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2016-03-02 Lab-on-a-chip innovation advances biophotonics, 3D printing
KTH Royal Institute of Technology researchers created a novel polymer geared for photostructuring, a technique for creating micro-scale shapes.
2013-01-28 Femtosecond laser targets multi-photon microscopy
The Carmel CFL-05RFF0 offers 780nm, 500mW of power, 10nJ of pulse energy and less than 100fs pulse widths.
2013-01-25 Research: Water, Si speed up hydrogen yield
University at Buffalo researchers found that when combined with water, silicon particles reacted to form silicic acid (a nontoxic byproduct) and hydrogena potential source of energy for fuel cells.
2006-01-13 Optiwave announces new photonics design tool
Optiwave Systems released its OptiFDTD MAX, which is powered by EM Photonics' Celerity acceleration technology, yielding the computation power of a 25 to 50 node PC cluster.
2002-02-25 Material converts IR waves into visible light
A team from the University of Buffalo has developed an organic material, which is capable of absorbing three photons at IR wavelengths and re-emitting the light in the visible spectrum.
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