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2007-09-11 Using the DS2786 battery fuel gauge in a 2-cell battery pack
This application note details a circuit that only requires two additional ICs to utilize the DS2786 in a 2-cell battery pack
2008-01-31 TI expands portfolio of battery fuel gauge with LDOs
TI has introduced two new battery fuel gauge devices with integrated LDOs for smart phones, mobile Internet devices and media players with embedded or removable batteries.
2003-02-27 TI battery monitor calculates capacity, run-time
The company's bgJunior battery fuel gauge is capable of calculating the remaining battery capacity and system run-time within a single chip.
2007-04-23 Storing battery fuel gauge parameters in the DS2781
This application note describes the calculations for converting the typical units into units that are stored in the DS2781.
2008-09-15 Multicell Li-ion and Li-Pol battery gas-gauge application using the bq26500
This application report describes implementation of multicell battery packs using bq26500 circuits
2013-03-14 Maxim's battery fuel gauge touts maximised capacity
Ideal for portable applications, the MAX17050 provides the best possible accuracy, uses 4 times less power, and shrinks solutions by 3 times compared to competitive devices.
2013-07-05 Li-Ion battery fuel gauge for medical, industrial apps
The bq27421 is a Li-Ion battery fuel gauge integrated circuit which boosts battery run-time in portable medical devices 50 per cent and allows consumers to see remaining capacity.
2008-11-26 Integrated battery chargers target portable apps
Texas Instruments Inc. has launched four 28V, 1.5A linear charge management ICs with integrated FETs aimed at smart phones and other portable electronics.
2012-03-12 How precise are battery fuel gauges
Read about the challenges in accurately measuring stored energy capacity.
2007-10-04 Fuel gauge IC says how much power is left, accurately
Texas Instruments has launched a system-side fuel-gauge IC that can measure remaining battery capacity in Li-ion batteries.
2011-06-24 Fine-tuning Impedance Track battery fuel gauge with LiFePO4 cells in shallow discharge apps
The Impedance Track battery-fuel gauging technology from Texas Instruments (TI) is an adaptive algorithm that learns how a battery's characteristics change over time
2006-08-14 Dallas Semi unrolls programmable battery fuel gauge
Dallas Semiconductor's programmable 1-cell Li-ion fuel gauge and protector promises an efficient platform for customizing battery fuel-gauging algorithms.
2003-05-12 Dallas battery gauge monitors down to 625?A
The company's DS2751 multichemistry battery fuel gauge IC integrates a 25-milliohm sense resistor, enabling it to measure up to 1.9A.
2013-02-20 Characterise battery for use with fuel gauge
Here's a look at the setup and procedure for characterizing a battery
2008-10-09 Battery management ICs protect lithium battery packs
Texas Instruments Inc. has launched three new smart battery management ICs that improve measurement and protection of multicell, lithium-based battery packs
2008-02-05 Battery fuel gauge with LDO rolls for mobile apps
TI has introduced two new battery fuel gauge devices with integrated LDOs for smart phones, mobile Internet devices and media players with embedded or removable batteries.
2006-06-05 Battery fuel gauge does measurement, data storage
Dallas Semi's battery fuel gauge integrates current, voltage and temperature measurement and nonvolatile data storage in one IC.
2014-10-15 Using I2C comm with the bq275xx fuel gauges
Here are two examples that illustrate the bit-transaction details of I2 commands used with the Texas Instruments bq275xx series of battery fuel gauges
2015-06-15 Taking apart the iPhone 6 Plus battery
TechInsights looked into the iPhone 6 Plus battery, weighing in at 43g, which initially is not standing out from the trend line and does not seem to be special, but being Apple it is nonetheless interesting
2008-10-23 Protection IC offers cell balancing for 10-cell battery packs
Maxim Integrated Products has developed the DS2726, a standalone protection IC with integrated cell balancing for 5- to 10-cell Li-ion battery packs
2007-03-21 Programmable fuel gauge suits 1- or 2-cell apps
Dallas Semiconductor has launched a programmable fuel gauge for 1- or 2-cell applications
2011-11-17 Operate fuel gauge and charger without host controller
Read about the use of chargers and gas gauges as a nonhost-control, battery charging system
2006-01-24 New stand-alone fuel gauge from Dallas
Dallas Semiconductor's DS2781 stand-alone fuel gauge calculates remaining capacity for 1- or 2-cell Li+ and Li+ polymer battery packs.
2006-02-17 Mitsumi unveils its latest battery protection ICs
The new high precision overcharge and over-discharge protection IC from Mitsumi features a built-in LDO for microcomputer and fuel gauge power
2003-04-02 Microchip NiMH battery monitor touts accuracy
Microchip Technology's PS402 battery monitor IC integrates all the rechargeable battery monitoring functions for NiMH batteries in a single 28-pin SSOP
2004-09-30 Microchip fuel-gauge provides precise predictions
Microchip developed an integrated, field-reprogrammable, fuel-gauge for two-, three-, and four-cell Li-ion and Lithium Polymer batteries
2010-07-16 Li+ battery fuel gauges work without current sensing
Maxim launched the the MAX17040/MAX17041 and MAX17043/MAX17044 1- and 2-cell fuel-gauge ICs, which function without requiring current sensing
2002-05-21 ICC fuel gauges target cordless
International Components Corp.'s line of battery fuel gauges is designed for power tools with NiMH batteries
2015-04-22 How to manage power in single-cell battery system
In this article, we examine a reference design that provides charging, protection and monitoring for a single coin-cell battery to supply mobile devices
2002-12-20 Handset-Based Fuel Gauging
This application note discusses how an accurate fuel gauge can be maintained on the handset side of the application by storing data essential to operation in nonvolatile (NV) memory located inside the pack
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