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2008-12-11 Component test solution: move over obsolete curve tracers
Keithley Instruments Inc. announces ACS Basic Edition, a characterization and curve tracer software for component test applications. ACS Basic Edition, pared with SourceMeter instruments, replaces obsolete curve tracers with a solution that performs both basic curve tracing and parametric test
2012-09-12 Compliance test suite targets DDR4, LPDDR3 logic analysis
Agilent's test suite allows digital designers to monitor DDR/2/3/4 or LPDDR/2/3 systems in real time to identify elusive, intermittent violations in protocol or bus-level timing
2008-02-11 Compliance test software supports new serial data standards
LeCroy said it has enhanced its QualiPHY automated serial data compliance test framework, which now supports standards for UWB, serial ATA and PCIe Gen 1.
2015-01-13 Compliance test app eases LPDDR4 design characterisation
The Keysight N6462A DDR4 and LPDDR4 test application, which runs on Keysight Infiniium 90000A, 90000 X-Series and Z-Series oscilloscopes, provides LPDDR4 physical-layer compliance measurements
2006-09-19 Azimuth Systems announces Vo-Wi-Fi handset test suite
Azimuth Systems has announced a VoWi-Fi test suite that enables service providers, handset providers and semiconductor vendors to streamline the testing of VoWi-Fi phones and converged wireless devices
2011-05-19 Automated testing tool features MIL-STD 461 requirements
AR RF/Microwave Instrumentation has introduced the AS18027, an automated system for conducting radiated susceptibility testing
2006-03-20 Automated testing shoots for Dolby Digital certification
Audio Precision is offering new macros for its 2700 series audio analyzers.
2013-10-23 Automated fibre probe to speed up connector certification
The FIP-400B fibre inspection probe from EXFO claims to simplify the inspection process and speed up connector certification time, securing the network from issues related to damaged connectors.
2008-05-23 Audio analyzers offer CMRR test, generate signals down to 0.1Hz
Audio Precision has unveiled two-channel models!the APx520 and APx525!of its APx500 series audio analyzer.
2015-10-08 ATPG sol'n from Synopsys expedites test pattern generation
The ATPG technology claims to deliver 10X faster run time and 25 per cent fewer test patterns to reduce schedules, speed up silicon debug, and minimise test time and cost
2015-02-18 atg Luther & Maelzer to unveil flying probe test solution
The A7 - Automation (A7A) features eight high-speed carbon fibre test heads in combination with four high resolution colour cameras, and performs up to 125 measurements per second
2004-12-23 Analog decoders outdo digital in wireless test
Advanced digital wireless standards like those overseen by the 3G Partnership Project use iterative communications protocols that provide error correction simultaneously with optimal compression.
2002-07-18 Amkor, MCT, Nextest demonstrate economical test technology
Amkor Technology Inc., Micro Component Technology Inc. and Nextest Systems Inc. have demonstrated a strip testing technology at Semicon West 2002.
2003-01-06 Agilent wireless test solutions to reduce 3G deployment
Agilent Technologies Inc. has introduced four wireless network solutions designed to improve productivity by reducing 2.5G/3G deployment.
2003-06-13 Agilent to use Xilinx FPGAs for latest wireless test platform
Agilent Technologies has selected Xilinx's devices to be used on the development of their latest wireless manufacturing test solution
2007-04-03 Agilent offers complete optical receiver stress test solution
Agilent Technologies introduced a complete optical receiver stress test solution!the N4917A!which provides repeatable conformance and characterization test results
2008-01-21 Agilent automates UMTS cellular mobile stress test
Agilent Technologies has introduced new Interactive Functional Test (IFT) software for its 8960 Series 10 (E5515C) Wireless Communications Test Set
2007-07-23 Aeroflex unveils radio test set for TETRA, P25
Aeroflex's 3920 module features new enhancements that provide test professionals with more test capabilities integrated into one system and extended analysis range and file management functions
2012-07-24 Aeroflex launches TM500 LTE-A Test Mobile
The company launches the TM500 LTE-A Test Mobile that supports all key LTE-A features of 3GPP Release 10
2003-06-25 Acqiris digitizer cards enable automated testing
Acqiris has introduced a family of PCI 12-bit ADC digitizer cards that are PCI-compliant and allow users to reduce automated testing times by a factor of 100
2014-03-24 3D images register ultrasonic wave test signals
The test solution from Fraunhofer builds on phased array technology, which allows the ultrasonic waves to pass through large areas of material at a time instead of only penetrating the subject selectively
2002-04-26 TSMC to use KLA-Tencor test systems for its Fab 12
Taiwan Semiconductor Mfg Co. (TSMC) has selected KLA-Tencor Corp.'s Klarity Defect automated analysis and defect data management system for its Fab 12, which manufactures advanced ICs on 300mm wafers
2007-07-31 Four-channel jitter tolerance test tool debuts
Anritsu has launched its enhanced MP1800 signal quality analyzer series that supports jitter tolerance measurements for optical devices with up to four channels.
2002-12-16 Fine-tuning VoB test capabilities
Before implementing automated tests, designers must weigh their value and determine what troubles these automated systems should target
2003-03-17 Automated testing methods open up opportunities
Product development is no longer regarded as an isolated, individual procedure but an essential ingredient of a comprehensive product life cycle which includes requirement analysis, modeling, specification, test and documentation
2002-05-29 August Technology acquires test equipment maker
August Technology Corp. has acquired Semiconductor Technologies and Instruments Inc., a manufacturer of automated micro-defect inspection equipment formerly owned by ASTI Holdings Ltd of Singapore
2003-08-04 Aeroflex acquires wireless test solutions provider
Aeroflex Inc. has acquired the Racal Wireless Solutions Group.
2009-02-26 Will DisplayPort get a second chance?
With the of widespread emergence and popularity HDMI, why is there more than 180 computer and consumer electronics companies!and counting!actively supporting DisplayPort, another audio/video interface standard?
2007-10-15 VCO-based microwave signal generator rolls
A fast-switching microwave signal generator ideal for data intensive applications, such as antenna test, satellite payload test, and terrestrial microwave link testing, has been introduced by Anritsu Co
2003-01-13 The global supply chain evolution
The prolonged economic downturn in the new millennium has forced global electronic companies to realign their design and production strategies dramatically and quickly.
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