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2014-11-13 Tumour as industrial accident: Court favours Samsung ex-workers
People join big companies to make a living, but former employees of South Korea's tech giant contracted incurable diseases while in employment, suggesting that they were after all working with one foot in their grave.
2013-04-26 Open-shell PAHs gain attention of A*STAR researchers
The molecules consist of interlocked, benzene-like rings and contain unpaired electrons whose interactions make the compounds extremely responsive to light- and electron-based stimuli.
2012-12-26 Nanotech research advance new quantum computers
A*STAR researchers reveal that scanning tunnelling microscopy of super benzene oligomers offer a plan for creating new types of quantum computers based on information localized inside molecular bonds.
2014-11-10 South Korean ex-workers file for industrial disease claims
Nineteen South Korean electronics companies' workers and family members filed for industrial accident compensation. Eight of the applicants are suffering from leukaemia or a disease similar to it, while others have brain tumours, breast cancer, and acute renal failure, among other ailments.
2016-01-14 Samsung yields to improve wafer fab working conditions
According to reports, the Korean company has agreed to help set up an independent committee that will be able to inspect its semiconductor facilities amid worker cancer claims.
2013-10-16 Organic semiconductors open path for flexible electronics
Organic semiconductors made from small aromatic molecules can be dissolved and screen-printed onto many substrates, which can be used for bendable electronic devices such as low-cost solar cells.
2003-11-25 NEC, Tokuyama develop resist for 8nm line widths
NEC and Tokuyama have jointly developed an electron beam resist that enables 8nm line etching with edge roughness of <1nm.
2004-10-26 Mitsubishi touts new low-k material
Mitsubishi claims to have developed an insulator material with a lower dielectric constant and increased robustness compared to current materials.
2004-06-16 Innovations are born out of the usual
By thinking out of the ordinary, Silicon Laboratories' Susanne Paul came up with one of the most significant RF innovations in a decade.
2010-04-01 Graphene key to hydrogen storage issues
Stacked sheets of graphene may be a promising material for capturing and storing hydrogen for future fuel-cell systems, according to recent research at NIST and the University of Pennsylvania.
2014-09-08 Apple supplier's China factory: Hazard to workers' safety?
Catcher Technology, which makes iPad covers and fifth-generation iPod parts, was found in violation for poor working conditions at its Suqian factory, with significant amounts of aluminium-magnesium alloy shreddings on the floor and improper ventilation.
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