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2002-12-11 TI rolls out low-cost 300MHz DSPs
Reinforcing its stated goal of bringing high-performance digital signal processing to the masses, Texas Instruments Inc. has introduced two low-power, 300MHz DSPs with dual multiply-accumulate units at a starting price of $5.
2006-09-29 TI floating-point DSP available for $5.75
The TMS320C6720 floating-point DSP from Texas Instruments is priced at $5.75 and runs at 200MHz.
2002-11-21 TI embedded processor combines DSP, RISC cores
Texas Instruments' OMAP5910 dual-core embedded processor combines DSP and RISC processors, and is targeted at multimedia-enhanced apps.
2014-05-21 TI DSP delivers up to 200MHz
The DSP from Texas Instruments enables faster data processing while consuming less power, suited for power-hungry audio and video analytic applications.
2007-07-16 Taiwan shows to dish out new design solutions
If you're hungry for the latest embedded development tools, EDA solutions and test technologies, you may want to feast at the 7th Embedded Systems Conference-Taiwan and 15th EDA & Test-Taiwan Conference & Exhibition, which will gather the world's top vendors, and showcase a smorgasbord of fresh design and test solutions on August 23-24 at the Taipei International Convention Center.
2007-06-19 ST's 32bit flash MCU promises more design freedom
ST has launched a new family of 32bit flash MCUs that draw power from the ARM Cortex-M3's many enhancements to address low power, high performance and low cost products.
2012-10-10 ST to provide sensor tech for remote monitoring system
The BodyGuardian Remote Monitoring System is enabled by ST hardware and software technology that includes MEMS, STM32 microcontrollers, and analogue components with advanced ST-proprietary algorithms.
2003-07-21 ST chip to be used for notarized document security
The U.S.-based National Notary Association will secure its new electronic record-keeping system with fingerprint biometric technology based on STMicro's TouchChip.
2003-04-01 Signature authentication brings new opportunities
Biometric signature authentication system can identify a person by using an electronic pen and extracting characteristic vectors of a person's signature.
2004-10-29 Sharp begins shipping IC modules to Australia for e-passports
Responding to a fast-approaching deadline by the U.S. Dept. of Homeland Security for global deployment of electronically readable visas, Japan's Sharp Corp. has begun volume shipments of its large-capacity contactless IC module to the Australian government, which recently began an e-passport pilot program.
2006-07-05 Secure processor integrates RFID tech
The BCM5890 secure processor from Broadcom is touted to be the world's first secure processor with integrated RFID technology.
2014-02-14 Rise in IoT breeds new type of embedded memory
Resistive RAM (RRAM) technology claims to provide the cost competitiveness needed for consumer electronics, home appliances, wireless sensors networks and even disposable electronics.
2007-08-06 Prospects dim for semiconductor IP sector
The semiconductor IP sector is turning out to be non-profit business, with most IP vendors losing money in this arena.
2013-08-06 Printed electronics enables flexible sensor design
Discover how printed electronics is opening up large flexible sensor design opportunities.
2010-08-02 Platform supports scalable, one-stop authentication management
Hitachi ID Systems Inc.unveils an authentication management platform that it claims can manage any and every authentication factor employed by a corporate user.
2002-04-11 Photon Vision sensor goes beyond HDTV
Photon Vision Systems Inc. has developed a CMOS imaging sensor with an 8.3-million-pixel resolution (3,840x2,160)four times higher than that of HDTV and 32 times the resolution of standard TV.
2010-08-02 PC, network protection software centralizes security
DigitalPersona Inc. reveals a comprehensive endpoint protection solution for access management, data protection and communication security.
2009-07-03 Panavision, Tower team on linear image sensors
Panavision Imaging LLC and Tower Semiconductor Ltd have announced production of Panavision's family of DLIS-2K re-configurable line scan CMOS image sensors.
2009-12-28 Palm scan technology reads veins for security
The solution combines Fujitsu PalmSecure Logondirector with IBM Tivoli Access Manager for a comprehensive authentication solution.
2003-01-20 Outlook 2003 - Knowing the market cycle
The industry again finds itself at the bottom of a market cycle that we know all too well. It is during these down-turns that leading companies incubate the new technologies and products that will drive the next upswing.
2008-09-09 NXP roadmap drives application-specific solutions
After going private two years ago and having recently sold off its wireless group to STMicroelectronics, NXP Semiconductors now faces formidable challenges in redefining itself.
2008-03-06 Next-gen PC security receives Phoenix-Atmel favor
Phoenix Technologies and Atmel have blended Atmel's FingerChip biometric security solutions in Phoenix FailSafe and SecureCore PBA products, to enhance security in next-generation PCs.
2005-01-05 New products dictate industry growth
The IC industry's growth depends on new and exciting products that will be rolled out in the market.
2004-03-25 NEC algorithm provides accurate personal identification
NEC has developed a 3D face recognition algorithm that realizes a personal identification matching rate of 96.5 percent.
2002-05-23 National CMOS sensors target industrial apps
The LM96XX family of CMOS sensors from National Semiconductor Corp. offers low power dissipation, and improved dynamic range and light sensitivity suitable for a variety of consumer and industrial imaging applications.
2005-06-27 Micron rolls 1.7?m pixel sensor
Micron Technology publicly demonstrated last month the functionality of what it touts as the industry's first 1.7?m pixel image sensor.
2005-05-23 Micron demos pixel image sensor
Micron Technology Inc. publicly demonstrated functionality of the industry's first 1.7micron (?m) pixel image sensor at Imaging Sensor 2005, a technical symposium organized by Nikkei Electronics in Tokyo, Japan.
2012-03-16 MCUs offer lowest power consumption requirements
All devices in the portfolio are designed for the lowest possible power consumption using Atmel's picoPower technology, operating down to 1.62V while maintaining all functionality and short wake-up times.
2007-11-14 LSI offers fingerprint authentication accelerator
Oki Electric Industry has unveiled the ML67Q5250 application-specific standard LSI with a fingerprint authentication accelerator.
2015-10-01 LED light, sensors to enable next-gen medical devices
ams developed the sensing solutions to fill the future market needs, which means a move from today's dumb LEDs to complete spectrally-cognitive sensor platforms and boost IoT deployment.
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