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2003-03-24 Xuyang SIDACs fit pulse generators, lamp triggers
The K series of SIDACs from Wuxi Xuyang Electronics Co. Ltd is available in DO-15 and DO-201A packages and is designed for use in pulse generator systems.
2003-05-28 T3 Protection
This application note presents a design for providing T3 protection using the company's SIDACtor devices.
2003-04-30 SIDACtor Comparison scale
This document shows the V-I characteristics of sidacs with negative resistance and positive switching slope.
2003-05-12 LCAS Protection
This document presents the P1200S and P2000S series of SIDACtors to protect Lucent's LCAS family of relays.
2003-04-30 Digital Line Card Circuit Protection
This document presents the SIDACtor solid state overvoltage protection and TeleLink time lag fuse devices that can be used to protect digital line card circuits.
2009-02-24 Control boards fuse high performance, flexibility
LCR Electronics is offering a wide range of general purpose triac (triode for alternating current) control boards that combine low pricing with high quality performance.
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