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2001-08-21 Use of A236 video DSP chip to build a three-way automobile, truck and bus blindspot elimination systems
This application note describes the use of the A236 family of video DSPs to create automobile, truck and bus blindspot elimination systems.
2013-08-29 Application of Qorivva Boot Assist Module
Learn about the Boot Assist Module, an alternative to custom boot loader software.
2009-09-16 Automobile LED delivers more than 850 lumens
Philips Lumileds releases Luxeon Altilon power LEDs that are suited for vehicle forward lighting.
2002-08-12 AIEC automobile microprocessor operates at 100MHz
The AIEC9 ARM-based microprocessor core with embedded Flash memory operates at 100MHz across the automotive temperature range of -400C to 1250C.
2007-07-09 UMC, Melexis develop 0.18?m embedded flash for cars
Melexis and UMC have collaborated to deliver chips using the latter's 0.18?m eFlash process and eFlash macro, aimed at various automotive applications.
2007-10-04 Pre-tilted gyro-sensor suits in-dash navigation systems
Epson Toyocom has developed a new pre-tilted gyro-sensor that can be installed in car navigation systems and is designed for dead reckoning, a method used in car navigation to determine position.
2009-10-01 Tackle the challenges of automotive hands-free systems
Delivering high-quality hands-free speech communications in an automobile requires a thorough understanding of how to measure performance and of common causes of performance issues, and the application of the best available solutions to solve these performance problems.
2009-01-30 Shark fin antenna fits automobiles
Laird Technologies Inc. has launched its new "Shark Fin" style modular antenna assembly for automotive vehicles.
2005-08-30 Researchers float dry fuel cells for mobile apps
Touted as a future solution to automobile pollution, fuel cell technology may in the interim solve the portable-power problem that is pivotal to miniaturizing electronic systems
2009-02-24 Power inductor fits automotive, industrial apps
TT electronics BI Technologies has developed a high-temperature power inductor designed specifically for automotive underhood environments.
2003-01-08 LTC releases second 42V battery prototype
Lithium Tech has announced the development of a second prototype battery in preparation for 42V automotive systems.
2013-11-21 Ensuring the security of connected cars
Learn about some of the ways to manage data exchange and processing in connected cars.
2014-06-04 Enable automotive USB power: Manage the challenges
Read about a DC-DC converter with a smart USB switch that leverages tight integration to provide automotive-specific USB power, USB charge enumeration and port protection.
2014-03-06 Apple to integrate smartphone apps in cars
Apple debuted CarPlay, a tool that brings the iPhone user interface to the automobile dashboard, allowing drivers to easily control iPhone apps from the car's native interface
2005-01-03 Analog business overtakes digital
Analog business is growing faster than the digital business and new applications are driving high performance development and requirement of analog products.
2004-07-16 'Duality' as key cornerstone for automotive apps
Dialog Semiconductor sees an increase in manufacturing 'duality' for mobile phones and automobile electronics
2011-12-15 Serial EEPROMs boast 300,000 data writes
The SII S-25AxxxB series touts memory capacity from 8-256Kb and 50-year data retention.
2011-05-17 Researchers develop stretchable sensors
Researchers at the Fraunhofer Institute for Silicate Research ISC have developed sensors that capable of expanding to twice their original length in extreme cases. These sensors are believed to improve automobile safety
2010-06-15 Processors tailored for advanced connected car apps
NetLogic Microsystems Inc. has added high-performance Au1384 and the cost-effective Au1310 to the Au1300 ultralow-power Alchemy processor family.
2008-11-14 Freescale, McLaren co-develop brake system for race cars
Freescale Semiconductor and McLaren Electronic Systems (MES) have entered a collaborative initiative to develop next-generation kinetic energy recovery system (KERS) technology for the highest levels of motor racing from 2010 onward.
2014-08-14 Designing 45W flasher with short circuit protection
This application note presents the design of a low cost, flasher circuit with short circuit protection. It incorporates the entire recommended design feature set for two wheeler flashers
2008-06-18 Bosch, Samsung SDI ink Li-ion battery JV
Robert Bosch GmbH and Samsung SDI Co. Ltd have entered a joint venture agreement to develop, manufacture and sell Li-ion batteries.
2008-10-22 Audio power amp targets automotive warning systems
From National Semiconductor Corp. comes a power amplifier touted to be the first monolithic amplifier for automotive warning and alert tone amplification.
2004-07-16 Are we ready for a 42V automotive system?
Though unclear of the exact boom point for 42V, many are working on making their products 42V compatible in order not to be left out when the waves ride in.
2011-09-29 WPC pushes wireless charging for cars
The WPC Automotive Application Group aims to advance automotive wireless charging solutions and applications
2009-05-07 Using the tooth generator eTPU function
This application note provides a simple C interface for the tooth generator eTPU function, used as part of the complete eTPU set 2 automotive function set. The functions can be used on any Freescale product that has an eTPU (enhanced time processor unit) module. Example code is available for MPC55xx/MPC563xM devices
2009-05-11 Ultra-low quiescent-current linear regulator for automotive air bags
This application note presents a circuit using the MAX15006/MAX15007 linear regulators for reducing the quiescent current of automotive air-bag applications
2007-05-25 Telematics microprocessor rolls for automobiles
Freescale Semiconductor Inc. has unveiled a microprocessor that aims to integrate all the control electronics for an automobile cockpit into a single low-power device
2007-12-21 ST, TJ FAW open joint automotive lab in China
STMicroelectronics and TIANJIN FAW Xiali Automobile, a China-based automotive manufacturer, have inaugurated their joint automotive application laboratory in Tianjin, China.
2011-05-13 Spectrum analyzer offers EMC diagnostic option
Rohde & Schwarz adds an EMI measurement application option for the R&S FSVR real-time spectrum analyzer and the R&S FSV signal and spectrum analyzer
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