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2005-11-09 Maxim announces low-component-count audio amplifier solution
Maxim Integrated's new integrated 2W audio amplifier is designed notebook PCs, small flat-panel displays and portable DVD/media players
2004-03-08 Maxim amplifier suits notebook PCs, DVD players
Maxim Integrated Products' MAX9750C audio amplifier is designed for notebook PCs, flat-panel displays and portable DVD players
2003-06-20 Macnica, Tripath collaborate on amplifier module
Macnica Inc. and Tripath Technology Inc. have agreed to jointly develop an 8-channel digital amplifier that will be integrated into a single module
2007-06-11 LX1725 15W X 2 30W BTL class-D audio amplifier
Class-D audio amplifiers basically are pulse width modulation (PWM) amplifiers; these types of amplifier require low pass filtering of the output to demodulate the PWM carrier
2008-09-02 Low-power stereo DAC improves sound of digital devices
AKM Semiconductor has released AK4373, a 24bit stereo DAC with advanced DSP and integrated speaker and headphone amplifiers, providing advanced sound field effects for digital music sources.
2010-07-30 Low-power mobile sound system has noise suppression
The LM49155 analog audio subsystem from National Semiconductor has announced features integrated noise reduction for mobile phones and other portable handheld applications
2008-10-14 Low-cost tuner module enhances power efficiency
Frontier Silicon has begun sampling the latest version of its digital audio broadcasting receiver module, which employs a smaller version of its Kino 3 baseband processor IC
2012-02-14 Knowing power-on-reset requirements in regulators, bandgaps
Learn about the misapplications of power-on-reset feature, and know how designers can avoid startup problems
2004-12-13 IR MOSFET improves Class D audio performance
International Rectifier recently released the IRF6665 DirectFET MOSFET for medium power Class D audio amplifiers
2009-11-03 Integrated audio SoCs pack digital, analog I/Os
Conexant Systems Inc. has rolled out an audio SoC product line for embedded audio and voice applications
2012-07-27 HiWave launches audio platform for next-gen headsets
Audio transducers turn 3D-gaming and sports glasses into multimedia headsets
2007-08-08 Hi-Fi headphone amp consumes very low power
Rohm's BU7839GVW digital input Hi-Fi class-D headphone amplifier LSI for portable audio devices is said to feature the lowest power consumption in the industry.
2004-12-01 Hearing, seeing the sound of change: From analog to digital audio amplifiers
Digital amplifier systems keep audio signal in the digital domain virtually all the way to the speaker; analog-based systems convert the signal to analog early in the process
2007-12-24 HD audio nixes interference, maintains power budget
By combining very small packet sizes with an adaptive frequency allocation algorithm, STS claims to have nixed interference while maintaining HD audio within a power budget that maintains long battery life for portable devices
2006-08-03 Freescale Class D amp enables HiFi audio
Freescale has unveiled the new Symphony Class D amplifier the promises a high-fidelity system solution
2011-07-04 Enhance audio quality of mobile-device loudspeakers
Know some of the methods portable electronics makers can employ to achieve louder, higher-quality sound out of small, lightweight, inexpensive speakers.
2012-01-03 Employ audio amplifier for MP3 docking station
Know how to use the MAX98400 Class D audio amplifier in a stereo audio docking station application
2012-05-07 Efficient amplifier design for real-world audio
Know how to design amplifiers to maximize efficiency in real-world audio and not just test signals
2007-06-01 DirectDrive delivers better audio quality
DirectDrive is a patented architecture that eliminates the DC-blocking capacitor required on the output of traditional headphone amplifiers. This article describes the DirectDrive approach, how it works and its advantages.
2013-11-04 Diodes intros compact 20W mono Class-D audio amp
PAM8320's low-impedance drive capability enables it to deliver 20W into a 4 bridge-tied-load speaker, aimed at small-enclosure speakers in wireless headphones, PCs and docking station products.
2006-08-11 Digital audio amplification: a new approach
Now that virtually all audio source data is digital, we are compelled to re-examine the basic principals behind conventional amplification to see if it is adequate for today's digital source material
2014-03-14 Dialog rolls out audio codec for always on apps
The DA7212 audio codec boasts 650uW always-on power consumption and targets portable devices such as smart watches and connected fitness devices
2009-05-26 DAC/amp enhances audio quality in mobile apps
Wolfson Microelectronics has begun sampling a single-chip mono DAC and speaker amplifier targeted at improving audio quality in a range of devices such as mobile phones, conference speakerphones, digital radios and PNDs
2005-07-18 DAC with 3D audio enhancement
AKM Semiconductor's low-power, stereo digital-to-analog converter with an integrated 3D-audio enhancement circuit was made for ultra-compact mobile phones, smart phones and portable media players
2005-09-27 Control IC tailored for Class D audio apps up to 500W/channel
International Rectifier (IR) introduced a 200V control IC developed specifically for Class D audio applications up to 500W per channel
2008-10-16 Consider performance, stability in audio amp design
Audio amplifier products are becoming more and more advanced. Experienced EEs are using different sorts of circuitry in their audio amplifier designs
2008-10-29 Compact audio codec improves capacity of portables
Texas Instruments has released the TLV320AIC3254 1.8V audio codec with integrated power management and dual miniDSP audio processing engines
2008-06-12 Codec stretches audio playback times, reduces power use
Wolfson Microelectronics recently launched the first in the company's next generation of low-power audio devices, an audio codec designed to extend playback time
2007-04-02 Class-D audio amps offer 64-step volume control
PAM has introduced what it touts as the industry's first 3W Class-D audio amps with integrated 64-step digital volume control featuring its patent pending "filter-free" next-generation architecture
2010-02-05 Class-D audio amp equipped with DAC noise filter
From Texas Instruments Inc. comes a 3.2W, mono Class-D audio amp with an integrated DAC noise filter that reduces codec noise by as much as 82 percent, compared to devices without this feature
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