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2004-03-24 Siliconix rolls out devices for battery-operated portable apps
Siliconix has released an analog switch and multiplexer housed in the 3-by-3mm QFN-12 package and aimed at battery-operated portable applications.
2006-07-17 New LDO regulator ICs tailored for battery-operated portable devices
New Japan Radio unveiled two new products that target battery-operated portable devicesthe NJU7777 and NJU7254.
2004-08-10 Mobility obtains patent on battery operated power supply
Mobility Electronics Inc. has received a patent related to the technology utilized in its line of power products from the United States Patent Office.
2005-08-03 LED module from Para Light targets battery-operated devices
Para Light now offers an enhanced-power LED module as a light source for any battery-operated device or for use in flashlights.
2008-05-13 Hall-effect switch suits battery-operated apps
Allegro's new ultrasensitive, Hall-effect switch features operation at low supply currents and voltages, making it suitable for battery-operated electronics.
2010-01-18 FPGA suits battery-operated handheld apps
SiliconBlue Technologies Corp. has released a new FPGA device targeted at battery-operated handheld products.
2005-02-08 Flash MCU targets low power, battery operated apps
EM Micro's new flash MCU delivers a high level of integration, making the new device suitable for use in battery-operated and cost sensitive apps.
2006-09-25 Exar unveils UARTs for battery-operated consumer devices
Exar Corp. expanded its serial communications product portfolio with the release of a new family of high performance, low voltage UARTs.
2009-04-28 Building a battery operated auto ranging DVM with the ICL7106
This application note describes a technique for auto-ranging a battery operated DVM suitable for panel meter applications. Also, circuit ideas will be presented for conductance and resistance measurement, 9V battery and 5V supply operations, and current measurement.
2008-06-18 UART device targets consumer, industrial apps
Exar recently launched next-generation high performance and low voltage quad-channel device family to its broad UART line, targeting a wide variety of battery-operated portable consumer products as well as industrial applications.
2011-03-04 Renesas' RX MCU family expands with new RX200 series
Renesas' RX200 32-bit MCUs are targeted for applications such as smart meters, smartphones, intelligent sensors and almost all portable battery-operated devices.
2002-06-03 QuadTech insulation resistance tester measures up to 2 gigaohms
The IR800 handheld electrical insulation tester from QuadTech Inc. measures insulation resistance from 100 kiloohms to 2 gigaohms with a maximum resolution of 100 kiloohms (2 megohms) and an accuracy of 2 percent (up to 200 megohms) or 6 percent (2 gigaohms).
2014-03-12 Dynamic power mgmt for efficient battery charging
Know the critical design considerations for extending battery run time.
2014-05-27 Wireless tech lends power to battery-run electronics
element14 Community's Wireless Power Challenge has yielded projects exploring wireless technology to serve as wireless power base to charge battery-operated devices and other electronic appliances.
2010-03-04 Wireless MCUs tailored for home automation, metering
Silicon Laboratories has released the ultralow-power Si10xx wireless microcontroller family that addresses the power and RF requirements of battery-operated home automation systems.
2001-05-01 Ultralow-power supply voltage supervisor family TPS383x
This application note describes the TPS383x supply voltage supervisor circuit family that features an extremely low supply current, and finds applications in battery-operated systems.
2006-08-07 UARTs operating at 1.8V target battery-powered apps
At 1.8V operating levels and a data-transfer speed of 16Mbps, Exar's XR16M and XR68M UART series is suitable for a variety of battery operated consumer products.
2014-08-07 u-blox pays $7M for Antcor Wi-Fi base band IP
Antcor's wireless base band IP portfolio includes 802.11ah IP that employs a flexible architecture for battery-operated devices such as wearables and sensors.
2013-02-25 Transceiver targets 60GHz multi-Gb wireless comm
Imec and Panasonic unveiled a low power beamforming transceiver chipset that can be used in low-cost, high-data rate solutions for battery-operated mobile devices.
2002-06-05 TI offers op amps in SC70 packages
Texas Instruments Inc. has announced that it is offering its OPA34x series op amplifiers in SC70 packages, enabling them to fit into portable and battery-operated applications.
2003-01-03 TI comparator fits battery-powered systems
The TLV349x family of push-pull output comparators from Texas Instruments Inc. draws 1.2?A current, exhibits a response time of 6?S, operates from a 1.8V supply. It is packaged in a SOT23, making it suitable for portable and battery-operated systems.
2001-08-21 Thyristor/Diode measurement with a multimeter
This application note describes proper measurement of thyristor and diode parameters using a battery-operated multimeter.
2004-05-19 STMicro voltage reference offers controlled output
Designed for computer motherboards and STBs, instrumentation, battery chargers, switch-mode power supplies (SMPS) and battery-operated equipment, the TS3431 low-voltage shunt voltage reference of STMicroelectronics is claimed by the company to provide a precisely controlled output and can be used to replace Zener diodes.
2015-10-12 Singapore tests drone for mail delivery
The battery-operated drone, which is designed for use in dense urban landscapes, can carry a payload of up to half a kilogramme, fly at a height of up to 45m and travel a distance of 2.3km.
2009-09-25 Samsung gears phase-change RAM for mobiles
Samsung has begun production of a 512Mbit phase-change RAM and is aiming it at mobile phone handsets and other battery-operated applications.
2008-04-28 Reduce power consumption in UWB chips
One especially sweet spot for UWB and Wireless USB is in mobile, battery-operated devices requiring high bandwidth and low power consumption.
2014-09-16 Power management IC features 4MHz switching frequencies
The chip from AMS also integrates DC-DC buck and boost converters, step-down controller and LDOspower management building blocks required to power Li-ion battery-operated handheld devices.
2002-12-24 Maxim battery monitors eliminate battery chatter
The MAX6439 to MAX6442 battery monitors from Maxim Integrated Products Inc. feature an internal hysteresis window to eliminate low-battery chatter in battery-operated systems.
2011-03-15 Magnetic rotary encoder senses positions
austriamicrosystems' AS5050 10-bit magnetic rotary encoder IC is targeted for robotics, servo motor control and as an input device for low-cost, battery-operated appliances.
2010-03-09 Low-power modes and auto-wake/sleep using the MMA8450Q
Accelerometers are commonly used in handheld electronics and/or battery operated electronic devices. Consumption of current in the entire system is a critical feature of the product design.
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