends battery life by lowering power consumption in portable devices like digital still cameras and portable media players
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