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2015-03-16 Wireless brings new meaning to connected home audio
Annual shipments of connected audio products such as wireless speakers and connected AV receivers are expected to grow from 1.5 million units in 2010 to nearly 66 million units in 2018, IHS predicted
2008-08-14 VoIP codec delivers rich audio, voice
Nuvoton Technology has introduced the WAU8812 cost-effective mono audio codec designed specifically for VoIP phones, hands-free kits and general-purpose speakerphones
2009-01-16 USB wireless transmitter rolls for audio professionals
Airfonix has launched a USB wireless audio transmitter specifically designed for the quality demands of audio professionals
2008-09-24 Unicon uses Wolfson audio for Linux-based mobile solution
Unicon Systems has tapped Wolfson Microelectronics' audio for its latest Linux-based mobile solution
2012-06-11 Understanding common inter-IC digital interfaces for audio data transfer
Know the respective roles of I2S, TDM and PDM interfaces, as well as their differences.
2010-09-30 STMicroelectronics, Spirit DSP giving out free audio software
STMicroelectronics has partnered with Spirit DSP to provide a no-charge access to professionally developed audio software
2006-10-16 Starter kit rolls for Blackfin-based audio designs
ADI's new audio starter kit offers a complete package of development software and hardware to enable feature-rich products and fast time-to-market for embedded audio designs that use Blackfin in a spectrum of applications
2013-07-02 ST offers virtual lab for audio design
The Audio Processor Workbench claims to be the first solution on the market enabling comprehensive evaluation of a full audio and acoustic chain, from microphone to sound amplifier and output speaker
2003-03-07 Signal processors enhance automobile audio quality
Mitsubishi Electric has introduced a pair of audio signal processors that use SCF technology to improve the sound quality of automobile audio systems
2012-09-13 Signal chain basics: How to deliberately boost THD in audio processing systems
Here's a new concept for producing higher fidelity from audio system.
2012-04-24 Signal chain basics: How 20W amplifier can ruin a speaker system
Know the causes of this surprisingly common problem, and how to work around them.
2005-01-06 SigmaTel digital audio drives Memorex hard-drive MP3 player
SigmaTel Inc. has revealed that its MP3 audio system-on-chip technology powers the Memorex MHD8015 1.5GB hard-disk drive MP3 player, as well as multiple flash-based Memorex devices.
2007-05-17 S/PDIF transceivers suppress jitter in audio band
Wolfson Microelectronics' WM8804 and WM8805 transceivers offer jitter suppression in S/PDIF audio data transfer
2005-10-13 Programming tool spins code for audio-over-Ethernet chips
A graphical programming tool for Cirrus Logic's CS4961xx family of audio system processors, DSP Conductor aims to speed the task of building systems for distributing digital audio over an Ethernet LAN.
2012-01-03 PCB tech eases audio system design
The Soundstrate PCB technology from Soundchip integrates audio components, waveguides, electronics and acousto-mechanical filters in a single substrate structure
2003-08-13 Panasonic DVD audio system to feature TI amps
Panasonic has selected Texas Instruments' latest digital audio amplifiers - TAS5111 and TAS5112 - to be integrated into its new micro-DVD audio system.
2011-05-09 Miniaturized audio IC enables slimmer gadgets
STMicroelectronics' Sound Terminal IC delivers the first audio system-on-chip, enabling ultimate slim-line style for heatsink-free 50W systems.
2004-09-20 Micronas unveils family of single-chip audio processors
Micronas launched a new family of single-chip audio processors that contains two series
2002-03-27 Micronas chip puts audio into USB headset connectors
Micronas Semiconductors Inc. has launched a single-chip solution for designing USB headset connectors for PCs.
2003-04-11 Making of an audio chip firm in the PC boom era
Making of an audio chip firm in the PC boom era
2001-05-02 Integrated automotive signal processing and audio system using the TMS320C3x
This application note presents an integrated acoustic signal processing system, which provides adaptive noise cancellation, acoustic echo cancellation and adaptive-active noise control for hands-free cellular phones, using the TMS320C3x DSP
2008-06-12 IDT updates HD audio codec portfolio
IDT has started to sample the latest member of its HD PC audio codec family, the 92HD75B, which is the first audio codec designed and developed by the IDT Shanghai design center
2005-03-22 IC offers huge system cost savings
The new CS4961XX family of ICs from Cirrus Logic integrates the company's 32bit audio optimized 49K series of audio DSPs with its CobraNet technology
2005-06-29 Highly-integrated 3D-Boomer audio amps tout amazing-sound
National Semiconductor Corp. unveiled two Boomer audio amps for cellphones and portable applications that are said to provide outstanding sound quality and high integration
2004-11-03 High-performance DACs support six-, eight-audio channels
Cirrus Logic unveiled two new 24bit, 192kHz, multi-channel digital-to-analog converter ICs, the CS4365 and CS4385.
2008-10-09 HD audio codecs optimize capacity of mobile devices
Integrated Device Technology has released a new set of high-definition audio codecs that offer improved capability and fidelity, and design flexibility for multimedia notebooks and enterprise desktops
2008-08-28 Freescale debuts flexible multicore audio DSPs
Freescale Semiconductor introduces the Symphony multicore DSP56724 and DSP56725 processorsthe latest additions to the Symphony DSP5672x product family.
2008-10-21 First digital audio amps set to invade car radios
STMicroelectronics has unveiled what it claims to be the first car audio amplifier with digital input
2008-02-18 Enhance the audio experience in flat-panel TVs
Designers trying to achieve high-quality audio from flat-panel TVs are faced with several obstacles, but digital audio processors and amplifiers can be used to both compensate for problems and to improve the audio experience
2012-05-07 Efficient amplifier design for real-world audio
Know how to design amplifiers to maximize efficiency in real-world audio and not just test signals
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