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2006-06-06 SPL, austriamicro conclude digital sound collaboration
austriamicro and SPL concluded a collaboration to integrate the Vitalizer studio sound processing into the AS3525 multimedia chip.
2005-09-02 New LED driver from austriamicro
austriamicrosystems extended its LED driver family with the release of the AS3691 4x400mA LED driver, designed for the fast-growing high and ultra high brightness LED application market.
2005-10-07 New DFM reference design flow for austriamicro's CMOS process
austriamicrosystems' business unit Full Service Foundry recently announced the availability of its DFM reference design flow for its 0.35?m high-voltage CMOS process.
2005-12-05 New design kit for austriamicro's 0.35?m process
austriamicrosystems' Full Service Foundry business unit announced the availability of its new analog/mixed-signal high performance technology design kit (HIT-Kit) for its advanced 0.35?m technologies.
2007-04-24 IBM-austriamicro project zeroes in on HV process
IBM and austriamicrosystems will jointly develop a high-voltage (HV) CMOS process technology to be used in a range of consumer, automotive, industrial and medical applications.
2006-06-05 Free software kit for austriamicro customers
austriamicrosystems offers a free SDK to help users customize software for apps developed with the company's magnetic rotary encoder ICs.
2005-05-26 Encoder IC from austriamicro senses motion without contact
austriamicrosystems' analog magnetic rotary encoder IC for motion sensing applications in the industrial and automotive industries promise reliability and longevity.
2005-09-16 austriamicro's SPST switches with 40% improved switching time
austriamicrosystems recently announced the availability of its first family of high performance analog switches that promise significant performance improvements over existing products.
2005-10-13 austriamicro's SPST analog switches with 130MHz bandwidth
austriamicrosystems announced a new family of high performance analog switches that promises significant performance improvements over existing products.
2005-10-27 austriamicro's new power mngt IC
The AS3654 power management IC from austriamicro includes high performance voltage regulators, a lighting unit, step down battery charger and a stereo audio DAC.
2006-01-26 austriamicro's new 'low-power' ADCs
austriamicro recently introduced the AS1530/31 family, a new line of fully differential 12bit, 8-channel, low power analog-to-digital converters (ADCs) with 2.5V internal reference.
2005-07-05 austriamicro's high-current LED driver matches up with mobiles
The AS1101 from austriamicrosystems will drive two parallel-connected LEDs of any color with up to 80mA per LED for backlighting small displays.
2005-01-04 austriamicro's Full Service Foundry introduces digital libraries
austriamicro's Full Service Foundry now offers digital libraries including standard cells, I/Os and memory compilers free of charge to its customers.
2006-02-06 austriamicro upgrades H35 design kit
austriamicro's full service foundry business unit announced an upgrade of its analog/mixed-signal high performance technology design kit for its advanced 0.35m high-voltage CMOS process H35.
2004-12-03 austriamicro unveils 'first smart 1A charge pump for flash LEDs in camera phones'
The new charge pumps from austriamicro drive flash LEDs with up to 480mA and 1A output current.
2004-10-25 austriamicro transceiver supports FlexRay, TTP
austriamicro has developed a transceiver for high bandwidth communication covering FlexRay and TTP standards.
2005-02-25 austriamicro transceiver in Fujitsu FlexRay cluster, diagnosis system
austriamicrosystems introduced its FlexRay transceiver AS8221 during this week's Embedded World 2005 in Nuremberg.
2006-02-22 austriamicro supplies audio processors for XM Radio portables
austriamicrosystems is supplying its AS3525 and AS3524 audio processors for XM Satellite Radio's new line of portable satellite radio devices.
2004-09-20 austriamicro supervisory circuits consume 150nA
austriamicrosystems launched a family of ultra low power supervisory circuits with a current consumption of 150nA.
2005-01-12 austriamicro SoC complements PortalPlayer media technology
austriamicro's new AS3515 analog SoC has been designed to interface to and complement PortalPlayer's technology for personal media players
2006-04-24 austriamicro sets up Indian design center
austriamicrosystems has set up a development center at Hyderabad in southern India and plans to invest between $40 million and $50 million into this effort.
2004-06-16 austriamicro rotary encoder IC measures 5.3-by-6.2mm
austriamicrosystems disclosed that it has unveiled the world's smallest 10-bit multiple output magnetic rotary encoder IC.
2004-11-24 austriamicro rolls out 'industry's most economical OTP memory'
austriamicro's business unit Full Service Foundry announced a further extension of its foundry IP & technology portfolio.
2005-05-12 austriamicro rolls new analog magnetic rotary encoder chip
The new analog magnetic rotary encoder IC from austriamicro offers a highly reliable, contactless solution to a variety of motion sensing apps in the industrial and automotive fields, where an analog position information is required.
2004-10-21 austriamicro RF transmitter complies to ARIB standard
austriamicro disclosed that they have developed the world's first automotive-qualified ARIB transmitter ASSP.
2004-05-20 austriamicro power management IC eyes mobile apps
The AS3681 from austriamicro is a real-time programmable device designed for mobile applications such as cellphones, PDAs and digital cameras.
2006-06-30 austriamicro orders DRIE tool from STS
Surface Technology Systems announced that austriamicrosystems purchased one of its VPX Pegasus Deep Reactive Ion Etch systems for IC production.
2004-05-12 austriamicro LED driver with 50?A shutdown current
The AS1100 LED driver from austriamicro is designed for use in seven segment numeric displays of up to eight digits.
2006-09-12 austriamicro joins Japan's automotive software consortium
austriamicrosystems has become a full member of Japan Automotive Software Platform Architecture consortium, a standards body that specializes in automotive electronic devices.
2004-06-23 austriamicro digital pot eyes TV receivers, audio systems
austriamicro unveiled its AS1500 family of digital pots that is designed for use in apps where a resistor value must be changed automatically by a microprocessor.
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