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2003-02-17 Using CCFL backlight converter in portable device applications
This paper discusses a PZT-based backlight power supply solution
2007-04-23 Ultrathin boost converter delivers 87% efficiency
Fairchild's FAN5336 high-frequency integrated boost converter in UMLP package allows designers to achieve an 87-percent system efficiency, low EMI and board space savings in a wide range of small LCD bias supply and white LED backlight designs.
2004-11-15 STMicro boost converter drives white LED with high efficiency
STM disclosed that they have developed a special part to drive the white LEDs that are becoming popular for color LCD backlighting or portable devices.
2005-08-03 Smallest backlight LED driver
National Semiconductor released what it touts as the world's smallest backlight LED driver that controls lighting applications in handheld devices, including cellphones, digital still cameras, gaming devices and MP3 players
2011-11-29 Efficient LED TV backlight driving scheme
Read about the power architectures involving the ac-dc total power supply for an LCD TV design, achieving higher power efficiencies and lower cost.
2008-01-04 Boost converter drives multiple ultrabright LEDs
Texas Instruments Inc. has developed a high-brightness LED driver with an integrated 40V, 1.2A switch that can drive up to three 1W LEDs in series.
2008-05-05 AAT2847 Eval: 4-channel backlight driver with dual LDOs
AnalogicTech's AAT2847 includes a four-channel LED backlight driver and two integrated 200mA LDOs as additional power supplies for display and camera related chipsets
2008-05-05 AAT1239-1 Eval: Step-up DC/DC converter for white LED backlight applications
AnalogicTech's AAT1239-1 is a high-frequency, high-efficiency regulated current boost converter driving up to 10 white LEDs in a series connected configuration
2008-05-09 AAT1231 Eval: Step-up DC/DC converter for white LED backlight apps
AnalogicTech's AAT1231 is a high-frequency, high-efficiency constant current boost converter driving up to six white LEDs in series or up to 12 white LEDs in parallel/series configuration
2006-03-16 28V boost converter powers 12 LED backlights, flash
Semtech's high-efficiency DC/DC boost converter drives up to 12 LEDs for both backlighting the LCDs in cellphones and PDAs as well as providing the power for camera flash
2008-02-01 Opt for inductive converter LED drivers
Achieving the desired brightness in mid-size LCD panel applications requires LED drivers to deliver a regulated current to the LEDs across all operating conditions. Typically, two types of LED driver topologies may be used: capacitive charge pumps and inductor-based switching regulators. This article focuses on the inductive converter LED driver circuits delivering between one to six watts of power to the LEDs
2007-10-31 EL lamp drivers backlight quietly
Micrel has launched a new family of highly efficient, low-noise EL lamp drivers for backlighting applications.
2002-12-09 Using an external potentiometer to adjust contrast voltage
This application note describes how an external potentiometer can be used for voltage control.
2009-08-27 White LED driver promises up to 55% power saving
National Semiconductor claims the smallest white LED driver with dynamic display backlight control that drives up to 11 high-current LEDs in series, illuminating larger displays in portable apps
2012-09-13 Using LM3530 evaluation kit
Learn about the LM3530 current mode boost converter, which supplies the power and controls the current in a series LED string of up to 40V
2008-05-05 Take a peek inside Sony's OLED TV
Sony released the first commercial OLED TV in December of 2007 with the code name XEL-1 that offered amazing technical specifications in an extremely small form factor.
2008-01-17 Putting small color LCDs in handhelds
There are a number of factors that need to be considered when incorporating a small color LCD into a design to achieve the right balance of cost, performance and battery lifetime in a handheld product.
2006-09-26 Motorola cellphone has lights, camera, action
In Motorola's ROKR, the first cellphone to support Apple's iTunes, the musical light show illustrates the triumph of "bling" over maximum battery life.
2009-11-25 LED drivers improve energy efficiency in LCD TVs
Intelligent control of LED current sinks in direct/matrix backlight applications gives truer blacks and improved contrast
2010-07-02 LED drivers cut need for external Schottky diode
IXYS Corp. has released the LDS8710/11, LDS8720/24/26 inductor-based, high-efficiency LED driver family that eliminates the external Schottky diode normally used in the rectification loop.
2006-12-19 LCD modules operate in high ambient light
NEC Electronics America's two new amorphous-silicon TFT LCD modules feature a balance of high luminance and high reflectivity for portable industrial applications that require high-quality color imaging in indoor and outdoor environments with high ambient light.
2013-06-06 Fairchild rolls out 100V MOSFET, diode package
Fairchild Semiconductor's 100V BoostPak devices feature an N-channel MOSFET developed to minimise the on-state resistance while maintaining switching performance.
2010-06-10 DC/DC converters pack WLED driver, VCOM buffer
Advanced Analogic Technologies Inc. is offering its latest active matrix TFT LCD DC/DC converters that include a WLED driver and VCOM buffer.
2005-11-01 Constant current output produces best pictures from your phone
Current-controlled charge pump enables a suitable drive source for flash LEDs in camera phones.
2005-08-01 Charge pumps offer low-power backlighting
Improvements in power consumption for LCD backlighting are essential for the maintenance and longevity of battery life
2007-02-05 Boost converters ease large-panel WLED design
AnalogicTech has rolled out two high-efficiency boost converters to address the design challenges in using multiple strings of series-connected WLEDs to provide uniform illumination in large-panel lighting applications.
2004-10-01 Auto-biasing white LED drivers reduce overall power
The current-controlled boost converter consumes less power than a standard circuit high-voltage step-up converter with fixed-output voltage
2008-04-16 Step-up converters drive six rows of up to 10 WLEDs
STMicroelectronics has introduced three monolithic step-up converters for LED backlights and lighting, providing 30mA or 85mA current sources for six rows of up to 10 white LEDs.
2005-04-08 Richtek's new solutions target cellphones, PMP apps
Richtek exhibited several power management solutions designed for mobile phones and PMP applications at the IIC-China 2005.
2010-03-24 Power management IC packs Class G codec
Dialog Semiconductor plc has is rolling out the DA9057system-level power management IC that includes a Class G codec.
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