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2014-03-25 Mentor enters AMS verification field with BDA purchase
The acquisition of BDA gives Mentor a leg up on the competition for AMS design and verification, which levels the playing field against the two EDA giants, Cadence and Synopsys.
2006-12-06 Mandating China mobile TV spec, bad move
China's move to force-feed a new mobile TV standard is a bad move and adds further pressure to implement some sort of mobile TV service by the 2008 Summer Olympics.
2005-08-11 Blu-ray Disc Association announces triple-protection Digital Rights Management schemes
BDA announced that it is adopting the most comprehensive content management system ever employed on an optical disc format
2008-03-17 China overtakes U.S. as largest Internet market
China is now the world's largest Internet market, surpassing the United States in the number of users, research firm BDA reported.
2005-08-11 Blu-ray discs to adopt robust content protection
In a move to protect against illegal copying and large scale piracy, the Blu-ray Disc Association (BDA) has adopted one of the most comprehensive content management systems employed on an optical disc format.
2008-07-25 Update: CEA to look into 3DTV spec proposal
The Consumer Electronics Association (CEA) will explore the possibility of setting standards for 3DTV, seen by many observers as the next big thing in home entertainment.
2009-05-28 Triple-mode PC TV tuner comes in half-mini card
NXP Semiconductors has unveiled what it claims to be the first triple-mode PC TV tuner in a low-power half-mini card form factor, providing access to the widest range of global content for an improved viewing experience.
2009-08-14 Toshiba to join Blu-ray Disc Association
Toshiba Corp. announced plans to introduce products that support the Blu-ray format.
2006-09-18 Spice tools rev speed, accuracy
Berkeley Design Automation released in August two products that claim to speed Spice simulation by five- to tenfold while preserving full Spice accuracy.
2012-05-16 SMIC gets government support in Beijing expansion
Semiconductor Manufacturing International Corp. has announced the signing of a cooperation framework document between its subsidiary SMIC Beijing and the Beijing municipal government.
2005-12-01 Pocket-sized DVB-T receiver targets PCs
Micronas announced the immediate availability of MicStickD, a production-ready reference design which enables watching and controlling live DVB-T broadcasts on any USB 2.0-equipped desktop and notebook PC.
2007-02-06 Panasonic builds Blu-ray testing center
Panasonic Corp. of North America will put up a Panasonic Hollywood Blu-ray Testing Center (PHBTC) within the existing facilities of Panasonic Hollywood Laboratory.
2008-03-11 NXP claims 'smallest' triple-mode PCTV chip
NXP Semiconductors says it has launched the world's smallest single-chip PCTV solution, the SAA7231, that supports worldwide broadcast standards.
2006-12-18 No-frills phones gain ground in China
The vision of a billion people equipped with cellphones is creeping toward reality in China, as the market for ultralow-cost handsets begins to build unexpected momentum.
2005-11-11 MGM backs Blu-ray Disc format
Metro Goldwyn-Meyer (MGM) has announced that it is supporting the new high definition Blu-ray Disc format
2006-10-27 Low-cost phones soar in China
The market for ultralow-cost handsets is beginning to take off faster than expected in China.
2008-07-31 Laird Tech takes wrap off thermal interface material
Laird Technologies Inc. announced the launch of its T-flex 700 for use as a thermal interface material.
2003-01-22 Joint venture gives Chinese 3G spec a boost
A handful of high-profile companies are giving China's 3G mobile standard a boost by agreeing to develop products based on the technology and forming long term partnerships and joint ventures.
2009-08-24 Japan's Navitime tops Navteq APAC LBS Challenge
Navteq has named Navitime the grand prize winner of the Asia-Pacific (APAC) edition of the 2009 Navteq Global LBS Challenge.
2007-07-16 India, China cellphone markets go head-to-head
Big multinational cellphone makers have piled onto India, chasing trendsetters and first-time buyers in remote villages. Expansion in India now rivals China, the world's largest cellular market.
2010-03-31 HD cable converter box SoC supports China AVS
Broadcom offers a low-cost, HD digital cable converter box SoC solution featuring an integrated DVB-C tuner and QAM demodulator, and HD AVC support covering China AVS.
2004-10-11 Group formed to promote Blu-ray Disc format
Fourteen companies have joined forces to promote the Blu-ray Disc format through a new industry association launched here.
2006-02-15 Despite gaining on China, Indian mobile market has long haul
India will surpass China in new mobile telephone subscriptions in 2006, but will continue to trail its technology rival in market potential for years to come, especially in lucrative 3G services, according to an analyst.
2007-01-01 China's homegrown spec hits true 3G speed
China's mobile-phone technology has finally broken into the realm of honest-to-goodness 3G, with handset data rates reaching 384Kbps in real-world conditions.
2006-07-11 China's 3G standard hits a snag
Mobile phone test equipment suppliers say the lack of test equipment hinders the commercialization of China's 3G standard.
2007-03-16 China's 3G spec still deferred
Testing of China's 3G standard has been extended into Q4, dashing handset chipmakers' hopes of cashing in on 3G phones this year.
2005-01-21 China to allow more cellphone vendors into local market
China's already competitive mobile phone handset market is expected to intensify this year as the government prepares to widen the market by issuing more licenses to local and foreign vendors allowing them to sell handsets.
2007-04-04 China Netcom to implement domestic A/V codec
China Netcom, one of China's major wired-telecom companies, will implement a homegrown A/V codec in its fledgling IPTV network this year.
2007-07-16 China mobile TV spec gains strong backers
Key support from two pioneering chip design houses may help a fledgling mobile TV spec pull ahead of the field of competitors vying to become China's national standard.
2007-06-05 China implements universal cellphone charger
China is enforcing a compulsory universal cellphone charger standard starting this month, the goal of which is to reduce the number of chargers thrown away each year due to cellphone upgrades.
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