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2006-07-18 Vistec unrolls new electron beam lithography tool
Vistec announced it has already accepted orders for the new VB300 electron beam lithography tool targeting nano-lithography e-beam direct write and next-gen mask appslications
2009-01-14 Trio works on e-beam solutions
Vistec Electron Beam Lithography Group, CEA/Leti and D2S Inc. have announced a collaboration focused on refining and validating advanced design-for-e-beam (DFEB) solutions for the 45nm and 32nm nodes
2010-08-05 SEM offers high beam current, low vacuum capability
The series of ultra-high resolution scanning electron microscopes are designed to provide nanometer-scale resolution and ultra-precise analysis on a wide range of samples.
2002-09-23 Group to develop low-energy e-beam litho system
Toshiba Corp. and three partners have joined forces to develop a maskless, low-energy electron-beam direct-writing system for SoC devices
2011-07-07 E-beam lithography speeds up chip production
MIT researchers have demonstrated the practicability of e-beam lithography in shrinking and mass producing computer chips
2002-04-16 E-beam lithography consortium gains five more members
Five more companies have joined the Leepl Consortium, which is developing and promoting the Low Energy E-beam Proximity Projection Lithography system, scheduled to hit the market early next year
2009-02-26 Chip vendors unite for e-beam initiative
The eBeam Initiative, a multi-company effort dedicated to the advancement of e-beam direct-write technology for semiconductor prototyping and low-volume manufacturing, was formally launched at the SPIE Advanced Lithography
2005-10-18 Applied exits e-beam, laser tool markets
Applied Materials Inc. is quietly exiting the electron-beam and laser pattern-generation equipment markets, ending a painful and loss-ridden period in the competitive sectors, according to industry sources.
2010-04-26 3D-patterning technique trumps e-beam litho
IBM Research claims that a 3D technique for patterning at the atomic scale can outperform e-beam lithography in speed and resolution, at lower cost
2011-08-01 UV LEDs tout >50,000-hour life span
Lumex has revealed new UV LEDs that offer 50 percent cost savings, up to 70 percent energy savings and new 355, 365 and 377nm wavelengths.
2005-06-29 Toppan to expand semiconductor plant in Ichon
Toppan Photomasks Inc. plans to expand its Ichon, South Korea, facility.
2004-01-09 Toshiba device reduces measurement errors
Toshiba Corp. has announced that it would market a focus measurement technology that improves the focal measurement performance of semiconductor systems.
2002-12-26 Nanoimprint lithography ready to make its mark
A potentially low-cost form of lithography affectionately known as
2014-07-21 Intel, Berkeley Lab develop super-resist for EUV
The innovative super-resist addresses the demands of advanced nodes of 10nm and below using extreme-ultra-violet light, which needs both sensitivity and mechanical stability.
2008-12-04 Holographic technique could boost lab-on-a-chip
Purdue University researchers have developed an electrokinetic patterning technique that utilizes laser and holograms to quickly position numerous tiny particles.
2003-04-03 FEI offers system to modify 90nm chips
The company has announced the development of a new focused ion beam system capable of accessing and rewiring the metal stacks on 90nm ICs
2010-02-02 UV LEDs promise improved lifespan, durability
Lumex's QuasarBrite UV family of LEDs provides a 10x longer lifespan, a tight beam angle, enhanced durability and up to 50 percent cost savings compared to alternative technologies
2007-04-03 Researchers tout cheaper technique to 65nm
Researchers at the Georgia Institute of Technology and Focal Point Microsystems announced 3D multiphoton lithography, a technique that claims to enable a cheaper, easier way to pattern at the 65nm node
2014-02-17 Quantum photolithography writes 1nm lines at industry speed
An experiment headed by Storex CEO Eugen Pavel was conducted using a proprietary photoresist material that functions as a nanolens, enabling a very high resolution at the centre of the beam
2008-06-03 Maskless tools to boost ASIC throughputs
E-Shuttle Inc. is set to improve its direct-write e-beam capabilities and explore the future use of next-generation maskless tools from Mapper Lithography NV and other startups in the arena, making e-beam tools a probative technology in mainstream production fabs
2014-03-04 DSA technique pushes chip fabrication below 20nm
The MIT researchers' directed self-assembly technique utilises block copolymer self-assembly that facilitates the reduction of pattern sizes in photolithography and electron-beam photolithography.
2011-09-06 UV LEDs offer 10x longer life span
Lumex has announced a family of UV LEDs that claim to save energy consumption by 70 percent and lower costs by 50 percent compared to CCFLs.
2009-02-20 MIMO antenna improves WLAN operations
From Laird Technologies Inc. comes the SM24513P3 dual-band multiple input multiple output (MIMO) internal antenna designed to enhance the latest generation of WLAN technology systems.
2012-02-22 Lenses geared for Cree's white LEDs
LEDiL released 33 lenses qualified for use with Cree's XLamp XT-E white LEDs that claim to deliver twice the lumens-per-dollar of other LEDs.
2012-01-27 LEDs target camera auxiliary flash
The ASMT-Fx70 LEDs provide a 14 degree viewing angle and are available in small 3.6 x 3.2 x 3.4mm surface-mount package.
2007-02-09 Green-LED flash aids auto-focus digicams in the dark
Avago has introduced a green, high-brightness auto focus auxiliary flash LED to assist the auto focusing function in digicams used in low ambient light conditions.
2015-08-10 Designing phase adjustable PA for 5G front-ends
In this article, we describe the design of a 4-channel transmitter IC with each channel containing a power amplifier with integral 4bit phase shifter.
2008-02-06 Will EUV litho ever cross over from R&D to production?
The procurement of an R&D EUV lithography tool from Nikon has reportedly been put off by Intel, raising more questions about the viability of EUV for mass chip production.
2002-01-09 Veeco, Photronics partner in next-generation photomasks
Veeco Instruments Inc. and Photronics Inc. have formed a strategic relationship focused on developing manufacturing technologies for fabrication of enhanced reticles and next-generation lithography masks.
2002-08-28 Unnatural optics create precise photonic lens
Optical experiments using arrays of nanowires are demonstrating that the concept of a negative refractive index could be realized in practical systems.
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