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What is a baseband processor?
In signal processing, baseband describes signals and systems whose range of frequencies is measured from zero to a maximum bandwidth or highest signal frequency. It is sometimes used as a noun for a band of frequencies starting at zero.
In telecommunications, it is the frequency range occupied by a message signal prior to modulation.
It can be considered as a synonym to low-pass.
Baseband is also sometimes used as a general term for part of the physical components of a wireless communications product. Typically, it includes the control circuitry (microprocessor), the power supply, and amplifiers.
A baseband processor is an IC that is mainly used in a mobile phone to process communication functions.
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2009-09-15 LTE processor achieves 100Mbit/s downlink
Wavesat Inc. has developed a chip for Long Term Evolution (LTE) communications that supports 100Mbit/s downlink and 50Mbit/s uplink; so called CAT-3 capability.
2005-09-14 LSI Logic's platform ASIC validates TTPCom 3G modem
LSI Logic Corp.'s RapidChip Integrator2 platform has been selected by U.K.-based TTPCom for its next-generation 3G cellular modem technology, named Cellular Baseband Macro 3G.
2002-07-24 Low-power RF niche in AMI's sights
In a bid to expand into standard-products portfolios, AMI Semiconductor Inc. will unveil plans to field an RF transceiver chip aimed at the pending low-power IEEE 802.15.4 spec.
2012-05-24 Low-power DSP architecture meets wide range of wireless standards
The CEVA-XC4000 programmable low-power DSP architecture framework uses an innovative instruction set to enable highly complex, software-based baseband processing which otherwise could only be accomplished with dedicated hardware.
2010-02-16 Low-power Bluetooth module handles single, dual modes
Nordic's Insight SiP ISP091201 Bluetooth low-energy SiP module includes MicroBlue nRF8001 connectivity-on-chip solution, integrating radio, baseband and software stack plus an integrated antenna.
2008-10-14 Low-cost tuner module enhances power efficiency
Frontier Silicon has begun sampling the latest version of its digital audio broadcasting receiver module, which employs a smaller version of its Kino 3 baseband processor IC.
2006-07-19 LG taps Infineon platform for EDGE cellphones
Infineon Technologies announced that LG Electronics has chosen Infineon's MP-E platform for its new EDGE cellphones.
2008-04-16 Learning from the superhet
Trying to transform an unmanageable problem into one that can be managed, and then solving it, rather than approaching it directly, is a good approach to keep in mind for the system design challenges all engineers face.
2013-01-18 Latest Intel Atom targets low-end smartphones
The platform-formerly known as Lexington-is aimed at developing regions where consumers are demanding low-cost smartphones that deliver high performance and a full feature set.
2006-05-24 Korean WiMAX developer licenses Silicon Hive IP
South Korean developer of WiMAX products POSDATA has licensed IP from Silicon Hive for the design of a baseband chip that will be embedded in mobile WiMAX terminal chips.
2012-09-13 iPhone 5 makes grand debut
Apple unveiled the latest models of its iPhone and iPod brands with much fanfare.
2007-06-15 Interfacing RF I/Q modulators with popular DACs
The purpose of this application note is to illustrate the circuits required to interface these modulators with several popular DACs.
2007-06-19 Interfacing RF I/Q modulators with popular D/A converters
The purpose of this application note is to illustrate the circuits required to interface RF I/Q modulators with several popular D/A converters.
2011-10-31 Intel's struggles in digital TV
The problem, in part, is Intel seems to take a bulldozer approach to new market development. Too often, the company drive ambitious initiatives aggressively without its key stakeholders.
2006-10-20 Intel WiMAX chip supports mobile networks
Intel has announced the availability of Intel WiMAX Connection 2250, the company's next-generation SoC and its first designed to support mobile networks in addition to fixed networks.
2006-10-13 Intel solution eases building out a WiMAX network
Intel has announced the NetStructure baseband card that combines transport, control and baseband processing in a standards-based AdvancedMC form factor.
2010-11-11 Intel entering wireless arena again
Intel seems to be gearing up for the wireless market with the acquisition of Infineon's baseband business, which in turn is taking over an LTE specialist, and the licensing of a 4G communications DSP.
2010-11-08 Intel buys LTE IP specialist
Infineon's wireless business unit is taking over Blue Wonder Communications GmbH, a specialist in LTE communications.
2009-12-14 Integrated receiver chip minimizes DTV BOM
The miniature RF-to-baseband chip architecture combines tuner, demodulator, filters and amplifiers.
2009-11-30 Infineon, Nokia work on 1Gbit/s LTE solutions
Nokia and Infineon will work together to ensure that current and future generations of Nokia's licensable modem designs work seamlessly with Infineon's RF transceiver solutions.
2002-06-12 Infineon, Konka launch K5238 dual-band GSM mobile phones
Infineon Technologies and Konka Telecommunications Technology Co. Ltd have launched the K5238, a full-featured dual-band GSM/GPRS phone.
2004-07-23 Infineon sees sales gains wiped out by antitrust charges
Munich-based semiconductor supplier Infineon Technologies AG reported revenue of $2.3 billion in its third 2004 fiscal quarter ended June, up from $2.06 billion the second fiscal quarter and $1.8 billion in the year-ago third fiscal quarter.
2015-03-11 Infineon returns to MWC: 'We never left'
The Munich-based company has a lot to offer at the Mobile World Congress, with its focus on connectivity, sensing, security and the energy efficiency it can bring to connected devices that need power.
2003-03-10 Infineon expands wireless solutions offering with acquisition
Infineon Technologies AG has announced that its subsidiary, Infineon Technologies North America Corp., has agreed to acquire the assets of MorphICs Technology Inc.
2011-02-01 Icera samples Espresso chipset for smartphones
Aimed at HSPA+ smartphones, Icera's Espresso 450 consists of new baseband and RF chips, and delivers quad band HSPA+ of up to 28Mbps together with full quad band 2G/3G voice support functions.
2010-03-22 IC forecasts: What keeps analysts bullish, worried
Although the signs are positive in the chip sector this year, there are still some concerns. Here are 10 reasons to remain bullishand worriedabout 2010.
2002-11-15 IC allows continuous connection across 802.11 networks
TI's new multimode WLAN solution allows interoperability between 802.11a, 802.11b, and 802.11g PHY layers as well as provide continuous connection.
2007-12-17 HSPA SoC bundles 3G protocols
Broadcom Corp. is sampling a single-chip HSPA processor that's said to integrate all key 3G cellular and mobile technologies on a low-power, 65nm CMOS die.
2013-04-17 Handsets push market for integrated platforms
ABI Research announced that in 2012, 19 per cent of handsets shipped were based on an integrated platform, set to more than double to 46 per cent in 2018.
2005-06-06 GPS solution draws
u-Nav Microelectronics unveiled its uN9018 chipset, which is a low power, high performance GPS receiver solution that features the uN1008 CMOS RF frontend and the highly integrated uN8130 baseband processor
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