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2007-01-24 Slender BlackBerry boasts more consumer appeal
With some keyboard changes and a clever navigation rollerball, RIM apparently hopes to slim the BlackBerry e-mail terminal and bring in a new audience while not forgetting its traditional user.
2008-03-14 Security concerns may lead to BlackBerry ban in India
Mobile phone operators in India are seeking talks to discuss government security concerns that a newspaper said could lead to the termination of BlackBerry services in the country.
2008-04-25 RIM sets up BlackBerry R&D center in Germany
RIM is set to build its first research facility outside of Canada in Bochum, in the North Rhine-Westphalia region of Germany.
2013-01-31 RIM arms self with BlackBerry 10 in smartphone battle
In a market ruled by Apple and Samsung, RIM is making the final charge in its struggle to become the third practical smartphone brand as well as the No. 3 mobile OS.
2012-07-13 RIM announces launch date of BlackBerry 10 devices
Research in Motion has announced the release date of its four BlackBerry 10 smartphones during its annual meeting.
2013-02-08 Peering under the BlackBerry Z10 hood
UBM TechInsights' Allan Yogasingam goes inside Blackberry's last, best hope for relevance in the smartphone market C the Z10.
2008-03-18 No BlackBerry ban in India
The Indian government finally ended the brewing controversy by ruling out any disruption in BlackBerry services, The Times of India reported.
2014-11-12 Is BlackBerry ripe for expansion in China?
After watching its fortune go from bad to worse, the Canada-based handset maker is now returning to a firmer financial footing and now exploring partnerships with Xiaomi and Lenovo to expand its presence in the world's largest smartphone market.
2008-04-18 India gov't, RIM to discuss BlackBerry security issues
The Indian government and RIM has set up a meeting to look for a way to meet India's security concerns, according to a Reuters report.
2013-09-25 Embattled BlackBerry receives $4.7B acquisition offer
BlackBerry has agreed to consider Fairfax Financial Holdings' $4.7 billion offer to acquire all of the struggling Canadian company's shares.
2013-12-27 BlackBerry, Foxconn ink 5-year strategic collaboration
The initial focus of the partnership will be a smartphone for Indonesia and other fast-growing markets targeting early 2014.
2011-06-08 BlackBerry unit licenses Cortus 32bit RISC core
Certicom has licensed Cortus' APS3 32bit RISC, a compact 32bit processor designed for low transistor count and offering 32bit performance on a silicon footprint that is the same as an 8bit 8051.
2010-08-20 Blackberry Torch revealed to light of day
ISuppli opens up Research in Motion Inc.'s new Blackberry Torch and finds parts worth $171.05 from CSR, Synaptics, Samsung Electronics and Sandisk Corp., and others.
2010-11-15 Blackberry to remain top enterprise mobile OS
ABI Research report indicates enterprise market to remain Blackberry turf
2013-02-04 BlackBerry ready to catch second wind with BB10 smartphones
Junko Yoshida discusses why the tech community, not the financial community, has to give credit to BlackBerry's entry into the Apple and Android dominated smartphone market.
2008-02-20 BlackBerry maker sues Motorola for patent infringement
RIM has filed an infringement suit against Motorola over several patents used for RIM's BlackBerry e-mail devices and Motorola's Razr smart phones.
2007-07-10 BlackBerry entry could hasten 3G rollout in China
The BlackBerry's entry in China may help push forward the deployment of third-generation data networks in the mainland, which has delayed the licensing of 3G services on the mainland for four years.
2011-05-04 RIM's stock rating downgraded
An analyst has downgraded the RIM stock to neutral, citing slower international growth, delayed product launches and slower than expected handset sales in Latin America as contributing factors.
2011-01-25 RIM to unveil Playbook beta program in February
RIM's new beta program for its PlayBook faces steep competition and a major technical hurdle—software discontinuity. The Blackberry supports Java while the PlayBook supports Adobe AIR and HTML 5.
2009-12-18 Low-power sensor boosts Storm's imaging quality
Teardown shows how Blackberry Storm is able to deliver good telephone performance and attractive image quality both for still images and video.
2003-07-16 Handspring merger heeds a new PDA order
Handspring Inc.'s acquisition by Palm Inc. seems more of a homecoming for the very same people who were at the helm in creating the first successful PDA at Palm during the mid-1990s and founded a new handheld outfit later in 1998.
2005-11-03 Gartner: Worldwide PDA shipments rise 21%
A recent report by Gartner Dataquest shows that global shipments of PDAs reached 3.45 million units in Q3 this year, with the market expected to hit 15 million units for the whole year. Shipments increased by 20.7 percent over the same period last year led by Research in Motion's (RIM) BlackBerry.
2012-01-27 Challenges for RIM's CEO
RIM's share of the U.S. smartphone market slipped to about 9 percent in 3Q11 from nearly 50 percent two years earlier, thanks to stiff competition from Apple's iPhone and smartphones that run Android.
2015-03-02 Android, iOS lead platform market race
In 2014, Google's Android and Apple's iOS swallowed a combined 96.3 per cent of the smartphone market share while Microsoft and BlackBerry had a combined 2.11 per cent.
2012-08-01 Android smartphone market share in US drops to 56% in 2Q12
An analyst noted that Android remains the number one platform by volume in the U.S., but its market share is approaching a peak and Apple iOS has been gaining ground.
2012-04-10 NXP files patent case against RIM
The suit alleges that that Blackberry maker infringed six U.S. patents held by NXP that include technology for expanding the range of data transmission.
2010-01-19 Kodak files IP claim against Apple, RIM
Kodak alleges that Apple's iPhones and RIM's camera-enabled BlackBerry devices infringe a Kodak patent for previewing images.
2010-08-09 Android in one out of three US phones sold
Mobile Phone Track, NPD's US consumer tracking, reveals that Android OS is now installed in one of every three smart phones sold at retail. Meanwhile, BlackBerry OS share dips 9 points to 28 percent.
2011-11-09 Windows Phone to grab 25% of APAC's smartphone space
Enterprise shipments of Windows Phone smartphones in Asia Pacific will reach 1.1 million in 2016, a CAGR of 37 percent from the 236,000 it will reach at the end of this year.
2009-01-20 Will Wi-Fi reign supreme?
It's UMA/GAN technology that makes Wi-Fi a RAN technology, extending the mobile network over IP. Here's why Wi-Fi is poised to become the highest-performance, lowest-cost, indoor RAN technology on the market.
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