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2003-09-19 PWM Generation with ST62 Auto-Reload Timer
This application note describes how to use the ST62 ARTimer to generate a PWM signal with tunable frequency and duty cycle.
2003-09-19 PWM Generation with ST62 16-bit Auto-Reload Timer
This application note describes how to use the ST62 16-bit ARTimer to generate a DTMF signal with the PWM.
2003-02-26 STMicro expands 8-bit Flash MCU line
The company has expanded its ST7Lite series of 8-bit Flash MCUs with the introduction of the ST7FLite1 and ST7FLite2 units.
2006-02-21 ST MCUs suit cost-sensitive apps
STMicroelectronics announced a new series of 8bit MCUs, which are designed for use in simple, very cost-sensitive apps such as security, lighting, power control, small appliances, sensors and motor control.
2005-09-16 ST expands ST7Lite MCU family
STMicroelectronics announced a new series of 8bit flash microcontrollers (MCUs) within its low-cost ST7Lite family, adding new embedded peripherals to the ST7Lite feature set.
2007-05-21 MCUs offer enhanced memory, system features
The latest ST7FLITEU0 MCU series from ST, which are intended for simple and very cost-sensitive applications, is said to feature more memory and valuable system features.
2006-01-26 MCU tailored for lighting apps
ST announced availability of a new series of microcontrollers within the ST7Lite family, offering a choice of 16 and 20-pin packages, 2KB or 4KB of flash memory, and new embedded peripherals.
2007-03-07 ST intros factory-calibrated serial real-time clocks
STMicroelectronics announced its serial RTC chips with factory calibration, enabling manufacturers using the parts to simplify assembly and test operations by omitting the time-consuming calibration step.
2007-08-08 Low-cost flash MCU offers up to 24 I/O lines
The ST7LITE49M series expands ST's Lite family by offering small memory MCUs, up to 4Kbytes, with up to 24 high-sink-current I/O lines.
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