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2008-05-19 WLED drivers backlight entry-level phone displays
AnalogicTech's AAT3103 constant frequency, charge-pump-based, current source WLED drivers are designed to backlight lower-cost LCD displays in entry-level cellphones.
2011-08-29 Weak LED backlight demand slumps revenue
With revenue falling by 20.5 percent, Taiwan LED makers are looking into lighting applications for a much-needed boost.
2009-05-22 Using the HT46F47E in digital photoframe backlight applications
Digital photo frames displays are TFT LCD types. Because the crystals inherently cannot emit illumination, a background illumination source is required, for which most types use an LED flat panel. The HT46F47E demo board can demonstrate two modes of LCD panel LED background lighting.
2003-12-20 Using DS1050 Programmable PWMs to Control a DC Motor and an LCD LED Backlight
This application note shows examples on how to use the DS1050 as a dc fan controller and as a backlight brightness controller for an LED backlit LCD.
2003-02-17 Using CCFL backlight converter in portable device applications
This paper discusses a PZT-based backlight power supply solution.
2005-06-13 Understanding piezoelectric transformers in CCFL backlight applications
This app note discusses piezoelectric transformers in CCFL backlight applications
2006-11-21 Tiny IC powers backlight, flash and RGB functions
By combining a high-performance charge pump with backlight, flash and RGB drivers in a single 4-by-4mm IC controllable by a serial interface, AnalogTech said its AAT2830/31 reduces parts count and system footprint.
2009-05-13 TFT LCD modules integrate LED backlight
NEC LCD Technologies has released four amorphous-silicon TFT LCD modules incorporating a newly designed LED light source unit into the backlight system.
2004-08-18 Taiwan makers reduce backlight module prices
Taiwan's LCD backlight module makers Coretronic Corp., Forhouse Corp. and Radiant Opto-Electronics Corp. plan on reducing their prices this month.
2004-09-09 Taiwan backlight makers on track to achieve profit targets
TFT-LCD backlight module makers in Taiwan, such as K-Bridge Electronics Co. Ltd and Radiant Opto-Electronics Corp., have achieved more than half of their projected full-year pre-tax profits.
2005-02-10 South Korean makers focus on LCD backlight designs
Several South Korea-based manufacturers including Heesung Precision Co. Ltd, Taesan LCD Co. Ltd and Wooyoung Digital Co. Ltd, are now developing new technologies for LCD backlights.
2005-08-03 Smallest backlight LED driver?
National Semiconductor released what it touts as the world's smallest backlight LED driver that controls lighting applications in handheld devices, including cellphones, digital still cameras, gaming devices and MP3 players.
2015-01-12 ShineOn, BOE roll wide colour gamut LED backlight for monitors
BOE used wide colour gamut to demonstrate vivid colour performance on monitors that the company intends to bring to market this year.
2009-08-25 SEPIC backlight LED driver
This is a reference design for a SEPIC/linear LED-display backlight driver for eight parallel strings of 8 white LEDs at 70mA/string.
2016-04-01 Seoul Semi retains right over LED backlight lens technology
After a 2.5-year legal battle, the LED maker from South Korea stands to gain up to $12 million in damages from Enplas Display Device of Japan over patent infringement charges.
2010-02-22 Report: LED backlight costs dropping fast
DisplaySearch's Quarterly LED & CCFL Backlight Cost Report found that 40-inch edge LED backlight unit cost in Q1 10 is $118 and will fall to $100 by Q4 10, driven by increasing production volumes.
2002-04-29 Radiant Opto to build LCD backlight factory in mainland
Taiwan-based LCD backlight company Radiant Opto Co. Ltd has received an approval from the Investment Commission of the Ministry of Economic Affairs (MOEA) to invest $25 million for the construction of an offshore factory in Wujiang, mainland China.
2009-07-10 Q2 demand growth seen in backlight optical film
Demand for large-area TFT LCD backlight optical film in Q2 09 grew by more than 22 percent quarter-on-quarter, according to DisplaySearch's latest Quarterly Display Optical Film Report.
2008-04-28 Programmable LCD devices offer 64 backlight colors
NKK Switches has introduced its high-resolution SmartSwitch and SmartDisplay series of programmable LCD switches and displays.
2002-04-04 Pontex constructs LCD backlight factory in Taichung
Pontex Polyblend Co. Ltd has constructed a 6,612-square-foot factory in Taichung, Taiwan, for manufacturing LCD backlights.
2005-01-05 Philips reference design supports dynamic backlight technology
Philips announced that they have set a new benchmark for LCD TV picture quality with its Nexperia TV810 reference design for NTSC + ATSC hybrid reception.
2006-12-04 OSD unveils QVGA display with white LED backlight
OSD Displays added to its active-matrix TFT-LCD line a 3.5-inch diagonal transmissive QVGA display with a white LED backlight.
2004-07-22 Omron establishes backlight development center
Japan-based Omron Corp. has set up its Hong Kong Design Center devoted to the development of LCD backlights for mobile phones.
2007-01-18 OLED-T, Microsharp fuse expertise for backlight solution
OLED-T and Microsharp will jointly develop a concept product that combines optical films with OLED materials for backlighting.
2005-05-24 New custom backlight inverters from Phihong
Phihong offers custom backlight inverters for flat panel display apps that drive the CCFL in LCD back lighting apps to support displays as small as two inches and up to 37 inches.
2007-07-24 Medium size backlight NCP5050: Drive up to 120 LEDs
This application note illustrates how the NCP5050 white LED driver can be configured to drive multiple LED strings for LCD backlighting and how to expand the output voltage rating beyond its 20V rating.
2004-03-10 Maxim backlight controller powers CCFLs
Maxim Integrated Products' integrated backlight controller is designed for powering cold-cathode fluorescent lamps.
2012-01-24 Low backlight demand pulls GaN LED market
After growing 60 percent in 2010, the GaN LED market is expected to fall six percent last year to $8 billion, according to IMS Research.
2008-10-22 LEDs deliver improved backlight in large-screen LCDs
Osram Opto Semiconductors has released the new Advanced Power TOPLED Plus, claimed to deliver the brightest color LED, providing 15 percent more light for direct display backlighting than standard Advanced Power TOPLEDs.
2011-08-31 LED TV backlight market value drops 18% YoY
Due to weak backlight demand, the global market value of high-brightness LEDs totalled only $9 billion.
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