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2009-06-10 Using auto-zero op amps in signal-conditioning apps
This article explores the history behind auto-zero op amps and provides a high-level overview of this architecture. An example application is analyzed to further compare the auto-zero architecture to that of traditional op amps.
2008-06-26 Auto-zero amp targets high-precision measurement apps
New Japan Radio Co. Ltd has introduced the NJU7098, a single auto-zero CMOS amplifier, designed for high-precision and high-performance measurement equipments.
2007-06-04 Quad op amp delivers low offset
iC-Haus GmbH delivers its new unity gain stable quad op amp that features an offset of less than 1?V at 3.5MHz.
2008-11-25 Sensor amp offers programmable gain, offset
Texas Instruments has released the PGA308 single-supply, auto-zero bridge sensor amplifier featuring programmable gain and offset that amplifies the sensor signal and provides digital calibration for zero (offset) and span (gain).
2013-08-16 Triaxial DC accelerometer withstands more than 5000G shock
The Model 3803A accelerometer is hermetically sealed in a welded, stainless steel housing and is offered in dynamic ranges from 2G's to 2,000G's.
2014-01-27 TI's op amp boasts high precision aimed at industrial apps
The OPA192 achieves stable offset voltage drift over the full specified temperature range, which eliminates the need for system level calibration.
2007-06-28 Small op amps have 5-16V operating range
ADI's AD8663 and AD8638 precision operational amplifiers deliver a combination of high accuracy, power efficiency and versatility with a wide 5-16V operating range for an assortment of industrial, medical and consumer applications.
2002-02-18 Sensotec pressure transducer features 0.05 percent accuracy
The AG400 pressure transducer require no wiring and setup, and boasts of an accuracy of up to 0.05 percent, making them suitable for laboratory and industrial applications.
2010-04-07 Sensor interface IC suits battery management apps
From austriamicrosystems comes a high-precision DAQ front-end IC for automotive battery current, voltage, temperature sense applications and in general for sensor interface applications.
2012-01-26 Ratiometricity, signal conditioning enable high-res, low-noise smart sensors
Proper application of concepts, such as ratiometricity or signal conditioning, is paving the way for energy-efficient, high-performance standard solutions.
2008-02-05 Multisensor interface IC uses 30?W of power
ZMD AG and ZMD America launched the first member of its MULti-Sensor IC semiconductor family, which is a low-power multichannel device aimed at MCU-based mobile electronic products.
2009-09-04 Modern altimeter and barometer system using the MPL115A
Here's how you can use the MPL115A, an absolute pressure sensor, in modern altimeter and barometer system design.
2006-06-09 MEMS gyro delivers digital range scaling
The new ADIS16250 from Analog Devices is touted to be the industry's first programmable MEMS gyroscope and is the first to provide digital range scaling and embedded programmability for industrial apps.
2013-06-04 Differential amplifier boasts 20?Vrms low noise input
The Model 121 3 channel DC differential amplifier can be used in a variety of instrumentation lab, vibration and shock testing and comes with a low noise input of less than 20?Vrms.
2013-01-29 Average mode LED driver touts 2% current accuracy
The HV9803 from Supertex boasts high accuracy, tight line and load regulation of the LED current without any need for loop compensation or high-side current sensing.
2002-08-21 ALD PCB module acts as 5.5-digit DVM
Advanced Linear Devices Inc.'s standalone PCB module is designed for precision measurement applications requiring a high-resolution ADC and multiline character display driver interface.
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